Joe Chen Films Anti-Drug Video to Atone Her Sins

Last year, Taiwanese artist Joe Chen (陳喬恩) was arrested in Taipei for drunk driving after she was pulled over by police for attempting to do an illegal right turn at a red light. They requested her to undergo a breathanaylzer test, and found her blood alcohol exceeded Taiwan’s legal limit by 0.52 milligrams of alcohol per litre of breath (mg/L). The actress was very cooperative with the investigation and issued a public apology on Weibo after receiving bail. Joe only received a slap on the wrist as she did not have a criminal record, displayed a good attitude, and pleaded guilty. She was sentenced to 60 hours of voluntary labor within one and a half years. To do so, she appeared in a short film Do Not Let Drugs Fool You <別讓毒品騙了你>.

Joe sought out good friend Ming Zhang Chen (陳銘章), director of the 2008 drama, Fated to Love You <命中注定我愛你>, to be the video’s director. They spent 60 hours shooting and the overall result was one with positive energy. In the microfilm, Joe plays an OL, Zhen Zhen, who catches her cousin and his friends in the presence of drugs while celebrating his birthday at home. She sternly reminds everyone to stay away from temptation.

It is known that the Attorney General of Taiwan’s New Taipei District Prosecutors Office was quite satisfied with the results. He specially held a premeire for it, screening the full three-minute version, the 30-second public version, and the tidbits. However, Joe did not attend the premiere as she was in Europe working.

Check out the microfilm below:

Source: Oncc

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