Jet Li Gives $5.8 Million to Dead Stunt Double’s Family

In 2012, Jet Li (李連杰), starred in Hollywood film The Expendables 2 <轟天猛將2>. His brief guest star role sadly resulted in the untimely death of his stunt double, Liu Kun (劉坤). The 26-year-old stunt man, who came from Shangxi Province and bears a strong resemblance to Jet, lost his life while filming an explosion scene in Bulgaria.

Liu Kun’s family sued the film’s companies, Millennium Films and Nu Image. After a four-year lawsuit, the high court finally made a decision and ruled in favor of the family, ordering the film companies to pay Liu Kun’s family $195,000 HKD. This ruling resulted in the wraths of many fans who felt as though the judge devalued human life.

Jet, who is known for being a charitable and generous man, allegedly donated $5.8 million HKD privately to the family and sent his condolences. This sum is more than 30 times of what Millenium Films and Nu Image paid the family. Although no amount of money can replace the loss of a human life, Jet’s acts of kindness are inspiring and admirable.


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  1. “…ordering the film companies to pay Liu Kun’s family $1,550,000 HKD.”

    This amount is no where near accurate, the original article said USD $25,000 which is approximately HKD $195,000.

  2. Wow. That’s sad he still way to young to be gone this early. Does anyone know how he died? Jet has such a good heart.

  3. this is so sad.. he was so young. Can’t believe the filming company only gave his family so little money. Is life that worthless over there? Jet does have a good heart.

  4. HKD $195,000 is nothing, the family probably spent that much on the lawyers in that 5 years…

    So glad Jet took it upon himself to give back.

  5. Hats off to Mr. Li for providing the proper compensation to the family when the courts failed them so severely. He really didn’t have to do that; it’s really a testament to him as a human being that he’s willing to be that generous. Wow, I can’t believe that film production company dragged on the lawsuit for four years even…they usually settle out of court before that. Really shame on them.

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