Joe Ma and Wife Celebrate 20th Wedding Anniversary With a Special Photo Shoot

Joe Ma (馬德鐘) and wife Karen Cheung (張筱蘭) will be celebrating their 20th year together this week. To commemorate the occasion, the couple shot a series of unique wedding photos at historic districts within Hong Kong. Besides the photo shoot, Joe and Karen will also hold a charity banquet on June 28, benefiting Alzheimer’s research.

Joe and Karen met in their youth, and were married when Joe was still a police officer. Due to his meager salary, the two decided against a wedding ceremony and did not take any wedding photos. To make up for the lost opportunity, the couple hired a well known British photographer to helm a very special photo shoot. Appreciative of Hong Kong’s historic culture, Joe and Karen wanted to capture it along with their romantic memories. “Hong Kong is where we were born and raised. The old districts’ antiques and cultures contain our collective memories. They are full of sentiments and meanings. We feel that a long-lasting and harmonious marriage is like the act of observing these historic treasures. The longer you look at them, the more precious and delightful they become.”

For the shoot, Karen prepared a wedding gown and other elegant outfits from three renowned local designers, Arthur Lam (林樹彬),Walter Ma (馬偉明), and Koyo William. The process took two days, and the pair traveled throughout Hong Kong’s ten old districts and captured several grade one historic buildings. At Sheung Wan’s Wing Lee Street, the couple posed in front of the old tenement buildings, using clothing racks and gas cans as props. Another photo shows the couple at the Wisdom Path on Lantau Island. Joe and Karen looked peaceful while surrounded by carvings of the Buddhist Heart Sutra.

Of all the places they were able to visit, Temple Street remains closest to their hearts. The two posed in the background as two middle aged men battled over Chinese chess. “When we first got married, we always went to Temple Street. We really liked to visit the vendor stalls. Sometimes we would find a seat somewhere at [public square] Yung Shue Tau and just watched all the pedestrians.”

Source: Oriental Daily 

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  1. the pic with the chess players is rather odd for a wedding photo…

  2. At first it sounded great and I was excited to see pictures but then … what a disappointment! Whoever the photographer is, should be fired!

    1. Yeah – agree. I don’t sense love but more of two good looking people taking pictures together.

      1. Totally agree. There is no emotional connection between the two of them. No eye contact, just posing only.

        Yeah both a good looking (and joe’s wife is hot) but that’s it. Huge disappointment if it is meant to convey a loving and long lasting union!

  3. Glad to note that Mrs Ma used the designs of local designers rather than the big names international designers. A little like Michelle Obama don’t you think?

  4. Michelle Obama is the first lady, she is compelled to use local designers, much like Kate middleton and the Queen. Anyway, they feel compelled to share this news and pictures with everyone because…

    ANyway the wedding photos are a bit odd. They are mostly apart and looking away from one another.

  5. Mrs Ma always looking the same way in all 4 shots. And who was the British photographer? Interesting spots to take the pics, bearing in mind it sounds like it probably a lot more meaningful to the couple than the viewer. Personally I would have got rid of those hanging socks in the foreground…

  6. hmmm not a fan of the photo.. doesn’t say wedding photos to me… they both look really good though!

  7. I like Jo Ma but the photos look like TVB Calendar shots…

  8. I would think that their ‘good’ photos capturing them in a more loving embrace would be for their private viewing only; and not published for the world to see? 🙂

    1. You can click on the source link in the article. Oriental Daily. 🙂

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