Jerry Yan, Ruby Lin Clarify They Were Not on Late-night Date

By on January 6, 2016 in NEWS

Jerry Yan, Ruby Lin Clarify They Were Not on Late-night Date

Jerry Yan (言承旭) has had a bumper crop of romantic rumors this year, making headlines while vacationing with model Seanna Chang (張熙恩) and his possible reconciliation with rumored ex-girlfriend Chiling Lin (林志玲).

Just recently, Jerry was photographed travelling in a car with Ruby Lin (林心如) to her home late at night. The photograph sparked rumors that Jerry and Ruby were having a secret late-night rendezvous.

Jerry’s manager immediately clarified that Jerry had met Ruby earlier in the evening, and later went on to visit Vic Chou (周渝民), whose home was in the same apartment building that Ruby lived in. Jerry wanted to give his congratulations to Vic and his wife Reen Yu (喻虹淵), who got married last November.

In response to the rumors, Ruby’s manager also pointed out that Jerry and Ruby were merely friends, explaining, “That night, Jerry said that he wanted to visit Vic, which is why he took the same car as Ruby. Once they reached the apartment building, they went their separate ways – Jerry to Vic’s place, and Ruby back to her own place. Ruby didn’t even visit Vic.”

When previously asked about her love life, Ruby had said honestly that she did meet a few men that she was interested in over the years. Unfortunately, due to her hectic filming schedule in Mainland China, she did not have time to get to know them further.


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