Joey Yung Leaves Cryptic Message About Relationships

Since Joey Yung (容祖兒) and Wilfred Lau (劉浩龍) announced their relationship in 2012, the couple was together for five years, despite the negativity stemming from the public. However, rumors began circulating recently alleging that the couple have called it quits. An insider shared that the couple’s financial differences led to many conflicts. Joey allegedly initiated the breakup nearly half a year ago.

Due to the large difference between their successes and earning power, many did not feel that the couple would last. Currently 37 years old, Joey has achieved both fame and fortune. In addition to finding success early in her career, Joey also has a keen eye for investments and is a multimillionaire. Because of her financial successes, many suspected that Wilfred had ulterior motives for dating her.

Though she refused to comment directly about the breakup, Joey did leave a cryptic message on her social media. “No matter who you meet, this person is someone that is supposed to be in your life. It is not a coincidence. He will teach you something. If we didn’t have fate, then why would we meet? I believe that no matter where life takes me, that place is where I belong. I will experience things I am supposed to experience and meet the people I am supposed to meet.”

In addition, Joey may have wanted to leave behind dating memories with Wilfred. She recently purchased a new home in Repulse Bay, leaving her former house in Songbai Village, which Wilfred had frequently stayed at during their five-year relationship.

Source: East Week 

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