Karena Ng To Marry Megarich Boyfriend?

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Karena Ng To Marry Megarich Boyfriend?

The actress proclaimed her single status recently, but her breakup with Brian Shi might just be a guise.

Since her breakup with Raymond Lam (林峯), Karena Ng (吳千語) has been revealed to be dating billionaire Brian Shi (施伯雄). Last night, she was spotted at a hotpot restaurant in Kowloon with a group of male and female friends, one of them being Philip Chu, the former boyfriend of Linah Matsuoka (松岡李那). Karena left in his luxury supercar, returning together to a mansion in Ho Man Tin where they stayed until late at night.

After breaking up with Karena, Raymond Lam started dating Chinese model Carina Zhang (張馨月), with recent news of their marriage emerging. As for Karena, she was revealed to be dating Brian Shi, a rich third generation reportedly worth billions. The two have spent a vacation away from Hong Kong, and then returned to his apartment together when they got back. However, Karena proclaimed her single status some time after, hinting at the end of her romance with Brian Shi.

Supercar from Brian’s family

Along with Karena at the hotpot gathering was Linah Matsuoka’s ex-boyfriend, fashion designer Philip Chu. Wearing a baseball cap, Karena appeared to be in a good mood, chatting and laughing while dining with her friends. Around 11 pm, the group left with Philip and Karena taking their leave first. Though they did not interact much with each other, the two bid their friends goodbye and Karena quickly got into a supercar outside the restaurant, with Philip getting in the driver’s seat equally swiftly. The two then sped towards the Ho Man Tin mansion.

According to records, the supercar appeared to be registered under a company owned by Brian’s family, further complicating the trio’s relationship. To complicate matters, there have also been swirling rumors that Brian and Karena’s breakup was merely a guise, and that the two in fact plan to get married at the end of next year.

Source: Yahoo HK

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