Kenneth Ma On How to Build Trust with GF: “Don’t Make Her Feel the Last in Line”

Various TVB artistes including Kenneth Ma (馬國明) made an appearance in Yuen Long earlier today to film an episode of TVB’s new variety program The Exorcist’s Game <降魔的捉妖遊戲>. Kenneth, star of the hit TVB show The Exorcist’s Meter <降魔的>, said he was never good in games, sharing, “I always lose when it comes to card games, but I’m okay with things like [Chinese] chess.”

When it comes to doing activities on his leisure time, Kenneth said he enjoys playing soccer. “If there is a week when I don’t have to work, I will go to the field to play some soccer.” What about spending time with his girlfriend Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎)? “I won’t be playing soccer all day long.”

When reporters jokingly asked Kenneth to choose between Jacqueline and soccer, he thought for a moment and said, “I want to get to know her better first. She’s not a very clingy or curious person by nature, so I feel very comfortable around her.” Kenneth added, “I think communication is very important between two people. You don’t want to make the other person feel like they’re last in line. You need to take the initiative to make the other person feel how important she is to you.”

Speaking about the upcoming Valentine’s Day, which is a day after his birthday, Kenneth said he will be spending both of those days with work. “I think it’s a great gift to be able to work on the day of my birthday. I’m very thankful for every job I take.”


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    1. @mangotango
      True but ladies need to learn how to treat a man too. I find many “ladies” mistreating and taking advantage the of their man. I find that so wrong.

  1. Have been hearing all kind of rumors that he and 黃心穎 split. Just want to mention that if this kind of rumors are true. The loss will be on 黃心穎.

  2. why do i think he’s getting more and more handsome? i just to think he was cute when he first debuted. then he was just okay for the longest time until recently. Is it just me or something about his air just changed?

    1. @m0m0 I agree. The other day my mom and I were discussing how we (I was really young so I don’t remember if I felt the same way) thought Kenneth was downright unattractive when he debuted. I definitely think he’s handsome now. He also has a manly aura LOL. Plus, I like him more b/c of The Exorcist’s Meter.

      1. @lyu310
        Watch Kenneth in ‘At the Threshold of the Era’ as Gallen’s personal stockbroker then you will see how much a mess he looks. Another miraculous turnaround…

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