Kayee Tam’s “Can You Hear” is the Most Popular Song of 2019

Kayee Tam’s (譚嘉儀) English language single “Can You Hear” is the most popular song of 2019, and she feels the pressure.

The song, which was part of the OST for TVB’s Big White Duel <白色強人>, broke 6 million views within five months on YouTube, making it one of the most popular Hong Kong-based music videos of the year.

“I wasn’t expecting this,” said Kayee. “It took only a few months to break that number. It’s shocking but also very encouraging!”

Though still a month away from the 2019 Jade Solid Gold Awards, netizens are already touting “Can Your Hear” to be Song of the Year. Kayee said, “The views are there, but you never know what will happen. I’m already very happy and satisfied with the views. I don’t want to expect too much. I don’t want to be disappointed in the end!”

The “Can You Hear” music video is reportedly the most viewed video by a Hong Kong singer-songwriter in the past two years. “I do feel very lucky,” said Kayee. “I have some friends who thought the song was originally by a foreign artist. I was actually very happy to hear that. It’s great that I get to sing an English song in Hong Kong, and for it to be well-received by audiences.”

Kayee’s cover of Lowell Lo’s (盧冠廷) “Walk With You” <陪著你走> in 2017 has broken 3.6 million views, while her recent singles “Why Don’t You Find Me” <怎麼你不找我> and “Goodbye” <今宵多珍重> have received positive ratings. “Goodbye” is the theme song for TVB’s Barrack O’Karma <金宵大廈>, and is also the cover of Danny Chan’s (陳百強) 1982 song of the same name.

“Danny Chan gor gor’s version left deep impressions on people, and I was under great stress when I recorded it,” said Kayee. “I didn’t know how to perform it in a refreshing way, which was why the producer made two versions.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. That made me cringe. I can see that it’s catered to HK and Asia and a drama series. I’m CBC and would be surprised if it ever gets attention internationally. The words are cheesy and the singing is mediocre.

    1. @babycakes
      My thoughts exactly. The lyrics r so disjointed and misspellings. I don’t know who came up with the lyrics. The idea is also cheesy that she’s still in love with a man who cheated is on her and begging him to come back. Come on, where is her womanhood?! I think the sing got popular because it was featured in a tvb drama. It can’t be compared to the music they had in tvb’s glory days. File of justice, threshold of era, detective series.

    2. @babycakes I agree. This made my skin scrawl, lol.

      I don’t know why English songs written by hkers are always so cheesy and the wording always sounds off. It always ends up sounding like something someone made up while taking a shower. Linda Chung recently wrote an English song… I think it was dedicated to her kids. I swear it sounds exactly like this song.

      I get 2nd hand embarrassment listening to this

      1. @chena Linda Chung – I still can’t believe HK ppl or fans actually buy her album. She sings worse than her acting. haha lol..

    3. @babycakes @m0m0 @chena a song is written based on personal life experiences. Even if the song is cringy it’s and asking for a man who cheats coming back is also okay cause it’s the song writer’s experience. You guys do not appreciate this song because probably you guys are too old for this. Not every song needs to have deep meaning with high end words LOL. Not that I’m a big fan of this song but if you like your oldies just go back to your oldies and stop degrading people’s work. She’s a singer who has debuted some time and still not getting recognition. Let her have her time

      1. @joojin wow. Only you are allowed to share your opinion while we can’t share ours? When it’s posted on an open forum, there will always be criticism or praise. If there can only be praise then it shouldn’t be posted for the world to listen to. Good on her for using her personal experiences but she should have sung in Cantonese, not in immature , kindergarten English.

      2. @babycakes dont think the song would have been as popular if it was in Cantonese. Personally, I think she sang the song in English beautifully. What do you mean by “immature kindergarten English”?

      3. @joojin Wow….Liking/Disliking a song have to do w/age? How interesting and damn she must have written it for bb’s & teens since I am already in my 20’s. haha LOL…I don’t think anyone is degrading her efforts but songs can be personal too. It either sounds great to your ears or not and in this case most people just didn’t like it. In addition, debuting for a while does not mean they will automatically come out w/a good product.

      4. @wm2017 well said. I don’t think we were degrading her efforts or trivializing her “personal experiences” of being cheated on… you’re totally right, it just doesnt sound great to my ears! Plain and simple! Too hard for @joojin to understand…

    1. @wm2017 maybe her company has a YouTube automatic repeat clicking hack…. or 5 of those 6 million views were her family members clicks. No 2nd click from me either

  2. The song is pretty cringe… it’s a Chinese song/melody with English lyrics (that sound like they are directly translated from Chinese). It’s also hella annoying cos they overplayed it so much. If this wins that’ll be a real bummer

  3. 6mil viewers in 5 months.. unexpected for HK or TVB singer standard. Song was ok, not exactly great. The song do blends in well in White Duel especially the love scene.

  4. while i agree that the song is actually ‘not that great’ but it gives you the feels if you watched the drama. the song starts playing every time during the crucial moments so it really ‘connects’ with viewers which made it popular

  5. These Hong Kong written english songs are no more than poor choir songs which will never make it into the English market speaking market in a million years. There are no vocals needed at all……

  6. Remember in the news that they were filming a music video with Kenneth Ma as a duet? Where is that music video it’s not on YouTube?

    Also I liked the song in the drama initially, but then it got played too much that it got annoying to listen to. But it’s a pretty catchy song!

    1. @anon
      Not trash, I’d say mediocre at best to be fair. The worst song is still chok in my opinion and it won that year. Lol, this is better, at least the melody is better.

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