Joey Yung Plans to “Go Nude” This Year

By on June 11, 2016 in NEWS

Joey Yung Plans to “Go Nude” This Year

Hong Kong pop princess Joey Yung (容祖兒) is ready for a change. On Friday, the 35-year-old singer dropped a teaser video on social media, introducing a new image that she plans to show to her fans in the coming months.

“I’ve been in the industry for 17 years,” said Joey through a voice over. The teaser video is a combination of clips recorded from Joey’s various concert performances in the past. “Every year, I strive for a unique image. This year, I will [go] nude!”

Fans were shocked with the message on the video. A netizen said, “Stop the nonsense! Take it all off now!” Another said, “I’ll get a nosebleed if you get naked!” One suggested, “Do a live video!”

Other netizens gave skeptical voices. One asked, “Does that mean you’re showing your nipples too? Is that possible?”

In related news Joey, who celebrated her 36th lunar birth day last month, mentioned to fans that she would like to get married when she’s 40 years old. The reporters directed this response to Joey’s boyfriend Wilfred Lau (劉浩龍), who said, “Don’t believe her. She likes to talk about nonsense things all the time. If you ask her again, she’s going to say no. We’ve never talked about [marriage] and we never had plans.”

Source: IHKTV

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Joey Yung Plans to “Go Nude” This Year

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  • 2 comments to Joey Yung Plans to “Go Nude” This Year

    1. linvin8 says:

      Maybe it just means that she won’t be wearing make-up?

      I don’t know if there’s any relation to this but Joey’s make-up artist and good friend, Arris Law, recently passed away.

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    2. sutuhadong says:

      Don’t plan….I DARE you….hahahah…
      I would love to see how stupid she’s going to look like…lol

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