Kenneth Ma Loves Roxanne Tong’s Little Surprises

In the industry for over 23 years, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) has always been one of TVB’s top bachelors. Even after being called ”Mama’s Boy” and a victim in Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) and Andy Hui’s (許志安) cheating scandal,  Kenneth has always maintained a positive attitude which helps him to rebound quickly. Kenneth’s great personality and hard work ethics have allowed him to turn his romantic luck and career around.

In January, Kenneth Ma andRoxanne Tong (湯洛雯) announced their engagement and will be holding their wedding this year. Full of smiles, Kenneth shares the small moments he has with Roxanne. “Maybe I’m too chill and relaxed, sometimes she would tell me that I  act like I don’t care about her, and she would wonder if I love her or not.” Although many see this as a negative trait, Kenneth sees Roxanne’s actions as adorable” as his “ex-girlfriends would never suddenly ask these questions, especially so randomly!”

Kenneth admits to not being a very fun person and may even come across as boring. Stating that he does not really know how to cheer up his significant other, Kenneth compliments Roxanne for having the ability to surprise him with little gifts such as drawings, stuffed animals, and toys. Finding happiness in the smallest things, Kenneth said the little gifts in life help make the most mundane days brighter.

Possessing an excellent relationship with his mother, Kenneth wishes to have Roxanne live together with his family after getting married and is not worried about the women fighting. “My mother is very easy going – her personality is very similar to mine. She is okay with anything and it’s rare for her to raise her temper. She laughs all the time, and that’s why I think it’s going to be rare for any arguments between them.”

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  1. I hope they don’t live with his mom after marriage. He says his mom is very chill and easy going but how one person is to their son may not be the same as how they are to other people. Like the Chinese saying, it’s easy to get along but hard to live with others. And also I think it’s good for the newlyweds to have their own space too and just go home to visit his mom often and have meals with her at least once a week if possible.

    1. I agree and living with in laws is hell! My sister in law has been living with my family and it causes so many problems! Once anyone marries, they need to live on their own. Living with parents or siblings once you are married is not fun at all.

  2. I agree. Never live with in laws even though they r very easy going. Sharing the son is a challenge for both of them. A newly wed shd. be on their own. Have their own space, decide on their own. Less one more person to cater to.

  3. I hope they remain happy but who knows the future. Hope they live on their own as living with in laws is hell! They should live close by and come to visit but not under the same roof.

  4. I hope they are happy forever… if they dont live with his mum, they will definitely still live near her.

  5. There are pros and cons to this arrangement, but generally more cons. Gluck to them. With two busy spouses (unless Roxanne takes a hiatus when she has a kid), it’s better to have an in-law available to help out

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