Kelly Fu and Jack Hui’s First Scene for “Yakuza Weirdo” was a Kissing Scene

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Kelly Fu and Jack Hui’s First Scene for “Yakuza Weirdo” was a Kissing Scene

The new TVB comedy Yakuza Weirdo <極道怪咖> has started production in full force, but no one expected their first scene together to be an intimate one.

In the crime comedy starring Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Owen Cheung (張振朗) in the lead, Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉) plays the second-in-command of an influential triad family. She is pursued again by her ex, played by Jack Hui (許家傑), and the two start kissing the car. It was only a light kiss, but the scene was Kelly and Jack’s very first scene together ever. It was nerve-wracking.

“It was a pretty big challenge!” said Jack. “I thought that scene would come later on! (How did you two prepare?) She drank ginseng tea while I drank brown sugar ginger tea. Maybe the two combined can solidify our body’s foundation!”

Kelly shared that her hairdresser told her that she has lost a lot of hair, to which she said, “Maybe it’s because this kissing scene gave me too much stress!” The actress, who turned 34 on January 6, said she spent her birthday filming. “I am fortunate. I spent my birthday at work and with a lot of other people. We took many pictures for memories! (Any pursuers yourself?) Don’t think so! Those who send me the first message will get an extra point!”

Yakuza Weirdo, produced by Lam Chi-wah (林志華), stars Vincent Wong as a professional theater actor who gets hired by a Hong Kong triad to become their leader. Owen Cheung stars as an undercover police officer who gets roped into the drama.

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Kelly Fu and Jack Hui’s First Scene for “Yakuza Weirdo” was a Kissing Scene

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