Jiro Wang Produces Time-Traveling Drama, “The Crossing Hero”

New time-traveling drama The Crossing Hero <超級大英雄> will be airing on March 23. To promote his drama, Jiro Wang (汪東城)  spoke about his first time as a producer, his acting career and love life. He also addressed the plastic surgery rumors that have frequently headlined gossip reports.

Jiro’s Production Values

The Crossing Hero depicts a guardsman from the Ming Dynasty who, in the pursuit of a lost national treasure, inadvertently time-travels to the modern era. He then loses his memory and lives his life under a new identity as a private detective.

With a background in art and being a self-confessed comic book fanatic, Jiro admitted that he had extremely high expectations for the visual quality of the production. Regarding his own character’s look, Jiro said, “I was never pleased with any of the looks I was given for my past drama roles. This time, I was determined to get it right.”

Jiro then commented on the overall visual effects of the production, “To achieve the quality that I wanted, each scene cost several hundred thousand dollars, including money spent on props which would be dismantled after a few months. The high cost is heartbreaking but because this was my first time as a producer, I really wanted to do it well. To make up for the high production costs, I decided to not take a salary for my acting. I’ll just be happy if the drama series can break even.”

On His Acting Career

From It Started with a Kiss <惡作劇之吻> to the KO One franchise <終極一班>, Jiro has not been able to break out of idol dramas and has consistently been typecast as a pretty boy in his career. He lamented, “I really want to act in a fantasy drama, or a period drama such as the Chinese Paladin series <仙劍奇俠傳>. But many remarked that my looks are too contemporary and not very suitable for a period role. My dream role is actually Monkey God – not the Monkey God featured in the classic Chinese novel–but the one in the comic book series.”

On His Love Life

Jiro’s ex-bandmate Wu Chun (吳尊) has already become a father of two while Jiro is still single. Jiro’s mother was naturally eager for the 33-year-old to get married and has been nagging him almost “three times a day”.

Understanding his mother’s sentiments, Jiro shared the qualities of his ideal partner, “First, she must be filial to her parents. Second, my mom must like her. Finally, she must be able to cook and we must be able to get along with each other. Actually, a lot of this depends on fate.” Jiro then added that when he has a girlfriend, he would make it public and would not hide the relationship.

Laughs Off Plastic Surgery Rumors

Due to the disparity between his looks in his early career versus his appearance now, Jiro has been plagued with plastic surgery rumors. Jiro’s response to these rumours was very measured. He said placidly, “Being suspected of having gone under the knife is actually a compliment! This means that people think I have become much better looking than when I first started out. I would be much more upset if the rumors were about how ugly I have become.”

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Is that jiro want? He looks even more different than his earlier surgery looks. He can laugh it all off but it is evident to see. He looks so plastic.

    1. He and that ex-fareinheit guy (forgot his name) are so much like mannequins now.

      Ppl will find them stupid for denying any PS done on their faces.

      1. Aaron Yan? If it is him, I do agree. But if you’re talking about Calvin Chen, I don’t quite see a drastic change in his appearance.

    2. can’t believe how he denies it. he looks like an entirely different person. people’s looks don’t change like that.

  2. “I would be much more upset if the rumors were about how ugly I have become.”

    Don’t worry! There will be plenty of times to be upset when the PS falls off.

  3. So far, I think actor/actress turn good producer are only ruby lin, Vicky zhao, and feng shao feng. FBB throws money at it, but the drama is still full of cliche, long winded, and not that great overall. I couldn’t even finish her latest drama, despite the rating. Nicky’s drama was seriously bad, and with bad cg. Time will tell if this one is any good >_>

  4. I just google ‘The Crossing Hero’. Wiki said its an Internet Drama. So, it won’t be aired on TV?

    I’m surprised that Jiro didn’t target the Mainland market (time-travel series banned in China). Most production houses will target china market and adjust their series around China’s Broadcasting Department rule.

    Happy for him that he dared to go a different route.

      1. Oh, so, Tencent not under the jurisdiction of the Broadcasting Department?

  5. “Many remarked that my looks are too contemporary and not very suitable for a period role. “

    Your old look would be ok for period drama. Now, its indeed too modern.

  6. I think he looked better pre-PS. And the plot sounds really silly.

  7. Watch the trailer yesterday. It got a very heavy Taiwanese idol drama feel. I wonder if Jiro ask the director of the K.O. series to direct the series. The style is similar.

    Btw, Jiro looks very thin in the trailer. What happen to him? Too much stress?

  8. Actually i thot he looks much better now in the above pic compared to his earlier days.

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