Kitty Yuen Is Hong Kong’s New Goddess

Multi-entertainer Kitty Yuen (阮小儀) is redefining the goddess image. Currently starring in the popular TVB romantic comedy drama Love as a Predatory Affair <愛情食物鏈>, the 45-year-old’s role as the plain-looking but intelligent Lo Kwai-fong is capturing viewers of all ages, with netizens deeming her as the entertainment industry’s new goddess.

With rising popularity also comes the rising interest of the paparazzi. The Hong Kong paps have been actively tracking down Kitty’s daily life, but besides work and meeting with friends, Kitty do little of anything else.

Last Friday afternoon, the paparazzi spotted Kitty leaving her home in Pu Fu Lam with her $340,000 Audi. She took her four-year-old car to an auto repair shop, and one of the car shop’s workers drove her to a nearby salon. That evening, Kitty met up with a female friend for dinner.

Earlier this week, Kitty and her Love as a Predatory Affair costars King Kong (金剛) and Brian Tse (謝東閔) filmed a segment of the latest season of Kitty and King Kong’s food show, Neighborhood Gourmet <街坊廚神>, in Causeway Bay. Fans of all genders and ages crowded around Kitty for photos, and the petite actress kindly and patiently fulfilled all their requests. She even reminded her fans to wear extra layers so they would not catch a cold.

In a later interview, Kitty said she is not making much money out of her increasing popularity—at least not yet. “The market is in a bad shape now. I lost a lot of endorsements and shows. If this happened a few years ago, I’d be so busy! Honestly, I was not expecting [Love as a Predatory Affair] to receive such good results.”

Profits may not have increased yet, but Kitty is definitely a growing millionaire. She revealed that she is currently saving money to buy a million-dollar luxury flat in the Southern District, close to where her family lives. She also shared that she plans to purchase a new Mini Cooper Countryman for approximately $400,000 HKD. “My previous car only had two doors. It’s not enough room for my family. I plan to purchase a four-door car!”

Kitty is currently single, but she has expressed her interest in settling down with someone. “My previous boyfriends were all afraid of the paparazzi. I really want to find someone who is not afraid of them! He doesn’t need to be wealthy. (Does he have to be good-looking?) That’s obvious! Of course! I prefer men with a sunny vibe; I’m not really into the melancholy siu sang look. If he is as sunny as Eddie Peng (彭于晏) then that’s perfect! (What about muscular men?) If he has Eddie Peng’s looks, it’s okay if he has no chest!”


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  1. I’m all for substance, inner beauty and true talents, but seriously calling her a “goddess?” Ugh, this is your new low Netizens. Also the paps must have been paid or have no one else tp follow in HK. What’s up with them stalking someone for a whole day? It’s creepy af.. On top of that, report and write an article (if you can call this that) about nothingness. WTH o.O

  2. well the serie is fun to watch, I understand why people are falling in love with her character, she so down to earth in the serie, while Samantha Ko is the evil and becoming a b**** in the serie lol

  3. Kitty is so cute! She doesn’t even look 45. Ageless! <3<3<3
    She wasn't a goddess now. I found her as one when i watched her starring with Bosco in 情人眼裏高一D

    1. @mi88 kitty maintains herself well…didn’t know she is 45.
      but calling her a goddess is inappropriate. perhaps she is a goddess in the area of food.
      don’t like samantha ko.

      1. @janet72 Yeah, she can be called a goddess in the food area. She did win the second season of ‘Beautiful Cooking’ (美女廚房) 🙂

      2. @janet72 How is it inappropriate? I don’t know how others view her, but I think she’s like a goddess because her appearance doesn’t age and in that drama, 情人眼裏高一D, I perceive her as someone bright which enlightened me. ^___^
        I didn’t like Samantha Ko either because they always used her as some beauty standard, but I’m starting to like her after Come Home Love. She finally has a part thats humane and normal. I hope she gets better parts in the future. 🙂

  4. The goddess means more like lui shan. Mean’s attractive women. Not the god/fairy in heaven. She is attractive in her own way, but not sexuaaly type. So yeah. I guess she still can be a unique goddess in a way……

  5. Kitty does keep herself very well for her age. She did not look 45 at all. I thought she was only in early or mid 30s.

    She drove an Audi. Isn’t Audi an expensive car? Her earnings must be quite good. I wonder where she earn her money. Does she has side jobs beside working for TVB? I always read that TVB staff earn very little.

    On the topic of buying house/flat, why do people choose to buy luxury flat/house? If one is earning a lot and can pay in one go, by mean go a head and buy. But, if one need to save money to buy, that means that person is not exactly rich (eventhough it’s decent). Why burden oneself with the heavy mortgage? I see many young people buy luxury house, but when times are bad, they can’t pay the mortgage and lost the house.

    1. @kidd Kitty is a radio DJ in 903. She has been hosting radio shows there with her “partner” Sammy Leung for over 15 years already. Their radio shows are very popular. She also does endorsements and MC stuff.

  6. Glad Kitty gain more popular! Enjoying her current TVB show, even tho i can’t stand Jason chan.

  7. Like Kitty so I’m glad she’s becoming more popular. She really doesn’t look 45 at all!!!

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