Jiro Wang Happy with Success of Personal Brand, MJO

Taiwanese artiste Jiro Wang (汪東城) has been extremely busy recently managing his personal brand, MJO. Since high school, Jiro’s dream was to become a designer. Jiro shared happily that his brand has been doing well.

MJO has retail stores in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. Aside from offering trendy clothes geared towards the youth market, MJO also includes a lip product and mechanical toy line. Jiro is currently looking forward to collaborating with Korean and American brands to open doors in the international market.

Jiro exclaimed, “The brand is pretty successful, so I’m getting busier by the day! Besides filming and singing, I need to manage my clothing business. There is just not enough time! Can I purchase some time?”

In order to make sure the products are high quality and align with his image, Jiro revealed that he supervises the process. “I look over both the designs and factory work to ensure there are no mistakes in the products’ quality.”

Speaking of his love for mechanical toys, Jiro added that he is the Taiwan spokesperson for the Japanese comic, Maruko. In the future, MJO will also feature a line of Maruko clothing. Despite the heavy amount of work, Jiro is fully content with his job. He expressed, “When I’m filming on set, I spend my breaks studying the script. After getting off work, I’m looking through business price forms. Although I lack sleep with the amount of pressure involved, I’m enjoying the process.”

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Admn, you might wanna check your sources, since MJO was created 4/5 years ago…

  2. He looks soo different compared to his iswak days! Given, he looks younger but I would never guess it is the same person had u not include his name.

    1. I think he still looks like himself. I admit that he does look different but I can still recognize him.

    2. Cover his nose, try to picture him with longer hair and a less muscled body and voilá! Not that different after all…

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