Kevin Cheng Performs Striptease in “Ghetto Justice 2”

Battling against the London 2012 Olympics, the premier broadcast of Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭2> on Monday, July 30th averaged 29 points in ratings. Approximately 1.86 million viewers watched the premiere in Hong Kong. The sequel lives up to the first installment, which had achieved 28 points in its premiere week last year.

“Law Ba” Bares His Body

Touted as the secret weapon against the Olympics, Ghetto Justice 2’s premiere episode had the female viewers swooning when Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) bared his body together with his buddies, Jazz Lam (林子善) and Sam Lee (李璨琛). The episode also fired up with a ferocious kissing scene between Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), in which Kevin even stripped off his shirt for the steamy intimate scene! 

Kevin Cheng to Perform Striptease

Although viewers’ responses for the sequel were encouraging, there were some who lamented over the absence of Joyce Tang (滕麗名) and Eddie Kwan (關禮傑). Producer Joe Chan (陳維冠) revealed that the sequel will spice up with new elements, and the plot will be thickened with more complicated relationships.

Although Kevin and his buddies, Jazz and Sam, will continue to add in their usual comedic touch, their friendship in the series will also be tested due to different values. Kevin Cheng’s ex-wife, Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), will also come between the relationship of Myolie and Kevin, with Myolie eventually triumphing in this love triangle.

Producer Joe Chan also disclosed that viewers can expect more exciting and hot scenes from Kevin and Myolie, and Kevin will even perform a striptease dancing in the latter part of the series! 

Olympics Diving Affects “Ghetto Justice 2’s” Ratings

Although Ghetto Justice 2 maintained its ratings performance as compared to last year’s premiere, the Olympics diving segment, which was a favorite sporting game of Hong Kong viewers, did lure some of its viewers away.

Last week, the finale of Witness Insecurity <護花危情>, starring Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), averaged at 33 points. Compared to Ghetto Justice 2’s premiere broadcast ratings of 29 points, the Olympics diving took away a 4-point rating, causing a loss of approximately 260,000 viewers for Ghetto Justice 2.

Myolie Wu was asked if she was worried that the Olympics would affect Ghetto Justice 2’s ratings. She replied that the Summer Olympics was held once every 4 years, and the ratings would more or less be affected. She hoped that the viewers could watch the premier episode from myTV if they missed it, and it would be good if the ratings could include the online viewership too.   


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  1. The premiere episode was already very entertaining and I can only imagine what the striptease will be like later on….looking forward to it!

  2. I didn’t think the kissing was ferocious. I mean they were both keenly kissing one another but I find them rather awkward rather than natural.

    1. He was filming in China at the time but there’s a short cameo of him in the 1st episode. Joyce was filming a sitcom at the time.

    2. I really enjoyed watching him along with the other three in the original as they had great chemistry when they came together. Hopefully Raymond Cho will click just as well with them.

      1. i wish eddie was in this one as well. but i also enjoyed raymond’s 1 minute appearance in episode 1 haha. hopefully raymond + the other 3 will be just as good

      2. He had so little role whether he is in or not doesn’t matter. Even Raymond Cho doesn’t matter.

  3. “the plot will be thickened with more complicated relationships”

    NO NO NO!!!

  4. I really like the first 2 episodes so far and how they added little touches that connected the original and the sequel.

  5. I love the natural chemistry between Kevin and Myolie. You could tell they were really at ease with one another.
    I CANT STAND the new girl… what’s her name. Gow Wun Wai? Horrible acting, heavily accented chinese. What is the TVB thinking these days.. do they have no more decent actresses?

    1. Welcome to the team!! Alot of us can’t stand her either 😉

      1. Her acting is terrible and once she opens her mouth to speak….arhhhh…..

      2. I just watched Ep. # 3 of “Ghetto Justice 2” and watched Christine Kuo’s scenes. Yeah, her Cantonese was still pretty bad, but her English was not amazingly good. Too bad, she does not have talents in languages.

      1. Really? She should have a decent command of English as she immigrated to Canada when she was about 12 (not 100% sure). Want to listen to her English. Which episode was that?

      2. I thought her English was okay. quite decent. Unlike Aimee’s, who was like faking it.

      3. Aimee Chan’s English is good, very local. However, she speaks too fast and slurs a bit.

    2. She’s trying very hard to perfect her Cantonese so don’t bash her accent, bash her acting.

      1. Some people just don’t have talents in languages or acting unfortunately. Perhaps she is one of them.

    3. I think her name is Christine Kuo? btw, she has a pretty face and tall figure..but like everyone said, she has bad cantonese but i heard canton isn’t her primary language so can’t really blame her.

      1. Christine Kuo was born in Taiwan and immigrated to Toronto when she was at least 12. Since she came from a Taiwanese family, she only learned Cantonese shortly before she competed in Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant Show.

        She still has very strong accents when she speaks Cantonese. Some people just cannot get rid of their accents easily. Most Mandarin-speaking people have this problem, except Elaine Yiu (also from Taiwan). Elaine Yiu speaks perfect Cantonese.

      2. Wow, I didn’t know Elaine Yiu is from Taiwan, her cantonese is perfect (or at least I can’t hear any accent at all).

      3. I Look up Elaine, and she’s born in HK, and studied in HK, and only went overseas for University. Doesn’t seem like she’s taiwanese. zzz

      4. @Nicole,
        elaine yiu is not taiwanese but she should be (閩南人) or Hokkiens (福建人),

      5. If you look Elaine Yiu up on wikipedia, her ancestry is ChiuChow (Teochew) Guangdong, so she’s not of MinNam or Fukien ancestry.

      6. But regardless of what her ancestry is, it shouldn’t affect her ability to speak perfect cantonese, since she’s born in HK and studied in HK.

      7. I don’t know how I got Elaine Yiu as a Taiwanese. I think I heard it from someone. Anyway Elaine is perfect in speaking Mandarin. As per Wikipedia, “Yiu entered the entertainment industry after winning the TVB8 Presentator Contest in 2002, subsequently signing a management and filming contract with TVB. From 2002 to 2004, Yiu hosted Mandarin-language television programmes for TVB8.

  6. So far, am loving what I have watched, up to Episode 3, the funniest thus far!!! Lovin’ the natural chemistry between Law Ba and Law Yau!!! 🙂

  7. This will prove to be the best TVB series this year. Love the Sam and Jazz comedy duo act

    1. I agree. GJ2 is proving to be best series of this year. Myolie shined brightly like a diamond!

      1. I’ve never question of Myolie’s acting, she seems like a professional artist to me..but I can see her sadness which lies within her face.. and her thin figure which shows she’s prolly lack of sleep and in stressed.

      2. Absolutely. Myolie is outstanding, but Christine Kuo ruined Myolie’s series!

    2. hope so hope so *keeps fingers and toes crossed* 😛 i’ve watched epi 1 and am loving it. 🙂 not only the chemistry between Kevolie but the boys too. i’m not a fan of Kevin but whomever Myolie partners with, i am sold. 😆 😆

  8. Even the cast so far seem to enjoy their parts! Looks like GJ2 will repeat the success of its predecessor. I hope. The chemistry between Kevin and Myolie is priceless.

  9. Kevin n Myolie is so natural and have good chemistry together! Love ep1 n 2!

  10. Have watched ep 1 and 2, loving it, Kevin and Myolie act very natural, this is the best series ever 🙂

  11. In agreement w all. GJ2 is the best series ever! Myolie was very pretty and love her passionate scenes with Kevin.

  12. This series is so good!
    There’s real continuation from the first one. Like even Jing Jing’s prostitute friends are the SAME (or at least one is, i’m not sure about the rest), some of the shum sui po residents are also the same!
    Myolie, Kevin, Jazz and Sam are doing so well! Kevin and Myolie really have the couple chemistry, I guess because they are so familiar with each other. Even JJ overcomes her hesitant way of speaking, she sounds more engaging now, and looks really pretty.

    If only we can get rid of Christine Kuo.

    1. The series is done excellently but Christine Kuo is the weak link. I wish she’s not in the series because I cringed watching her. The feeling of watching Myolie is great but when watching Christine I keep wishing she wasn’t there.

      1. Selena Li would be perfect for that role.

        LOL @ TVB decisions

      2. Selena is too senior to play a role like 3rd party. If they want someone new and sophisticated, can choose someone like Oceane Zhu.

      3. Jess Shum is also perfect for that role, I agree. Kevin needs lovely ladies as it can get.

      4. OH yes, thanks, Jess Shum, she’s pretty, tall and sophisticated, and can definitely carry off the professionalism of a doctor.

        And her cantonese is much better than Christine.

        I have a feeling Christine will do much better in her motherland of Taiwan, she really has that soft, feminine taiwanese look to her. I strongly suggest she goes develop her career there!

      5. Jess shum already played the murdered mistress of Mai po (jazz’s dad) in part 1.

        Selena or Nancy woud be better for the ex-wife role. At least there’s more chance that u believe law ba might actually choose them over kris. Christine is totally over-matched by myolie. There’s no way he would pick her version of lynette over kris. No suspense at all.

      6. Maybe Kevin broke up with her because of her horrible cantonese.

      7. TVB does reused actors and actress all the time; since the roster is pretty much dwindling.

      1. I hope GJ2 can get Best Series this year too. LOO steal it last year. I couldn’t believe it. It was rigged and Fala/Kate were horrible in their roles.

  13. I just caught the first 2 episodes. So excited! I am curious as to why Christine Kuo’s English is accented…isn’t she Canadian? For some reason…I have been annoyed with all of characters that she has played. I think she might ruin parts of Ghetto Justice for me. Honestly, I dislike her character Wai Wai ver much in Tiger Cubs. The character is immature and self centered, and I think she is only so popular because she is so pretty. Too bad.

    1. Christine is just a pretty face that can’t really act.I think she need to take up more acting class.

    2. She’s horrible. Did Christine sleep with someone to enable her to act with these established actors?

      1. Actually, must have been slept with TeeVeeBee management.

  14. Kevin Cheng looked very old in the above photo.

    1. Yup, KC is old enough to be paired up with Jessica.

      1. Kevin is old, but Myolie’s great acting made him and Myolie look perfect together.

  15. After watching 3 episode on GJ2,quite enjoyable for me to watch. But the series overdone so much intimate scene between Kevin and Myolie in first 3 episode. Quite no of implicit intention on bed scene.

    1. You want Bosco to film intimate scenes with Myolie?

    2. Those intimate scenes between Kevolie are the best parts. Myolie was outstanding in these scenes. Bravo to her.

      1. Sunnolie and Franolie used to be my favourite pairing because I hated Kevolie in BF3, but GJ changed everything.

      2. Now Kevolie is my OTP pairingship. I used to like Rayolie but once Raymond Lam dated Pan Shuang shuang, I lost interest in Rayolie.

      3. Love Kevolie the best too! So pity they’re not real life lover 🙁

      4. agree with you too. myo is so amazing and great in ghetto2! she keep improving hersel she she look happy being togwther with kevin

    1. kevolie sex scenes are amazing to watch. love kevolie!

      1. They have sex scene in GJ2?? like what kind of scene? hehehe

    2. I find myself turned on by JJ – never expected it. In 3rd episode, the scene in massage room where JJ was rubbing the crooked boss was highly suggestive and thrilling!

      It seems JJ is has good figure amd well endowed too. Not too sure why the three TVB amigos have to go mainland to find ladies, when there is such a lady nearby.

      1. I think JJ is link with a male artist in TVB already.. Forgot his name though..maybe someone can help?

      2. He’s the guy that was rumored with the mainland girl rumored with raymond! Sammy Shum?

      3. She was rumored with Sammy Shum, but they broke up. The girl claiming to be Raymond’s gf was allegedly the third party.

      4. JJ is said to be with Sammy Shum and Liu Yuqi – the drama queen who is whining everyday that she is LF’s gf and forgot all about Sammy Shum – is said to be the reason broke up JJ and Sammy Shum.

      5. I felt sorry for JJ having to rub the man’s hairy leg!

        JJ should go after LF. She can get back at Sammy and possibly land big fish LF. Win-win situation.

      6. But LF wont announce her status & JJ need to become his “sex toy” I meant behind woman and can only Meet LF in the bedroom..that’s boring.

      7. That doesn’t sound boring at all! 😉

        But JJ is cute. They might work out as a couple.

    3. Larry,
      Sex scenes in TVB dramas are just kissing and some naked shoulders fare.

      1. And drop onto bed and looks like they’re wrestling. Not a bit sexy at all. Passionate is like giving CPR to one another, fighting to control who blows into the mouth of the other first.

  16. Am I the only person that thinks both Moyolie and Kevin over act? The series is good but I find the way Moyolie talks is a little distracting (too much exaggerated mouth action) & Kevin is trying to hard to look like he’s not trying…does that make any sense? I don’t even want to talk about Christine Kou, her English is horrible. Anyways, so far the storyline is good, the chemistry between the characters are good, only bad thing is the over acting from the lead actors trying too hard to out cute each other.

    1. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. To me, I think Myolie overacted while Kevin didn’t know how to act in this drama. The love storyline might be okay for some people because they included a lot of sex scenes (although I don’t encourage them to use this technique just because they want to boost up the rating). I’m very open-minded, and I can accept some sex scenes when watching tv but only if it is necessary for the plot development. Sometimes, I got the feeling that this drama relies too much on intimate scenes rather than acting, storyline, plot and characters development, etc.

      By the way, I don’t know why you think the storyline is good. The cases in both GJ1 and GJ2 were actually quite lame, but I don’t really expect too much from TVB.

      As for Christine Kou’s performance, I don’t what should I say. The lead actor and actress already showed us poor performances, but Christine Kou worsened the drama.

      1. I don’t like the storyline, cases, or acting in this drama series so far. Both Myolie and Kevin were overacting as lawyers. However, I liked Elena Kong as a plaintiff’s lawyer. Her arguments were very clear and short. She was very calm, confident, convincing and professional as a lawyer.

      2. It’s good enough for tvb standards…kinda entertaining and has a good enough flow.
        Funn, Christine’s English accent is pretty bad…which I don’t have a problem with BUT if her character is suppose to be Canadian raised then it’s annoying for her accent be so heavy. In that case she should just stick with speaking Chinese.

  17. Love episode 3 and can’t wait for more. Excellant chemistry between Myolie and Kevin. Very funny and touching moments. Don;

    1. Oops fingers slipped…haven’t finished the sentence LOL!!!
      Don’t think they overact at all

  18. Wow, just 1 series and see all the glowing reviews of both Kevin and Myolie. Same thing happened to 3 kingdoms until several episodes in.

    All these excellent chemistry, great sex scenes … I wonder does anyone notice GJ2 characters are rehash of GJ1? Except of course it is entertaining. I am however sorta bored with the whole forced flirtation and I want the series to just move on with Law Ba meeting his ex wife or current wife again and explain to us where the hell she has been for the past 10 years of his life.

    And if my calculations is correct, Law Ba is at least 40.

    1. Funn, the sad part is these so called sex scenes are not even comparable to day time soaps in the states lolz. Already people are excited…imagine if they really kiss and not just smack both their faces together and wiggle their heads lolz.

  19. Wow, it was so easy for Law Ba to get his lawyer’s licence back. In that case, lawyers can always commit crimes and don’t have to worry about the loss of their licences. They can get them back so easily.

    1. I thought so too. Usually you’re struck off the roll you’re struck off the roll. Unless when you were about to be struck off the roll you will be served a notice to explain why you shouldn’t be struck off the roll which in Law Ba’s case should be 1 1/2 years ago. But I suppose even the law has compassion since he did what he did for justice. I was disappointed when he said he would never do what he did again. So unlike Law Ba. I am sure TVB must have consulted some lawyers.

      As for the dog case, I shook my head in disbelief at the stupidity of the entire case. When Law Ba said he visited the dog many times, I am surprised the defence never stood up and say that might also mean Law Ba trained the dog to attack on the word “garbage”. I mean so many problems with the legal reasoning and I HATE the whole preaching about law, rights thing. Like must we go through that each and every time? But Law Ba is still interesting to watch. So just ignore the legal aspect and just watch for human drama.

      1. Should have written episodic thoughts for GJ2 just to complete my collection. But I will die with 2 series at once.

      2. I think he said he would never do what he did again, because if he said he will, they probably won’t give him his license back. l

        And when watching, I also thought about Law Ba training the dog, but he can easily get the vet to testify, since when Law Ba visited the dog, the vet was always with him, but I guess for dramatic purposes, they strike it off the list?

      3. The vet’s statement can be questioned. In fact I find it ridiculous that so many protestors that day can’t testify that poor man did not irritate the dog so as to make the dog bite him. And Law Ba could have subpeonaed the gardener. And if I am the judge I will question the integrity of a man who places his dog above that of a human limb.

      4. Why will the vet’s statement be questioned when he doesn’t have anything to do with Law Ba? Then the gardener can lie while on oath to protect his job. We don’t know if those protesters did or did not testify that the man did not irritate the dog. I believe we are only shown snippets of the court scenes due to time limitations, thus they could have testified, and Elena could have questioned their ability to see what was happening from their angle, their eyesight, whether the sign the victim was holding blocked their view etc. If we want to go through the whole court proceedings, since I don’t believe they only each say 3 lines on each day AND it went through several days, how many episodes of GJ2 do you want dedicated to one dog case?

      5. I’m glad he said he wouldn’t do it again and would recuse himself f/ the case instead. I didn’t like it that he sacrificed himself and his principles for kris. Somehow he should’ve found a better way that didn’t involve obstruction of justice.

        As for the dog, he only attacked upon hearing his owner’s voice. He didn’t move when law ba said “garbage” so elena couldn’t accuse him of training. It’s not a crime to be a dog whisperer.

      6. GJ2 is supposed to be entertaining TV show, Since you keep questioning their legal arguments and proceedings, you may want to proceed here to watch real court cases in detail, and then question those.
        For everyone else it will be a yawn. GJ2 is entertaining and that’s enough.

      7. @josie funn will probably argue that he can use the tape recordings of the owner’s voice to train the dog.

    2. Yes must say was surprised with Law Ba getting back his licence!! Haha but must remember its only acting and shouldn’t get too serious. As long as they provide entertainment and enjoyment to the viewers.
      I was looking forward to Three Kingdoms but it has let me down due to lack of historic events in the series. They tend to focus on the lighter and comedy aspects which must admit do like Kenneth Ma in this role. Feel KM is holding up the series and Raymond has paled into the background!
      However GJ2 is great great!!

  20. Is Kristine Kuo really that bad? I quite like her in Super Snoop.

    1. Yes she is. Her acting is bad and she looks, sounds awkward. But so bad that she destroys the series? Not yet.

  21. i miss joyce tang………… why does she always play supporting roles………..

      1. @larry,

        Why blame her ex-bfs just because she didn’t get leading role? R u implying that her ex-bfs tarnished her image or whatsover? curious.

      1. I doubt it unless TVB has some crazy idea; it happens often!

  22. Ghetto Justice 1 took us by storm indeed! We were simply transfixed by the excellent acting skills of Kevin and Myolie and the other supporting casts! So naturally all of its fans are dying to see Ghetto Justice 2 with bated breathe! GJ2 didnt fail to excite us and we love it to the max. Cant wait for GJ3 but only with the same casts 🙂

    GJ2’s Kevin & Myolie intimate scenes were good, very natural and keep us wanting more! We didnt see any obscenity in these scenes so there shouldnt be any complaints. In fact after GJ1 we were expecting more of such intimate and intense kissing scenes!! Ahem, er did I miss the so called strip tease scene, dont recall seeing it 🙂

    Just love this Kevolie pairing, they have this fantastic chemistry and it make us feel like they are a real couple. Wish they are for real 🙂

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