Joey Yung Breaks Down in Fatigue

The singer had asked for injections so she could perform as planned, but was forced to seek medical attention in a wheelchair after the concert ended.

Rehearsing intensely for her upcoming concert, Joey Yung (容祖兒) suffered bruises all over and sought medical help recently due to pain in her knees. Pushing herself too hard, the-39 year-old went to the hospital in a wheelchair due to intense pain in her kneecaps. After the doctor removed 50 cc of yellow fluid from her knees and treated her, Joey could finally walk.

After her 19-show concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum last month, the singer updated her social media with a photograph of herself sitting in a wheelchair and looking extremely fatigued. She revealed that her kneecaps were infected due to intense dancing routines and that the pain was as if her knees were being “set on fire”. After a day of rest, Joey said she could already walk using crutches in her latest update. “The doctor said I suffered from strain, perhaps due to non-stop dancing for many months without rest, I really staked on my life for the concert!”

Sacrifice for Art “Worth It”

Writing a long article to explain her situation, Joey shared that her knees had already been infected before the concert. In order to go on as planned, she got the doctor to inject some gelatin into her knees to support her intense dance sequences. After finishing each show, she would experience intense pain in her knees. The pain felt as if her knees were on fire. It was impossible to bend or stretch her knees and she would soak her legs in hot water to lessen the pain every day. She thought that her symptoms would heal with time, while already limping, but her situation suddenly worsened. “My kneecaps swelled into two big balls…I was awakened by the pain and the swelling got to my feet. I tried to use my hands to move my legs to the bedside to get off bed, but tears gushed out once my toes reached the ground.”

Feeling helpless, Joey called for her mother’s help. A walk to the bathroom which usually takes five seconds took ten minutes, and she needed help for tasks as simple as brushing her teeth and changing clothes. While waiting for her friend to get her a wheelchair so she can seek medical help, Joey was besieged by pain despite being seated, as her legs felt as if they were being pried open with spanners. Her pet dog Dou Dou was also saddened sitting Joey in such pain.

Shocked to see her in such a state, Joey’s doctor wanted to use anesthesia on her legs after examining her. “He wanted to remove the fluids in my knees, and give me two injections to treat the infection.” Seeing the disability poster in the clinic, and thinking of having to undergo injections, Joey was so scared that she started trembling. Finally, after the emergency treatment and removal of 50cc of yellow fluids from her knee, she was able to hobble slowly upon the doctor’s encouragement.

Reflecting on the painful incident, Joey felt that the sacrifice for her concert was worth it despite the trauma. Thankful that the pain occurred only after her concert so she could complete her performance, she wrote, “Pain and sweetness in my life always come in equal measure. Looking back, they are all great memories.”

Source: Yahoo HK

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