Jiro Wang Discusses Working Out and Falling in Love

Taiwanese actor/singer Jiro Wang (汪東城) recently wrapped up filming for You’re Beautiful <原來是美男>, the Taiwanese adaptation of the Korean drama of the same name. While in Shanghai, he accepted an exclusive interview and shared about his exercise regime and his opinions on love, including a blind date story from when he was young.

When asked which aspect of Jiro leaves the deepest impression, fans might mention the many beloved characters he has portrayed in various TV dramas, or the rock ‘n roll singing style he showed off in his album What Are You Waiting For <你在等什麼>, which was released last year. Another likely answer is his muscular figure, honed to near perfection through hours and hours of relentless exercise, for the sake of showing off his body in dramas like Absolute Boyfriend <絕對達令> and Drama Go Go Go <姐姐立正向前走>.

In order to prepare for these scenes, Jiro would exercise three days a week, for two hours each time, no matter how late filming ended that day. On some days, he would exercise until the early hours of the morning, sleep for four hours afterward, and then get up and resume filming. His exercise schedule was so abnormal that his fitness instructor worried that the physical toll might be too taxing, since people who exercise usually require ten hours of sleep before they can recover their strength.

Although his exercise schedule was exhausting, Jiro felt a great sense of accomplishment as a result, especially upon hearing people whisper in surprise, “How did Jiro get such a strong build?” To him, exercise is a test of the body and a type of perseverance for the mind. After going through exercise, one will discover a higher level of perseverance in other areas of life as well.

In many other interviews, Jiro has often mentioned how his mother wants him to get married quickly and how he too is looking forward to falling in love. When asked to share a romantic memory, he recalled a time in his schoolboy years when he prepared a birthday surprise for his girlfriend. He arranged a collection of candles on the river opposite her house so that they spelled out “Happy Birthday.” At midnight, he gave her a call, told her to open her window, and then set off fireworks.

Jiro also shared about a time he’d gone on a blind date. While meeting with a friend of an elder, he heard the elder say that an uncle’s daughter and was coming, and that if she and Jiro liked each other, then they would get married after they grew up. At the time, Jiro thought he was telling the truth and immediately became very nervous.

Unlike fans who cling selfishly to their idol, Jiro’s fans are surprisingly very supportive of his search for love. For now, however, he admits that everything must be left up to fate, though he wishes for his future girlfriend to be filial. When asked about his view on the real meaning of love, he replied that love is a selfless and wholehearted investment, where you unconditionally sacrifice yourself for the other’s sake.

Source: Sohu.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I hate his nose job. It’s so darn distracting and ugly… Liked him before that when he was all goofy and not trying so hard to be handsome

    1. a nose job is the only way to guarantee lead roles. They can’t have someone with flat nose to play the main character. But I must admit his new nose is really (REALLY) unflattering

      1. Nah he was scoring leads even before the nose job. My theory is an inferiority complex since he was in the same group with pretty boy Zun so he wanted to be more chiselled.

    2. WTH? he did a nose job? no wonder i thought he looks a bit weird? why did he do it, he was already really cute and handsome before?

    3. He did a nose job? I thought he just got an Injection?

    4. He had a nose job? IF he did, he needs his money back since his original nose looked better.

    5. Jiro used to look cute but after the nose job and botox he’s now ugly!

    6. I think it is just this photo that makes Jiro’s nose look weird…

      1. Yes, I remember seeing other photos of him and his nose did not look that bad at all. I think is just a bad picture.

    7. I agree. I found out about his nose job ages ago but it still distracts me to this day whenever I see a recent pic of him. What was he thinking? Really.

  2. Never find him handsome and attractive. Not his fan and have never been one either.

  3. Really enjoyed the Drama Go Go Go. Ruby Lin is so cute and still looks so young for her age.

    Li Geng Xin is also sweet.

  4. Jiro looks ugly after plastic surgery! Ewww!

  5. Jiro’s so cute. So tiring of him though, working out so much.

  6. “Unlike fans who cling selfishly to their idol, Jiro’s fans are surprisingly very supportive of his search for love.”

    Through my observation and participation in FRH related forums in the past, I found that the fans of all 4 members welcome love in their idol’s life. So far, I’ve not read any comments by fans not wanting their idol to date or have a girlfriend. On the contrary, they hope their idol will find a girlfriend soon.

    Maybe the forums went have nicer members. I don’t know.

  7. @Vel, you must be pretty young, or very naive. chinese people, or asian people in general, are not known to have prominent noses. There are many good looking men and women in the chinese entertainment business who have “flat” noses, and they score box office hits lead roles. Everyone will not have a prominent nose like Joe Cheng or Andy Lau. These two really have cool noses. I like the way Jiro’s nose looked before. He has spoiled his face with that nose job. I say, sue the surgeon,lol. I think he got his cheeks done too, and his lips were always plump but they look even fuller now.

    1. I think his problem was that although he wasn’t handsome before, his features balanced and matched well but now it’s not balanced – it’s a face where if you change something you need to tweak other bits too and that’s why the nose job looked so weird and now he seems to be fixing other places a bit.

    2. I think he was very cute before and then suddenly i think i see pics of him in his new series posters and i do think he looks different but I didn’t even know he had a nose job. I gotta admit he looks weird now, not at all as cute as his natural looking already good looking face i think. sigh…..

  8. Like the old Jiro more.. look a bit too plastic these days. =(

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