Kong Wah’s Son Has No Interest in the Entertainment Industry

As one of the most popular Hong Kong television actors of his time, Kong Wah’s (江華) decision to retire from the industry was a loss for viewers and the industry. His wife, popular eighties singer Connie “Kitman” Mak (麥潔文) also followed his footsteps in slowly retiring from the public eye, dedicating her career to vocal teaching behind the scenes.

Kong Wah and Kitman married in 1992. The couple have two children—25-year-old son Bryan Chan (陳耀淙) and 23-year-old daughter Tin Chan (陳薔天), who debuted as a singer a few years ago. Bryan, especially, has always been known for his good looks, even as a young child. For years, talent agents had tried to convince Bryan to follow his father’s footsteps and make a debut in the TV industry, but Bryan said he prefers life behind the spotlight. He reportedly told agents that his mother wouldn’t let him, as he had no talent in either singing or acting.

Bryan did have a childhood dream, however. It was to be a doctor, and although his school testing results were too poor for medical school, he did successfully get into a nursing program, and has been working as a nurse for a public hospital since 2017.

The 25-year-old finds nursing to be a very meaningful career, as it is a career dedicated to helping people. He also said, “I’ve considered this before—how long will this job sustain? Could I take care of my family with it? Would I be earning enough to get married and start my own family? I don’t wish to be super rich. That’s not practical. Living comfortably is the goal.”

He added that the benefits of a nursing career is that it has job security. Currently, patients in Hong Kong’s public hospitals outnumber nurses 10 to 1—in the healthcare system, there would always be a need for nurses.

Bryan’s dedication and passion to his career has led netizens to praise him on social media, catching the attention of his mother. Netizens have left positive comments about Bryan on Kitman’s Facebook page, sharing with her articles about her son. Kitman said, “Thank you all for the praises. I hope Bryan Chan will not get arrogant because of this. Add oil!”

Source: HKet.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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