Kevin Cheng And Annie Liu Dating For 3 Months?

Since Kevin Cheng’s (鄭嘉穎) popularity skyrocketed in Hong Kong and mainland China last year, his love life has been under intense scrutiny. Tabloids frequently speculate whether he and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) might have a chance to develop their relationship further, with frequent reconciliation rumors in the air. However, according to Face Magazine, Kevin Cheng and Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心> costar, Annie Liu (劉心悠), have been dating for 3 months!

Pursuing “Goddess Annie” 

It was rumored that Kevin had broken up with mainland model, Jenny Xu (徐靖雯), who was photographed spending time at his home, last year. Shortly afterward, he began filming Bu Bu Jing Xin and allegedly started pursuing Annie Liu within one month of filming.  Realizing Annie’s preference to eat plain foods, Kevin ordered his assistant to prepare an extra serving of soup for her. Kevin had reportedly prepared a mushroom noodle soup especially for Annie to eat as well.

Annie professed that she possessed an introverted personality, which made meeting men difficult. Since she was not the type of woman to rush into relationships, it reportedly took Kevin one year to build up their friendship. The cast of Bu Bu Jing Xin were reunited at promotional events when the drama was broadcast in Hunan TV in September 2011. Last October, the drama was aired in Taiwan. After seeing each other at these events, Kevin started sending text messages to Annie. Allegedly, he unabashedly referred to Annie as “Goddess” in the messages, while openly praising her beauty in front of other people.

Since entering the entertainment industry for 6 years, 30-year-old Annie was romantically rumored with Filmko owner, Wang Haifeng (王海峰), and former costar, Blue Lan (藍正龍). Allegedly, Annie possessed a boyfriend in Taiwan for many years, whose true existence was never confirmed. The former design major, who had studied in Canada, was known as a “pure existence” who had few rumors. Annie enjoyed running and had participated in six annual marathons.

Kevin Cheng Denies Dating Annie Liu

While tabloids claimed that Kevin and Annie have gone on secret dates over the last three months, both Kevin and Annie denied the dating rumors. At the Filmart 2012 expo, Kevin told Face Magazine, “You’re crazy! You’re crazy! Please don’t frame me!” Despite the strong words, Kevin laughed widely in his denial.

Kevin noted that Annie had her own assistant and did not need him to take care of her eating preferences. Emphasizing that they were only colleagues, Kevin told Apple Daily, “Of course not; I did not prepare any ‘love noodles’!  I did not send any “Goddess” text messages. The magazine used their imagination for such details. I do not know to what stage ‘the story’ has advanced to. It’s very confusing!” Furthermore, Kevin stated that after the filming of Bu Bu Jing Xin, he only saw Annie once at a Hong Kong promotional event and did not have any personal dates together.

Annie Liu Uncertain About Advancement Opportunities With Kevin Cheng

While Annie Liu praised Kevin Cheng for being a good actor, she denied that he had pursued her. She noted that she liked Bu Bu Jing Xin’s “Fourteenth Prince” Lin Gengxin (林更新). As to whether Kevin had asked the director to increase her scenes in Bu Bu Jing Xin, Annie said that she did not feel that her scenes increased and suggested asking the director for a response instead.

Asked whether there were any advancement opportunities with Kevin, Annie said, “I do not know.” Asked if she liked the type of man that Kevin represented, Annie replied that she liked filial men. She praised Kevin for his acting. “I only know this much about him; I have very limited knowledge about him.”

However, after their romantic rumors surfaced, Annie and Kevin have been in touch, in which she invited him to see her in a theatrical production. Last month, they appeared at a perfume promotional event in Hong Kong together.

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Jayne: If we take Kevin and Annie’s words at face value, then perhaps they may not have dated.

Does Annie’s personality fit what Kevin is looking for in a woman? Possibly, since he said he was interested in intelligent and beautiful woman, someone who is mature and not too difficult to get along with. 

It would be very interesting to see what the follow-up details on this story development would be.

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  1. Interestingly, during the Happy Camp match-making game, Kevin did not choose Annie because Annie said she does not know how to be coquettish (撒嬌) and Kevin said he likes girl who 撒嬌. So, he switched off his light.

    1. They could be playing ‘diversion’ game to cool the situation. In that Happy Camp segment Annie also said she’d prefer a partner with skills and personality over money and looks. Kevin also prefers a partner with brains and not some clueless bimbo. I think they’d make a good couple.

  2. I think they would make a very fitted couple! If it is true more power to them!

    1. Together, Kevin and Annie brings a fresh look. But, I still prefer Myolie and Kevin.
      They look more mature and fun playing movies.

  3. people root him on? goodness. he needs to stop being a promiscuous guy and settles down with a person. he doesn’t get any younger!

      1. Really? I think age has actually hit him, but not in a devastating way.

    1. oh god… he doesn’t look 40’s..
      Popularity has just hit him. Maybe settling down now would be too early.

    2. I don’t think he’s being promiscuous at all. Only had one girlfriend since Taiwan days and that broke up till Niki came along. They were relationships which lasted a few years and not months or weeks. Charmaine is a different story cause they were never really confirmed as a pair. So, for a man to have only, say 3 girlfriends over a period of 20yrs is pretty good. He’s cautious and always thinks before he speaks. If he’s really promiscuous, the tabloid will be full of stories relating to his ‘flings’ but instead he stayed low key and worked hard. It’s pointless jumping on the wedding train just because one is not getting any younger. Kevin is right::: better to stay single and be happy rather than marry someone for marrying sake.

      Kevin , I support you**

  4. thank god. not another charmaine-kevin news. she’s prettier than charmaine at least!

    1. Agree, yet, different individual defines ‘beauty’ differently.

  5. A rather beautiful couple if true BUT boring boring couple. Annie Liu is very serious, kevin is very serious, I suppose to them a simple date will be a matter of very serious consideration.

    1. Annie Liu doesn’t strike me as serious at all. She seemed rather kiddy and happy / outgoing to me when she guest-starred in Beautiful Cooking… maybe I should watch some more recent interviews of her?

      1. On Happy Camp she was very how shall I say… serious? Not stern but just.. quiet. And serious.

    2. yeah Annie Liu seems to be a very quiet and shy person. I think she’s quite mature in handling affairs as compare to those who likes to grab headlines always. Maybe that’s what kevin is looking for? a steady woman?

    3. I agree that it seems like Kevin is already so introverted and it would make it really boring if they went it since she claims to be introverted too. Well only they know if they have dated..

  6. He is lucky. Now he has rumours with a lot of China pretty girls :D.

    1. He’s lucky because he’s really handsome not just handsome but real handsome guy and also thanks to his recent awards in asia region.

  7. Sansin Jie Jie 🙂 Remind me of the pansy stalker DY from DGSD, LOL.

    Really wonder what her personal record in marathon is.

  8. ron ng= tvb’s woman killer

    LF =tvb’s playboy

    KC = tvb’s casanova

    1. please don’t say that about LF, because if he is then rons is a playboy as well.

      1. Ron can categorised with LF since they are bond brotherhood and have flirting as hobby

  9. Seems a promising and delightful proposition. Good luck to them! Annie is very beautiful, don’t you think so? She seems to be intelligent enough for Kevin too.

  10. Please. Not another TVB artist going with a China girl… I think Kevin and Charmaine would make a pretty good couple.. Afterall they are both not young anymore and about time for them to settle.

    1. WTH? Im offended by your comment.

      What is wrong with China girls? If your basing “China” girls as in PPS and Viann maybe you should get out of your house and maybe go to China town or something and you will see not are all like those two. You judging a country with over a billion people with these TWO girls?

      And FYI all TVB artists are “Chinese” by blood their parents/ancestry are from mainland China

      And “Love” should not be depicted by what country your please what century are your from?

      Im sorry if i come across harsh but these type of stereotype on a country and gender annoy me

    2. Wow… racist much? Your reason for not wanting Kevin to be with the girl is because you think shes a “China girl”? Quite pathetic really

    3. Annie Liu is Taiwanese. You can say HK girls are closer to being called China girls than Taiwanese girls.

    4. Taiwanese girls are so much in indifferent than china girls!! lol

      1. You really think so Veejay?? Can you tell me why you think so???

    5. Tvbaddict,

      Annie looks pretty and natural, not a plastic barbie. Plus she speaks Cantonese, so she’s more like a Hk girl. They’re both mature personality and are sporty type. Kevin should definitely go for her!

      Maybe then, charmaine can finally move on f/ Kevin’s spell.

      1. How do we all know if she is natural or not?? We need to dig out her old photos to see if she looks the same or not. It is not just girls from China that get plastic surgery, but a lot of girls from Taiwan, Hk and other regions do as well.

    6. Still dun understand the unmoral of having a China gf :D.

    7. Yea, Annie Liu is not from China but is Taiwanese… There is nothing wrong with China girls. Also, people from Taiwan and HK are from China in a sense. I don’t know why people from Taiwan and HK look down on them…

  11. That would be one hot looking couple if this is true.

  12. I always thought they had great chemistry, but it’s probably not true.

  13. well if they are KC is the lucky one b/c i do think she is one of the prettiest in taiwan among the ones there anyway.

    1. Not really since i have seen even prettier ones before. But yea, she is one of the prettier ones currently.

    1. Certainly wearing contact lens and its not natural at all for her.

      1. it’s not natural for any dark eyed girl. I can’t stand coloured contact lenses.

      2. if the eyes are pretty and big , why not? its attractive and refreshing afterall.

      3. If looks completely fake, and the contacts stand out when against the dark eyes. They look like zombies when they wear them.

        The coloured contacts don’t show up so much on women with lighter eye colours (blue for example), but I’ve yet to see a pair on a dark eyed girl that looked natural.

    2. Oh yea… she does have contacts on. No wonder her eyes look unusually big. There are people with naturally big eyes too, but I don’t think having eyes that are too big are attractive since you tend to look bug eyed…

  14. If this were true, I would be so happy! I thought they were so beautiful together in BBJX! Of course, there are other components to consider aside physical compatibility, but I am never going to meet them so this is as deep as I can get about this topic lol.

  15. Wow… Kevin certainly gets around! He’s been linked to how many women in the past month or two? Looks like winning that TVB best actor award has filled his bed as well as his pockets!

    (and yes, this is meant tongue in cheek :P)

    1. That shows the difference between women and men. Men gets to fool around and meet new chick even in their 40s while women esp in HK get to called “leftover”, poor thing.

    1. She is pretty but I don’t like her type of dimples… It makes her look old.

  16. I think Annie is beautiful. She sure stood out in BBJX even though her character was written to be very sad and boring.

    However, I don’t buy this story of Kevin and Annie as an item. The reporting sounds very convoluted. Kevin and Annie’s responses were honest and impersonal, so unlike his response when asked Charmaine. Anyhow, they would make a beautiful couple if the story was true.

  17. I really hope that Kevin is not going down the same route that Aaron Kwok is going down…

  18. Well, there seems no end to the pairing of Kevin with all those beautiful women, Liu Shi Shi and Ying Er(Mainland Chinese), Annie Liu (Taiwanese brought up in HK, Charmaine (HK) and now another one quite unknown yet, Qin Lan (M. Chinese), who is the leading lady in “Red Dust”. That’s a lot of beauties there for him to know and he’s likely the envy of his friends.

  19. I hope this news is true. Thye would make a great couple with beautiful babies. Annie seems like a woman who needs protection and Kevin can do just that. Charmaine on the other hand might have been too independent and strong for him. we’ll see how it unfolds.

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