Kate Tsui: “My Acting Career Made Me Lose My True Self”

Having worked in the entertainment industry for eleven years, 36-year-old actress Kate Tsui (徐子珊) came to the realization that she gradually lost her sense of self in the media’s limelight. Filming series after series, Kate’s way to stardom had been more or less shaped by others. She expressed, “Being an artiste is just an image; I’m already unsure of what the real Kate Tsui is like.”

Throughout her acting career, Kate constantly portrayed characters that were scripted by others and sees herself only as an “executor” who follows orders. When her roles were dark and crying scenes were involved, she found it difficult to detach the negative emotions from real life. The actress admitted that she oftentimes portrayed characters similar in personality, and even if viewers did not mind, she already became bored with herself. Thus, she cut down her workload in recent years to diminish the sense of giving off a repetitive image.

Kate shared, “I hope I can find my true self again. Portraying other people non-stop has slowly erased what I’m really like. After filming for more than a decade, it’s time to stop repeating my characters. I want to portray those who will bring a surprise to the audience. I want to be able to enjoy my career again.”

To help regain inner strength, Kate would chat with friends, read books on spirituality, and engage in yoga. Kate expressed, “When you’re not being greedy, life becomes simple. In the past, I worked so much that I had been blind. I couldn’t remember a single thing that happened, because there was too much going on.”

Over the years, Kate’s perspective regarding the purpose of her career has changed. She used to only work for money and to support herself, but now she sees it as contributing something positive to the entertainment world. On her birthday, she asked fans not to prepare birthday presents for her and instead donate the money to charity. Kate remarked, “Growing up is tough, and it feels great to be a child who doesn’t understand anything. But everyone has to go through that stage eventually.”

Source: stheadline

This article was written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This sounds like a sob story just fishing for pity…

    Regardless, I did like her when she first debutted. Then she turned one note and, in her words, repetitive. Good for her tht she sees it too and wants better. So I hope she can find her mojo again after this hiatus.

  2. It sounds like she is seriously considering not to renew her contract with TVB. There was an article earlier that her contract is going to be up very soon.

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