Kong Wah Has No Interest in Coming Back

Kong Wah (江華) made a rare appearance last week to promote a celebrity teaching class in Wan Chai. The 54-year-old acclaimed actor has been on retirement since 2010, when he made his last TV drama appearance for the RTHK drama SFC in Action <證義搜查線>.

Asking if the former TVB actor would be interested in making an acting comeback, he said, “I haven’t thought about it. It really comes down to fate when it’s about this job. I haven’t considered it in detail.” (Are you waiting for a good script?) “Filming dramas are difficult.” Pointing out that Kong Wah has gotten a lot skinnier, he said, “My diet has changed. I’ve been out of the industry for over 10 years after all.”

Kong Wah then revealed that he and his wife, Kitman Mak (麥潔文), has started a young artist’s training program, aiming to accept students from ages 4 to 17. Kong Wah said, “[My wife] is in charge of singing, and I’ll be in charge of acting. We’re starting promotions now, and our first class will open in November.”

The former actor looks forward to starting his classes, saying, “I feel that we’re getting a lot more stressed, and I think being able to teach kids will give us a new focus. It’ll bring us back to society.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Hope he and his wife will do a better job at training newbies than TVB. Maybe he’ll even cameo for his star students.

      1. @mike if true, wow that’s a heavyweight for a trainer. I’m sure TvB has a couple of teachers. Kwok Fung, for instance, used to be a trainer too I think

  2. I loved Kong Wah as an actor. I think he’s very versatile, and doesn’t get typecast easily.

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