Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Him Law, and Mandy Wong Promote “The Hippocratic Crush” Finale

Since its broadcast, Hong Kong TVB drama, The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時> has broken through 30 points in its ratings. Cast members, Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Tavia Yeung (楊怡) , Him Law (羅仲謙), and Mandy Wong (黃智雯) promoted the drama at a basketball event yesterday, hoping to rally the ratings to higher peaks when its finale will be broadcast on Friday, March 16th. Last week’s ratings for The Hippocratic Crush averaged 31 points.

Since the broadcast of The Hippocratic Crush, Kenneth’s brilliant neurosurgeon role was highly popular with the audience. As a result, his relationship status with Nancy Wu (胡定欣) also became recent gossip fodder. Nancy had a 6-second cameo role in The Hippocratic Crush which aroused speculations that she had visited Kenneth on the set, thus deciding to portray the cameo role. Kenneth declared that the pair were currently friends, professing earlier that they had already broken up. In addition, numerous artists were curious about the realistic operating room used in The Hippocratic Crush and had visited the set.  According to Oriental Daily, Kenneth spoke of his relationship with Nancy in this manner, “We will let things run their natural course. No one knows what will happen in the future, with each person holding different expectations for friends and lovers. It feels very comfortable to be friends right now. Maybe in the future, my romantic rumors with Margie Tsang ( 曾華倩) will be reignited. All my rumored girlfriends were bestowed upon me by the media!”

At the event yesterday, rumored couple, Tavia Yeung and Him Law continued to attract attention due to speculations over their relationship status. Asked if he was pursuing Tavia, Him replied, “There’s no such thing.” (Did Tavia pursue Him?) “No, we are good friends only.”

Tavia acted as a cheerleader for the TVB team at the basketball game yesterday. Despite the Chief Executive election debates airing right before The Hippocratic Crush finale on Friday night, she did not feel that this will impact the ratings for the drama. Instead, Tavia hoped that the ratings will break through 40 points!

The cast members of The Hippocratic Crush played against a student team, who beat the TVB artists with a landslide victory of 18 to 7 points. During the game, Him Law lost his balance and landed his hip on the ground. Although Kenneth Ma appeared to be an expert basketball player in The Hippocratic Crush, Tavia Yeung revealed that he was in fact terrible at the sport! Kenneth’s basketball “expertise” was the result of numerous outtakes and careful editing! Wearing leather pants and leather shoes, Kenneth professed that he did not even own a pair of basketball sneakers at home, while soccer was his favorite sport.

Image source: Oriental Daily

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Jayne: Kenneth has become the new “gag king” as he responds to media questions with good humor…openly joking about Margie Tsang.

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  1. Somehow after it was revealed one major character will have a life threatening illness (we all know who and what but for the sake of not spoiling it for everyone), I just lost interest.

    1. Funn,

      Continue to watch till the end for Kenneth!! he’s still one of the reason for me to watch this series hehe.. and I think I’ve agreeing with others that TY can really act 😛 and Mandy Wong has potential,maybe she’ll become lead one day soon.

      1. All my crying comes from TY’s scenes :'(
        Gonna be so sad later on !

      2. Tonight Kenneth will cry very hard because of his brother. Maybe the scene can be good and get attention like Miss Koo last year?

    2. Funn, I always get the impression your not a fan of Tavia.

      veejay, I can see Mandy as a second lead but not a leading lady, she just doesn’t have…how do I say this nicely…the leading lady “look” IMO.

      1. No, not a fan of Tavia, even more so not a fan of predictability.

      2. She will have ‘leading lady’ look when she finally leads.

      3. People didnt think Wayne Lai was the leading type either but look at him now.

      4. Yeah, but Wayne Lai is an exception, he’s an amazing character actor and he has that special something. Mandy is not anywhere close to that, like I said IMO she doesn’t have the “it” factor, to be a leading lady you either have the looks or that special something, and Mandy has neither of those qualities.

      5. @Lol

        Yes, I agree about Wayne being an exception. Actually, I think it’s due to the fact that he came from the Artistes Training Academy. I admire the people that went through the training program.

      6. The thing is, how many people think Wayne has the ‘leading man look’ or that special something before he became lead? Not many. But, when he finally lead, he was well accepted. I bet many people have also said Sandra Ng, Bobby Au-Yeung, Michael Tao, Gordon Lam does not have the leading look before they became famous.

        Only when that person is given a lead role, one can truly see whether he/she has the lead quality or not.

        I also notice that the criticism for Mandy started only after Hippocratic Crush. Before that, she was praised highly. Many people expressed that they hope Mandy will be promoted, she’s better than the lead, etc etc. It’s only after her unflattering character in Hippocratic Crush that some people think that she does not have the lead look. How come?

      7. Please don’t forget other the most important aspect: the “character” and the “whole drama” itself (besides the “actor”).

        If Mandy has the “luck” to encounter a nicely crafted “character” and a “drama that does well” in TxB fandom, and she does a “competent to very well” job; she can be viewed as a “lead”.

        PS: How many of visitors here realized that before Rosy Business, Wayne was the “lead” in another drama? Hehe(also starring Sonija Kwok and Eric Suen)..

      8. @Kidd

        “I also notice that the criticism for Mandy started only after Hippocratic Crush. Before that, she was praised highly. Many people expressed that they hope Mandy will be promoted, she’s better than the lead, etc etc. It’s only after her unflattering character in Hippocratic Crush that some people think that she does not have the lead look. How come?”

        Some people just don’t have the most pleasant look, and by pleasant, I don’t mean pretty or attractive or beautiful. They may be okay to watch when they take on good roles, but with this role, all it does is emphasize on Mandy’s negative aspects. It makes her seem so arrogant and cocky, yet her character’s arrogance and cockiness does not reach over the “climax point” (and does not go overboard). It’s sort of just hanging in between, which is why I believe it hasn’t been well taken by the audience. I noticed that when it comes to an artist taking on a villain role, they have to go overboard for the audience to accept it. Otherwise, they will just be left discriminated.

      9. Kidd,

        I’d like to add that despite Raymond Wong who starred as lead in the Bottled of Passion still can’t carry the Lead feel despite numerous ppl highly praised him for his crying skill during eating white rice.. Maybe its just me that I don’t get the “feel” from him as lead.

        I think the reason ppl saying mandy wong doesn’t have the lead feel is people got carried away sometimes by watching the series and thinking mandy is bad so it made her bad for leading roles too..

        Also, masaharu is right that mandy got a bad role which will eventually changed ppl mindset thus making the bias evaluation on Mandy Wong and ignored her potentials?

      10. Guides for wannabe TBB actors/actresses:
        . “Crying” is an extemely important KPI to judge your performance in TxB fandom.

      11. Masaharu,

        I don’t think many people remember the series “pages of treasure”, much less who was the lead.

        People may only remember Wayne winning best supporting actor for MR and then his success w/ RB.

      12. Mandy also comes through a performing school, acting class.

      13. Wayne Lai even as a kelefe was always memorable because of the way he delivered his lines and his facial expressions. As a lead he has this underdog quality about him that makes you want to root for him.

        As for Mandy even before call36 my feelings about her acting is the same. Yes, she’s better than some of the second leads out there and TVB should promote her, but to lead or carry a series. There’s nothing about her that’s memorable or stand out for me. To me she’s better off as the best friend, the roommate, the buddy, the very technical girl with great personality…etc…etc.

      14. So everyone can agree tat Mandy is lacking a saint role.

  2. off topic : I notice that TY is letting her hair grow and she has the same length as Mandy Wong in THC while mandy cuts her hair short like TY in THC.. funny. maybe both were attracted with each hairstyle thus leading them to grow/cut their hair.

    1. actually i think mandy purposely cut short hair so that they can really look the same because they are siblings in the opinion.. 🙂

      1. no mandy cut her hair for her cop role in police woman battlefield.

  3. Im happy Nathan “got the girl” even if it was just one ep (poor guy lol) but it makes me think how it does not make sense how Jing Jing will get with Him in the end.
    Id rather her stay single and be a more determined doctor (Yes i know ppl eventually move on but it just doesn’t seem right…)

  4. Honestly, I find the show really boring now. Trying too hard to be like greys anatomy. It’s trying too hard to be depressing. I’m dissapointed

  5. i’m already sad and disappointed that they killed off Kenneth’s brother. Yat Hong’s life was starting to turn soo good then all of a sudden…an accident that causes him to lose his life. jing jing and yat hong barely got together for a day and then this happens. seriously tvb…must you be that cruel. hopefully the ending’s not bad since this drama is pretty good to begin with.

    1. If not what plot device to push Tavia to be with Kenneth? Her tumour will be their greatest test together but the brother’s death will be the reason for Tavia to run and comfort Kenneth and make her realise she loves him.

      1. I agree with Funn Lim. Killing off Kenneth’s brother is just to strengthen the relationship between him and Tavia. After all, they are the central focus here. But yeah, Kenneth’s brother was a loveable character, it is pretty sad that he’s killed off (and he’s disabled already).

      2. i sort of find Kenneth’s bro death is too dramatic and illogic. I wonder why they let a disabled guy and a girl to go buy “drinks” or whatsoever during the dinner gathering? Why can’t someone normal go to buy it? Maybe you will say “because they wanted to go out to date for a while”..ok,that’s fine..but the consequences of his bro’s death was way too dramatic and exeggerating imo. too predictedable.

      3. @Veejay

        Agreed! I expect them to kill off the brother, fine, but why get killed all of a sudden for buying drinks? I think TVB could’ve done better. I also find it ridiculous that the old man and woman the brother saved did not appear at all after. That made it seem like he died for no apparent reason!

      4. Yes, and that’s TXB lol, killing off a character with no convincing bases (like out of no where) so they can tailor made a reason for TY to be with Kenneth.. absolutely pathetic for ignoring how others feel of this tiny relationship.

      5. Totally ridiculous to kill his brother off like that just to make TY and Kenneth together?

        TY was already reevaluating her choice after dinning with her superior and his wife.

        Knew that his brother’s heart was going to be transferred. It’s was predictable. The best thing to do now is for Tvb to kill of the TY charachter so we can have a sequel with a new female lead 🙂

      6. exoidus,

        lol, who would u want tvb to cast as the female lead in the sequel? Im guessing Linda? lol

      7. LOL, Veejay you got me. I was indeed thinking of Linda and also want to add Ruco in the love triangle…

      8. I think Ruco would make a convincing “specialist” who is at the same level as Kenneth’s level while Linda would best as Housemen because she’s lack of something which is “confidence” imo.. sorry not trying to pull Linda down but LInda’s sweet face gave me such impression that she’s good as a learner. TY and her short haircut gives me a rather independant and confidence feels in her.. lol.

      9. LOL, we have already given Tvb which artists to use and how the story should be for free!

        Yeah TY looks much older than Linda with her heavy make-up. Still her crying in THC is good as ever.

      10. Not a TY’s fan but I remember watching the THC preview where Kenneth praised TY for being “experiences” as in acting! lol.. and she taught him alot in acting esp on how to act naturally.

  6. But i have to admit, this series is better than Healing Hands in terms of storyline. The cast, not so much.

    1. I never watched Healing Hands, since the cast was not appealing to me. I only watched THC for the cast. If it weren’t for the cast, I don’t think I’d ever watch a medical series 😛

    2. I like THC storyline better too. The pace and flow feels.much exciting. HH trilogy can be draggy.

    3. I don’t like healing hands. I prefer the cast of hippocratic crush, More lively & young, pretty & handsome. TY is a great actress, I love her. Kenneth & tavia is great pair. They should be together in real life.

      1. Too bad MM seems like sexier young girls (Selena/Nancy for example) or old elegant woman (Margie) and TY is too busy to spend her time to control baby Him Him, lol.

        Hey HTS and Veejay, another person is watching for the cast and not for the series in here!

        Sorry June, I have to say in term of handsome and acting, Healing hands’s cast is over THC :P. Look, Healing hands has Lawrence, Bowie, Steven Ma, Moses, Nick Cheung, Raymond Cho, William So etc. in their young time! Wonderful, lol. For pretty girls we also have a lot! Prettiest in my memory is Fiona Yuen!

      2. @Fox , did you watch THC for sake of curious and also Him & Mandy?

      3. Absolutely no. Saying about the outlook of the cast and stardom only.

    1. sorry, but i thought that kenneth was just amazing here. lve him

    2. He looks a bit ‘girly’ in this hair style.
      But, still, his acting skills are superb.

  7. I like kenneth silly eyes and cute smile. Him law i only saw when he was acting as boxer with mandy wong. Tavia used to be attractive no more sfter nose, aging, lost weight n her story with lai lok yi n him law…

    1. ‘lve him’ – i meant love kenneth
      wwell himhim is quite col too

    2. hey ben, just wondering where you are from as you have quite an english name? 🙂

    3. @ben, omg are you benjamin yuen, because i lve him too!

      1. @veejay
        well, young buy not that young and old enough admire ben yuen! haha

      2. well, Ben Yuen is indeed quite charming lately lol.

      3. @veejay
        don’t you think that ben yuen eyes looks a bit different from when he first started?

      4. Hi hi che i like u too. R u frm hk? Lol i ben wong frm hk. No i m singaporean but now in overseas. Btw how to know if u or others reply me. I wrote at least 3 times or more on jayne thread but never notified when there is reply. Once to funn lim and question to jayne about notification of reply.

      5. hey Ben, heehee now i’m going to think that you are the actor Ben Wong. 🙂

        i think that if you want to see a reply you just have to refresh the page.

      6. Huh? You wrote to me? When? Sometimes too many replies if I miss a day visiting Jaynestars! Much apologies.

      7. che,

        What do you mean? ARe you hinting that Benjamin Yuen might have had undergone plastic surgery on his eyes? Well, I’m not sure since I only notice him in that hk sitcom and THC.

      8. veejay,
        if you look back at the pics when he did Mr HK, they do seem to look a bit different, or is it just me

      9. Che u frm malaysia or hk? I like ben wong byt always his accent kuai kuai tei strange lol. I add like this thread as bookmark to reading list, so when i open this page, i can scroll to look for u or funn or hannah comments.

    4. hk.
      Ben,seems like you are addicted to my comments.
      just wanted to ask for your age

      1. Hehe i visit u ok. U create first impression to me. If i never revisit this page, i did not know yr sweet comments on me. I thought ben is a common name in hk. U guess my age? U still schooling or working?

      2. ben, i guess i have to keep revisiting this page to chat to you

      3. @Ben,
        lets have a game, you have to narrow it down 🙂
        1st guess age range 10-1000?

      4. ben, you forgot to narrow it down
        2nd guess 20’s- 50

    5. ben, what did your last comment mean, i don’t quite understand

      1. I meant u went missing in action (mia) for so long lol. Kind of miss yr cuteness and curiousity asking people ‘s age. Haha

      2. so you want me to carry on until you tell me your age. hehe
        anyway, how am i cute

      3. No, @che sounds like a young girl that doesn’t know any better than to talk to strange men online. The rest of us are the ones feeling freaked out.

      4. she just seems like a very polite girl, not freaking me out

      5. probabs not avery young girl, clever not to tell her age

      6. Che che those people freak me out. I think u r 22 to 30s.

  8. So much tears for tonight’s episode and I can predict more will come in the following episodes. I love yat hong and his death impacted me. I want to see Nathan in more dramas not just as cameos ( time to go rewatch some dramas just so I can spot him. How could I have missed such a cute face).

    I love Kenneth and Him in on call. I look forward to what their future will bring. I want them to win a tvb award for on call but it’s so early in the drama year.

    Tavia…I was a little worried I would end up hatin her character in the beginning but finally I found a drama where I like her character after last years epic fail. I like her in this role and I don’t want her to die. Yes, despite people disappointed in on call, I am a fan and I am hoping for a sequel.

    1. I love all the main characters in this drama, except for Mandy. This entire week’s broadcast has been tearful! I really hope no more deaths will take place either! SEQUELLL =)

    2. I love all characters in THC except Mandy and Derek. This is what makes this series special. You will love almost everyone and follow them in their.obstacles and life.

      1. Again, Mandy did well in her role to make ppl dislike her lol.. Good job.

      2. sure-lee,

        Derek is that guy-nurse who has a son in THC.. curious, do you hate him as in person or his role in THC? and why? lol.

        I used to dislike Mandy in person although I don’t know her, I used to dislike her appearance in any series that have her in but after watching numerous series with Mandy in, i realize that she actually got the potential in acting and is good at pissing ppl off lol..

      3. @Veejay

        Ohhhhh!! That guyyy! Okay, I find it hilarious how they make his character have that habit of repeatedly blinking his eye every few seconds! I don’t hate his character, but I find his love story with the nurse to be the most boring parts of the drama 😛

        As for Mandy, I never watched any of her series (besides Men With No Shadows). I don’t find her appealing to watch, but I haveto agree she’s a lot better in some terms than other new artists out there these days.

      4. I dont like only Mandy in here. both her character and acting. Not as good as kwan yi sor

      5. Poor Derek, turned into a big klf with blinking eyes, LOL

      6. I kinda find his eyes blinking abit too exeggerated. Have seen ppl with such behavior but never like Derek’s.. too many times and non-stop eyes blinking? If i were his colleague in THC, I’ll tell him to check out his eyes or ask him if his eyes would ever feel tired from blinking too much???

      7. hahaha so true it would’ve been a funny scene. Suppose it’s just a bad habit or maybe he is just nervous.

        Derek has the potential to play a geek who is also a serial killer…

      8. yeah agree with you that Derek can play serial killer good.. that guy can act good. Sadly he doesn’t possess candy eye body and face like Him.

      9. I thought that Derek was a real MA or at least practiced it.

        Never thought about him without his clothes, LOL.

      10. Not sure about his body but I guess he does have “good” body since he seems like those type of guy who will visit gyms often?

        Guess Derek is lack of luck in leading as compare to Wayne.. maybe its the problem of opportunity.. if Wayne can do it..why can’t dErek?

      11. Yeah if Wayne can do it then anybody can do it. Wayne still don’t give me the feel of a lead.

        In my eyes I see him as a good actor who got his break bc he was lucky with the script and most importantly bc Tvb today is not what Tvb used to be i.e. limited supply of talents…

    3. From reliable news, Him will be leading a new series alongside Liza Wang. The new series is about a son and his mom relationship. Him is Liza’s son. The genre is light hearted drama sprinkled with comedy. Mandy will also be in the series I assume as Him’s partner.

      1. The producer for the mother-son series will be Poon ka Tak, the same person who produced THC

      2. Hope Mandy’s character this time will be written well & more likeable!

      3. Him him is good choice to be promoted to lead! I love onion!

    4. I don’t think Mandy did anything special to make her role hateful, I think any actress can make this role unlikeable given the traits written for the character. It doesn’t matter who play the role the outcome wouldn’t make much difference.

      1. Btw, am I the only one that thinks Mandy’s dancing was hard to watch? The moves were horrible, clumsy, snow and very 1980’s solid gold quality lolz

      2. I didnt pay attention to her dancing move but since you said it..i kinda agree that her move was a bit “slow” hehe… and i lol’ed at the part of clumsy and classic move of the 80s. kekeke.

  9. I love this series and really hope that the ending will be good. Not a fan of Tavia but she did really good job in the series. Yes most people hate Mandy now because of her character but i still like her and hope soon she can become lead.

  10. i wish kenneth and mandy would get together lolol .. tavia and him should pair up at the end

      1. Helo i replied yr comment abt loser on gregory, yr comment on tavia n maybe kenneth ma also on shirley yeung. Now i bookmark this thread in my iphone as reading list easier to refer back. Some other blog they email when there is comment.

  11. Haha veejay singh watch tvb. U must be those singh that can speak cantonese

    1. Rude and creepy… talk about double offense!

      BTW, it’s vijay singh.

  12. Yup vijay singh. I could ve made a mistake, he could be veejay by profession & not a singh since he knows so much HK celebrity news.

  13. Che che they freak me out. I think u r 22 to 35. Me older than u i think.

  14. Kenneth & tavia make a great pair. But sad. No kissing scene of them. Benjamin yeung & him law is soo handsome & acted well. I love hippocratic crush, at last a happy ending for a tvb drama. Moat tvb drama has sad ending which really spoilt the movie & very frustrating after watching.

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