Jing Tian’s Face Photoshopped onto “Avengers: Infinity War” Poster

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Jing Tian’s Face Photoshopped onto “Avengers: Infinity War” Poster

While the world is getting ready for the premiere of the much anticipated super hero movie, Avengers: Infinity War <復仇者聯盟3:無限之戰>, Chinese actress Jing Tian‘s (景甜) face made an erroneous appearance on the movie posters in a Chinese theater in Ningbo.

When fans began uploading photos of the posters on social media, many were surprised to see Jing Tian’s face seeing as she does not appear in the movie. Jing Tian has taken part in quite a few big-named Hollywood productions, such as, The Great Wall <長城>, Kong Skull Island <金剛:骷髏島>, Pacific Rim: Uprising <悍戰太平洋2:起義時空> and the movie theater workers in Ningbo simply posted the poster featuring Jing Tian after mistakenly thinking she also filmed for the latest Avengers movie.

Known to the public as “box office poison”, a majority of Jing Tian’s movies failed to bring in much success. Having dubbed with The Most Disappointing Actress award at the Gold Broom Awards twice, many netizens wondered why any producers would offer Jing Tian roles in the first place.

Some believed that it could because of Jing Tian’s father, who is currently the the Deputy Party Chief of Beijing and who recently took over China’s telecommunications company, CCTV. Prior to her announcing her relationship with table tennis player, Zhang Jike (張繼科), Jing Tian was romantically linked to an owner of a media production company. However, now that Jing Tian is dating the athlete, fans are unsure whether or not the this “box office poison” will still continue to receive as many job offers.

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Jing Tian’s Face Photoshopped onto “Avengers: Infinity War” Poster

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    1. kidd says:

      This news is way too funny. 😀

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    2. coralie says:

      She’s not a bad actress, but not that spectacular either.

      When every Chinese co-produced film has her in it, there’s something fishy going on. If they used an English-fluent actress, that’d be a different story. But she’s neither fluent nor is she a popular actress. That just generates more hate.

      Papa moneybags can’t help her that much.

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