Kevin Cheng’s New Romantic Prospect Is Ying Er?

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It was rumored that Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and costar, Ying Er (颖儿), got along particularly well since filming mainland drama, Hero <英雄>.  Earlier, Kevin Cheng had dinner with the cast, while appearing particularly intimate with Ying Er, sparking rampant romantic rumors.

Last Friday, the cast of Hero, including Kevin, Ying Er, Michael Tse (謝天華), and Ken Chu (朱孝天) had dinner at a restaurant serving Chiu Chow cuisine, according to Next Magazine. Michael unwittingly stood between rumored couple, Kevin and Ying Er, who continued to talk to each other. When a pigeon dish was served during dinner, Ying Er was reluctant to eat the pigeon using her hands. Kevin demonstrated how to suck on the pigeon bone, upon which Ying Er wholeheartedly followed his example. She toasted her beer glass to thank him afterward.

After dinner, the pair chatted with each other and lingered outside on the street. Drinking too much alcohol during the meal, Ying Er lost her balance while trying to board a taxi, upon which Kevin immediately rushed forward to support her. Being a gentleman, Kevin even opened the door for Ying Er to board the taxi.

Rising Star Ying Er

Twenty-three-year-old Ying Er portrayed the historical beauty Xi Shi in mainland drama, Hero, and had numerous scenes opposite Kevin, thus sparking romantic rumors. Earlier, tabloids reported that Kevin had behaved arrogantly during filming. Ying Er was quick to defend Kevin, writing on her Weibo blog, “Kevin is not only an easy going person, he is extremely easy going! He often delivered lunch to the crew members and distributed lucky packets during the Lunar New Year. Saying that he acted arrogantly on set is an obvious lie!”

Ying Er was previously known as Liu Ying (刘颖) and was born in Changde, Hunan. The upcoming star had graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in 2005. Under Eva Huang’s (黃聖依) boyfriend’s management company, Ying Er had partnered with Kevin’s ex-girlfriend, Niki Chow (周麗淇) in Book and Sword <書劍恩仇錄>. Ying Er recently delivered a sexy, bold performance opposite Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), who unhooked her bra in Crazy Stupid Thief <瘋狂的蠢賊>.

Unclear Relationship With Charmaine Sheh

While Kevin was romantically rumored with Ying Er, tabloids also claimed that he and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) had reignited their former romance, claiming that Charmaine had even secretly visited Kevin’s hotel in Hengdian via a secret passageway! Charmaine laughed off the rumors in Weibo while Kevin indicated that if they were to meet for dinner, they will do so in an upright manner.

Niki Chow Hopes Kevin Would Get Married Soon

Although Kevin’s romantic rumors with Ying Er growing, Niki Chow noted that she was unaware of the news. According to, Niki noted, “Ask him to get married soon! It’s about time.” Asked whether she and Kevin kept in touch, Niki noted that she had only encountered him once during a work arrangement. Asked whether she will partner with Kevin onscreen together, she said, “I do not look at who my costar is, but rather the quality of the script.” Niki revealed that TVB had proposed that she and Kevin work together again.


Image Source: Next Magazine

Jayne: Kevin is hot property now and the media and public are very concerned about his love life! Three beautiful ladies linked to Kevin!

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  1. I can never imagine myself going out with someone as old as Kevin tbqh

    1. But you can imagine yourself going out with someone as handsome as he is?

      1. I want to date Kevin Cheng too 🙁 But he IS as old as my parents. *Sighs* D: WHY.

    2. Moi aussi. Watever his look is, going out with someone who is in the age of a dad (compare to Ying’Er, with the gap of about 20 years old) is kinda odd. Of course, if we wanna to talk about Patrick Tse and his don’t-rmb-the-number spring then it is more odd.

  2. Ying Er? Chen Derong lookalike. Was she the actress in that Hawick “Crazy possessive boyfriend” Lau series? If she is, she is sweet but I doubt her mother would approve of Kevin whom I believe is decades older than her. I still think Charmaine. This is just publicity stunt?

    If no, then who the heck is she?!

    1. yes, she is from Sealed with a Kiss drama with Hawick Lau it was a great series btw since its the ONLY CHINA production that i actually finished from beginning to end. It was good. She is young but KC is way too old for her so hope not hahahaa….

    2. OH yea, she does sort of look like Vivien Chen DeRong.

  3. Ying Err has nice body, wonder if they’re real? Or plastic like PSS and Viann?

    It seems like Kevin doesn’t mind some plastic in a girl I guess, she seems plastic to me.

    1. The top pic is not very flattering for her. But the femme fatale pic looks good. BTW, she looks older than 23 to me.

      1. If she is who I think she is, I saw her on a gameshow once when I was in Beijing. She gave me an impression that she is polite, quite charming and rather healthy sized as well. Not stick thin. She could improve on her dress sense but I was very impressed with her gracefulness. I googled, it is her but she seems to have lost weight above. But as Xishi? Not beautiful enough.

      2. Off Topic : No wonder those mid 30s and above Hk girls are being labelled “leftover”. Just look at these young and pretty mainland artists, they’re vibrant, young, fresh, pretty and most of all “gentle” to men. No wonder most hk guys rather choose them than those high to maintained hk female artists…

      3. Most of girls in the industry now look older than their ages in their early tween time.

    2. Ha ha… doesn’t matter he would be like all the other tvb guys or most guys these days….Ron, Raymond….they don’t see anything else but the big boobies!

      1. I guess your right….but I never understand why they like it when it’s as big as my head! Goodness! Soccer practice anyone! LOL!

    3. Might be real, might be not but I don’t like her look much.

    4. i dont think she is plastic like whoever this PSS or Viann. This one is baby fat chub sometimes too… she s/b real haha lol

  4. i don’t mind dating old good looking man like Kevin hehe Kevin got the money and fame with good looks.

    1. hannah: haha…yayaya..n kevin doest nt look old at just that the age is old..

    2. Haha Kev looks good for his age. But too old for me
      I still wanna live my life than tie myself down to someone that much older.

  5. From the description of what Kevin done, it doesn’t seem intimate? Just what a normal easygoing and gentlemanly guy will do.

    1. The first pic by the car, she looks alert. The second pic, she’s drunk? Maybe she’s trying to put moves on Kevin the minute Michael walks away. Can’t really blame her though.

    2. I agree and don’t really believe this piece of news.

  6. I prefer Kevin with Charmaine rather than this girl, not really like her look. hope this is not real 🙂
    Kevin is good looking man, I think some young girls won’t mind dating handsome and famous old man 🙂

  7. When I look at Ying Er’s face, I always feel that I should think that she is attractive because she has all the appropriate characteristics. The truth is, I don’t, not really. She has big eyes, a tall nose, and that little sharp face…but it is oddly put together. I will admit that I’ve seen more flattering pictures of her but nothing to put her in the same league as girls with the same characteristics.

    Kevin is a bit too posh and mature for her just based on looks alone. But you never know what people like. Just look at the Myo and Bosco couple lol.

    1. what are you trying to say that Myo is strange looking or Bosco?

    2. There’s nothing wrong with Myolie & Bosco. Personally, I think they’re the cutest couple out there.

    3. Please read carefully, I didn’t say there is anything wrong with Myo or Bosco or Myo & Bosco couple.

      I am trying to say that Myo and Bosco, at first, seems mismatched because Myo looks quite sophisticated and fashionably posh while Bosco presents himself to be very casual.

  8. Kevin wants to be her sugar daddy – a very American way (^_°).

    Kevin is an old man and why needs to mess with him when she is that HOTTTTT and YOUNGGG

  9. No one knows for sure if they are dating or not. I sort of doubt it since we all know that whenever celebs are with the opposite sex, they are always rumoured to be dating…

  10. Alot of HK artistes hooked up with china gals that were 2 decades younger!
    Lawrence Ng was married to one and have
    had a daughter.

    1. I did not know that Lawrence has a daughter. Thanks for the info!

    2. The list of TVB actors and China ladies tat I know includes:

      1. Lawrence Ng
      2. Marco Ngai
      3. Derek Kwok
      4. Benny Chan

      Anyone else?

  11. NOOOO. kevin has fallen for another mainland barbie…. 🙁 i was hoping he would get back with charmaine

  12. I don’t think she’s pretty at all, yea, she has all the good feature, but she’s not beautiful, and lots of the picture made me feel like she has Botox lips, IFC whether she has plastic surgery, but she’s just not beautiful like the mags make out to be >_>

  13. I think and I hope that the rumours re Ying Er and Kevin are just that.Ying Er, judging from a clip I saw, seems to be playful and giggly and calls Kevin him ‘brother’. He, on the other hand seems to be very patient and tolerant with all her nonsense. Mind you, all this takes place during a mournful’take’. Maybe he’s just a little too old for her although for another 10 years it should be all right. Problems will certainly appear after that. However, she’s not too young as many gitls of her age do get married. I don’t think it’s a good idea and Kevin should not encourage her further.

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