Kenix Kwok : “I Am Ready to Have a Child”

Since Kenix Kwok Ho Ying left TVB, she has rested for nearly one year. Several days ago, she signed with a new company, Style International Management, to represent her. The company currently represents Aaron Kwok’s girlfriend and model, Lynn Hung, as well as Angelababy.

Will Kenix become the Number One Sister at Style International Management, replacing Lynn? Kenix said casually, “Lynn and I have different styles. There is no need for comparison. We are like family; the most important thing is happiness!”

Sporting a new haircut, Kenix appeared in a refreshing image. She wore a DKNY dress and Chanel and Piaget accessories. Style’s executive manager, Kim, gave Kenix a bouquet of flowers at the press conference yesterday.

Kenix and Kim shared the same personality and opinions. Kenix’s contract with Style International Management offered a high degree of freedom. “My contract did not stipulate that ‘I can not have a baby.'”

“Destiny will decide whether I get pregnant or not. I am ready to have a child anytime!”

In the forthcoming months, Kenix will focus on filming ads and doing fashion show catwalks. She joked and said that she will temporarily leave the television industry.

“I want to rest and reduce the stress of filming television series. However, if I come across a good partner or script, I do not mind whether it is a mainland or Hong Kong production.”

Source: Mingpao

Jayne: I think it will be a long time before we see Kenix in another series. Sounds like she is enjoying her personal life and freedom a lot more than filming long hours in a series. Wonder if plans for a baby are truly on the way?

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