Kevin Cheng Hints that Annie Liu Is Not His Cup of Tea

Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and rumored girlfriend, Annie Liu (劉心悠), promoted the upcoming broadcast of mainland drama, Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心> on TVB’s cable station. In March, it was reported that Kevin and Annie developed good feelings for each other during the filming of Bu Bu Jing Xin. Despite claims that they were secretly dating, both Kevin and Annie repeatedly denied the rumors. At yesterday’s event, Kevin once again hinted that Annie was not his type!

In the last two years, Kevin has been working non-stop, filming 8 television dramas consecutively. He looked forward to taking a long break afterward. Perhaps fans were more concerned that Kevin find a romantic partner after securing professional success. Aside from Annie Liu, Kevin has been rumored to re-ignite sparks with Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼 ), while also linked with mainland actress, Ying Er (颖儿), in the last several months. Kevin denied the romantic rumors, claiming that he was currently single.

Kevin Hints that Annie is Not His Type

Asked whether Annie Liu was his “cup of tea,” Kevin replied, “She likes to drink water; I like to drink Coke!” When reporters prompted that Annie was a beautiful woman, Kevin said, “Then she is my girlfriend?” Kevin maintained that his feelings did not go beyond friendship. “We are friends and colleagues. I have denied it ‘N’ times already!”

Annie appeared to be awkward standing beside Kevin at the TVB promotional event. However, the 31-year-old blamed it on her poor Cantonese. “I was not evasive!”

Gloves Come Off Averaged 30 Points in Ratings

Despite complaints that Kevin’s Muay Thai boxing skills were not convincing, Gloves Come Off <拳王> averaged solid ratings of 30 points, with approximately 1.92 million viewers watching in Hong Kong. Viewer complaints were filed that the violent content was unsuitable for young viewers.

A celebratory dinner was held with the cast and crew of Gloves Come Off. However, Sin Ho Ying (冼灝英), who had publicly criticized Kevin for possessing a poor character, was unable to attend the event. This may have avoided a possible awkward situation between Kevin and Sin Sifu.

Source: Oriental Daily

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Jayne: Perhaps Kevin’s luck in dating and finding “Miss Right” will increase once he takes a real break from acting! 

Bu Bu Jing Xin will be aired in Hong Kong finally! Does this mean it will be dubbed in Cantonese?

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  1. I don’t see there’s anything that deserve that attention to KC’s development other than his conflict of interest with Sin sifu….

    KC news are very bored…..

    1. Just ignore Kevin news, you won’t feel bored. LOL
      Love Kevin forever

  2. I don’t suppose he has finished drinking this cup of tea perhaps?

    She is a beautiful woman. She looks smiling next to him. I hope it is true.

    Yes I do think it will be dubbed but the names should be ok, since mostly numbers anyway. I am hoping to see Qing Shi Huang Fei dubbed in Cantonese. The names itself will be awesomeness!! Durian City, when shall I hear your name in Cantonese?!

    1. Funn,

      What do u hope to be true? That they are dating or that he has finishing drinking her?

      1. Men are like that especially with the kind of celebrity status that KC is craving now.

        Aiyah, after he drank her already and felt that there’s nothing sexy that can arouse his sexual urge, what makes you to keep thinking that he could further pursue this “juicyless” relationship?

      2. Josie, I hope the truth is that they’re dating but I feel the reality is they each have finished their cup of tea, so maybe Kevin is moving on to other tea.

    2. Funn, Josie,
      Kevin and Annie filmed “Bu Bu Jing Xin” for several months together. He would have enough time to sample the cup of tea on several occasions already.

      Maybe Kevin prefers more outgoing women?

      1. Maybe he was not finished drinking his previous cup of tea so couldn’t sample the next cup yet.

        And I do think Kevin likes to be chased, not the chaser.

      2. @ Josie,

        How would a girl successfully chase a guy like Kelvin?

        E.g. what techniques would you suggest?

      3. Girl, if I knew, I’d be trying it myself! 😀

        But I think the Yang mi ‘late night door knock’ is probably too bold.

      4. @ Josie

        Hee hee… yeah, thought I wld ask for fun…

        I could be wrong but I think Asian guys prefer to do the chasing. If a girl comes on too strongly he may be turned off…

      5. Late night knocking on doors reminds me of those prostitutes knocking on hotel doors at night, usually Chinese prostitutes. Offering the very first date with sex is not the best way to go if you want a long term relationship. I suppose do what Catherine Zeta Jones did; play hard to get, and then make the man fall head over hills for you, get pregnant and then get married. Of course you must have the looks to match that playful aloofness.

        Now how to get Kevin? Hmmm.. I don’t even know how to chase after Kenneth, who is as media reports a much more approachable guy so I don’t know. But I think essentials such as hot body, pretty face must be there. Personality is optional until he says hi.

      1. A play of the similar sound of the cantonese Liu Lian Cheng (Mandarin) Lau Lin Seng (Cantonese) which sounds sorta like Durian (Lau Lin) Seng (the chinese word for city)

  3. Why did Kevin lean his arm on her like that?! No wonder she feels awkward.

    Anyway, definitely don’t think they match now. Kev says she drinks water so she’s like simple and healthy. He likes coke which tastes good but is bad for u. Can’t blame him cuz soda is too delicious. He’s probably still deciding which cola he likes best- classic, diet coke, coke zero, cherry coke, etc…

    Also, if Annie wanted to attract his attention, she could’ve shown some skin. That jean outfit reminds me of a country western.

    1. Josie,
      I believe the press asked Kevin to get closer for photos and he did the elbow jab, seemingly saying, “I will not let me fingers touch her.”

    2. Body language is definately awkward.

      She is leaning away from him subconsciously and looking away.

      His pose is awkward too, not what you would expect if a guy liked a girl.

      Something happened between them and now they are off.

    3. yeh kevin’s pose is making annie feel awkward. can’t he be a bit of a gentleman and treat her like a woman? i mean even if they’re not currently going out, have a bit of respect for the lady. She’s being treated like a beanbag for Kevin to lean on?

      Before the rumors came out, during BBJX promos in China, he didn’t treat Annie like this!

      And the way he responds when reporters ask him about her…. so ‘inch’… like he wanted to draw a line right there and then. so serious.

      I too wonder if something happened between them?

      1. Maybe it’s because Kevin already has a gf hehe.

  4. they way the stand look kinda awkward.

  5. well… what a pity annie isn’t Kevin’s cup of tea! their outlook matches! but i still find Kevin most compatible partner is Niki. That’s my point of view only hehe.. so hope to see them collaborate again!

    1. I also hope Niki is Kevin’s cup of tea or coffee or coke, coz they really match in Canopy of Love and 7 Days…:)

    2. KeNi is the mostperfect couple (my opinion). Hope that Kevin come back with Niki in the future

    3. yea~ i do hope they will be collaborating soon!

    4. yes..kevin and niki are my fovourite couple onscreen….

      1. Niki said in an interview recently that she don’t mind having Kevin as her co star as long as the script is good.
        And now the ball is in Kevin’s court…
        Is he okay acting with Niki?
        Personally, I feel that Niki brought out Kevin’s innermost manliness and charisma onscreen.He is at his best looking appearance in “7 day”!

  6. Annie Liu is too boring to Kevin, he needs someone sporty and talkative..who can cheerish his life everyday.

    1. but why? kevin doesn’t like to socialise remember? he likes to keep to himself.

      1. That’s why he needs someone opposite, then relationship won’t be so quiet and boring.

    2. Annie may not be ‘talkative’ but she has participated in quite a few marathons over the years so she’s ‘sporty’ enough.

    3. According to another article she has participated in more than 1 marathon before. Really interested in her finishing time or if she actually completed the run(s).

      Anyway that sure qualifies as sporty 😀 in my book. That just makes her so much more attractive as most girls would prefer go shopping, LOL.

  7. Annie Liu is way better in my opinion so good thing shes not…

  8. LOL!! He is too freaking old to be passed off as some kind of adonis. Just look at the railroad tracks around his eyes in the photo.

    Unlike HK girls, Taiwan (and most other) girls prefer their guys young.

    1. hahhaa i know he is so much OLDER now but i guess people still find him hot but i dont so haha..Annie Liu is one of those pretty yet quite educated kind of actress’ from taiwan i think so good thing she’s NOT HIS CUP OF TEA HHAHHA LOL..

  9. maybe charmaine is kevin cup of tea lol….

    1. She is not tea but TEQUILA!
      That woman intoxicates every man she meets on the set.

  10. annie probably thinks the same that kevin is not HER cup of tea. maybe kevin wanted to get close to her but she’s not interested in this uncle.

    1. exactly, she is MUCH PRETTIER, YOUNGER & CATCHIER than him thats for damn sure. haha LOL…

    2. Lol, I think so.
      Annie seems wise and matured.

  11. Saw a clip of her with Aaron for the movie “floating city” which looks really interesting.

    Her cantonese is not bad and she got a sweet voive as well, so much better than your average TVB actress.

  12. Maybe Kevin still harbours feelings for Charmaine, therefore the disinterest in all these other beautiful girls, good-looking as they are. Who knows both of them may yet give the media the greatest surprise!

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