Joe Chen Arrested for Drunk Driving

Taiwan’s “Queen of Idol Dramas” Joe Chen (陳喬恩) was arrested in Taipei on Thursday for driving while intoxicated. She was released after paying a NT$100,000 bail.

On the early morning of January 4, Joe was pulled over by police after she attempted to do an illegal right turn on a red light at the intersection of Zhongxiao East Road and Fuxing South Road. Smelling the alcohol on her body, the police requested Joe to do a breathalyzer test. Her blood alcohol measured 0.67 milligrams of alcohol per liter of breath (mg/L), above Taiwan’s legal threshold of 0.15 mg/L and more than Joe’s claim of drinking only one bottle. Reports say Joe was cooperative when she was being investigated by the police.

After three hours of questioning, Joe was released on bail for NT$100,000. Joe left the police station surrounded by a mob of reporters. Asking if she should release an apology to the public, Joe quietly said, “I am sorry.”

On Thursday afternoon, Joe released an apology statement on Weibo, writing, “Sorry for causing everyone to worry. I sincerely apologize for the potential safety hazard caused by this wrongful act. Last night, after bathing myself in alcohol at home, I drove to a place nearby for a midnight snack. I was then stopped by the police halfway, and was pulled over. I am definitely learning my lesson from this incident and will never violate traffic laws in the future. I was not being responsible for myself, and more importantly, I was not being responsible for others. As for committing such a bad example, I am very sorry! Also for causing worry for everyone, I’m sorry!”

Despite the apology, the Taiwan Against Drunk Driving organization slammed Joe Chen for being irresponsible with poor morals, pointing out her careless disregard for safety of others while driving under the influence. They further stated that her apology is unacceptable, and they urge endorsers and film studios to reconsider if they ever decide to cast her in new productions.

Interestingly, Joe had expressed about her desire to quit alcohol the past year. In March, she told fans on social media that she would rather eat three bowls of white rice than to pick up another bottle of alcohol.


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  1. There goes her career. I am disappointed in Joe, not for drinking but for drinking more than the legal system allows her to drink and handle a motor vehicle. To make things worse, she was doing an illegal U-turn while under the influence. Not only did she endanger her life, but the lives of others. I like Joe, but I hope she does not think that being a celeb gives her the right to do such dumb things.

    She owes an apology to the public for for her reckless and dangerous actions after drinking, but not for drinking in itself. Taiwan’s citizens need to wake up and stop putting these celebs on pedestals who can have no human flaws. When the celebs do something wrong, everyone is then ready to abandon and crucify said celeb. The TADDO are a bunch of hypocrites. Why should Joe’s morals be higher than anyone else’s? A celebrity is someone who is more famous than most of us, and have more money than some of us. That is what they are. They are not gods and goddesses, as some stupidly and delusionally address them. Most of them have more sick secret skeletons in their closets because they know they can get away with anything and the sheeple will say they are pure and innocent. Joe’s career is over, it should not be, but she will never get the sponsorships or big roles before, unless by some miracle.

    1. @bubbletea I think the translation is not totally right, I read her weibo, she made a turn to the supper place that is stone throw away from her residence, not a illegal turn

  2. Is she an alcoholic? Why post stuff like prefer eat white rice than pick up a bottle of alcohol? There is really nothing wrong drinking so long it is done responsibly ie. if you drink do not drive!

    She actually broke three rules ie. illegal U turn, beating red lights and drink driving. That is enough to be banned from driving for a period in my country.

    I think a bottle of beer is unlikely to raise the alcohol level to as high as 0.67/mg?

  3. I like Joe a very talented actress. She works hard to be who she is today. Yea, driving while being drunk is kinda irresponsible, she knew it and she gave us her apology already. Anyone makes mistakes, she does too… Nobody is perfect

    1. @alicesky I have to say, I met Joe and I like her. However, what she did could have ended very sadly . I hung out with her and she does like a drink, or two or three. Hope this is a wake up call
      That was not kinda irresponsible. Joe’s actions are VERY IRRESPONSIBLE. Let us not sugar coat her actions because we like her
      I totally agree with what @davy said.

      1. @bubbletea

        I agree with you. Don’t drink & drive period. It’s a very irresponsible action. She could have killed someone/people yesterday. She needs to find a boyfriend. Perhaps she is very lonely. She is not young anymore.

      2. @bubbletea ok i got what u meant. She did feel guilty already. Hope people wont turn her out. And i didn’t say drunk driving is a mistake. Everyone did bad and good things in life. Its about if other gives them another chances to be better.

      3. @alicesky Totally agree with you. Joe deserves another chance. It is so unfair that society will judge her and cast her aside because of this.

  4. Drunk driving is not a mistake, it’s a murder attempt.

  5. She’s known to be an alcoholic before… so this news isn’t that surprising, I guess. I’m just concerned that she’s not in a good mental state when she did what she did. I also do think it was irresponsible of her. I don’t think this will ruin her career, but it might be tampered a bit. People still adore her.

  6. Drink driving is only a traffic offence until you kill someone on the road. I agree. Her career will be fine. All will be forgotten. TADD’s call was too harsh. But she must remember she is currently a celebrity and whatever she does and write will come under scrutiny.

  7. Never understand people.who drink and drive. Just glad she didn’t hurt anymore. Her career will survive.

  8. I think for all people, celeb or not, if you drink a lot, go and get a taxi/Uber or call a friend. if you want food and you are drunk, call Uber Eats.

    It is not about living your lifestyle the way you want, but more about whether it will impact others. Getting behind the wheel when you are drunk is just plain stupid.

  9. So there is a beautiful story on Weibo that Joe Chen might actually be a heroine for her bestie Jia Nailiang from Destined to Love you, because the news about his wife is currently a very hot search online, Joe’s DUI eventually became the top search to distract attention from Jia Nailiang’s case. Don’t know if that might be a true story, or if it’s just accidental. But there seems to be so many articles recently, even news like Hawick Lau washing Yang Mi’s underwear became news now hahah…

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