Lai Lok Yi Doesn’t Believe in Superstitions Associated with Lunar New Year

As the Lunar New Year festivities continue, everyone is celebrating with their loved ones, including Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿). Though he really values this holiday for its family gatherings, he doesn’t believe in the superstitions associated with the holiday.

Though he grew up in Hong Kong, Lok Yi’s mindset is quite westernized, which is why he doesn’t take taboos too seriously like not washing your hair on New Year day. He said, “I don’t really follow those rules. Since I moved out, I stopped following traditions because I personally think it’s a little unhygienic. I will clean the house, but that’s only because I am a person who really cares about cleanliness.”

However, he does not mind if people continue wishing he would have a daughter this year, his son to be healthy, or increase his earnings.

Regardless of taboos, Lok Yi is still very invested in the holiday, especially when it comes to family reunion dinners. He shared, “I believe it is really important to have savory cakes during the holiday like radish cake, taro cake, or New Year cake. I personally love radish cake so I always give out cakes as a New Year gift.”

Lok Yi shared that he already has his whole holiday schedule planned out, which includes spending time with his family, his wife Nicole Lee‘s (李潔瑩) family, and going to the horse-racing tracks to collect some extra luck. The 38-year-old actor said, “I do plan on giving more red envelopes this year because I want to share my good fortune and luck with others.”

Source: HK01

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  1. I quite like Lai Lok Yi since he was still doing supporting characters. Never understood why TVB took so long to promote him since he is quite good looking. I’m glad he is in lead roles now. I especially like his down-to-earth and warm personality. I follow him on IG and he is a very hands-on father, a family man, and it’s attractive that he can cook. His wife is very pretty too. He seems to be doing well and hope he continues to be more successful.

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