Lai Lok-yi Talks “BB” Plans: “We’re Planning for Another One”

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Lai Lok-yi Talks “BB” Plans: “We’re Planning for Another One”

More celebrities babies will be coming our way!

A few days ago, TVB stars Lai Lok-yi (黎諾懿) and Samantha Ko (高海寧) wrapped up a new scene for their drama BB is Here <BB來了>, a drama about a young pair of expectant parents. Lai Lok-yi himself is married to former Miss Hong Kong contestant Nicole Lee (李潔瑩), and together they have a 1-year-old son nicknamed “Little Spring Rooster.”

Lai Lok-yi and Samantha spent many times on set with young children. Samantha remarked that babies grow up fast, saying, “When we first started the filming, the baby was still crawling. Now he’s already walking!”

The 31-year-old actress expressed that, should she ever get married and become a mother in the future, she would retire for her children. “I’m looking forward to the day I become a mother. I want to watch them grow. I don’t want to miss anything!”

Lai Lok-yi, on the other hand, shared that he and his wife Nicole would be taking a little break after completing the drama. The couple have planned a trip to Vietnam. After their vacation, Lok-yi will return to work mode for a new drama in April.

Their son will not be coming along with them. “My wife is excited to leave him,” he joked. “She wants to take a break. As I have a new drama to film in April, we want to use this opportunity to relax overseas. Maybe we’ll be able to make another,” he added cheekily.

Expressing that he wants another child, Lok-yi said he needs to start taking care of his health. “It literally took half a year for my wife to get pregnant with Little Spring Rooster,” he said. “A year and a half age difference is good. It’s time to start now! I do want to have a daughter!”


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Lai Lok-yi Talks “BB” Plans: “We’re Planning for Another One”

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