Lee Ka Ding: “TVB Spoiled Kevin Cheng! He Lacks an Actor’s Ethics!”

The dam has let loose, followed by an outpouring of recent public criticism towards TV King, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎). TVB actors, Sin Ho Ying (冼灝英) and Lee Ka Ding (李家鼎), have been most critical towards Kevin’s work attitude on set TVB drama, Gloves Come Off <拳王>. Ding Yeh continued to criticize Kevin as being spoiled by TVB, lacking a professional spirit and an actor’s ethics!

Lee Ka Ding Scolds Kevin Cheng

Sin Ho Ying criticized Kevin Cheng as possessing a poor character and being self-centered. Lee Ka Ding blasted Kevin in acting like a “mute,” lacking respect and an actor’s ethics in a televised interview on Green Room <今日 VIP> with Gregory Lee (李永豪), Ding Yeh said, “You are fighting! The other person is not blocking you, while you yell at him! That conduct is terrible! Do not pretend that you are a big shot; I hate that!” Although Ding Yeh did not explicitly state who he was referring to, it was speculated that he meant Kevin Cheng.

Speaking with Sudden Weekly, Ding Yeh said, “He (Kevin Cheng) is like that. TVB has spoiled him! He never had good relations with other people. He’s self-centered; we are all used to that. He lacks professional spirit, without an actor’s ethics!”

Ding Yeh continued,  “Even if you are dumb, that’s okay; you can learn! But you cannot be lazy while claiming you are too busy! Do not blame that you had no opportunity! Even if you have the opportunity, you do not cherish it!” Asked if Ding Yeh will advise him, Ding Yeh said, “I will not advise people like him! Anyway, ‘It looks like a dragon boat above the water, but people in the ocean can truly see it for what it is!'”

TVB actor, Wong Chak Fung (黃澤鋒) vouched that Ding Yeh did not fabricate any lies. Wong Chak Fung said to Sudden Weekly, “Ding Yeh got right to the point. He is a veteran and will not fabricate such things. He is just pointing it out as it is! During the filming of Gloves Come Off, I worked mostly with Kenny Wong (黃德斌) and Florence Kwok (郭少芸); they did not make me unhappy in any way.”

Asked about his position towards Kevin Cheng, Wong Chak Fung said, “He is hot-blooded. It takes a lot of hard effort to be a boxing student. After we got scolded by the Muay Thai Boxing Association, it’s fine now.”

Wong added that he hoped that Kevin will be considerate towards his more “lowly-ranked” costars. Wong said, “In a TV drama, the male and female lead stars gain the most recognition. The other actors are only in supporting roles, who are in fact helping the leads. I hope that he will be more considerate and respectful towards other people. Ding Yeh acts as the judge and will scold because he cannot stand it. There are ups and downs in life. I hope he will be mindful!”

Kevin Cheng’s Weak Boxing Skills Ridiculed

Sin Sifu and Ding Yeh’s frustrations apparently also stemmed from Kevin’s lack of effort in his boxing scenes, which have been heavily cursed by the Muay Thai Boxing Association for their inaccuracies.

Although Kevin’s boxing blows were ridiculed as lacking force, it was known that the 42-year-old was injured on set while filming Gloves Come Off. In May 2011, Kevin posted a photo of a bloody arm injury on his Weibo blog, claiming he was in the hospital for treatment. However, fans did not believe that the injury was real and wondered whether Kevin was playing a prank on them.

Meanwhile, Kevin’s Muay Thai boxing skills continued to come under fire. A TVB insider revealed, “During the filming of Gloves Come Off, he (Kevin Cheng) was always black-faced. A Muay Thai boxer asked him if he knew how to box. With little-knowledge, he pretended that he knew what he was doing. Although he lifted weights, that did not mean that he knew how to box. They are different things! Anyone was a better fighter than him! He did not even know how to block the blows!”

Kevin Cursed Angrily at Boxing Opponent?

Kevin was criticized as being in the worst physical shape among the cast. Rumors surfaced that Kevin was frustrated by the strenuous physical requirements in the drama, even cursing angrily at a boxing trainer during filming!

Allegedly, during a boxing scene for Gloves Come Off, Kevin punched until his fists hurt. Thus, he cursed angrily at his boxing opponent. An insider said, “The trainer was afraid to injure the male lead. He reminded the Muay Thai boxer to wear boxing gloves. After hitting someone, he even cursed angrily! The opponent could not stand him, saying: ‘What, I was already hit by you; now you want to yell at me!’ Raymond Wong (黃浩然) had to be the peace-maker, stepping in to say, ‘He is not [expletive] you! He is only cursing himself!'”

However, Raymond Wong denied to Sudden Weekly that he had acted as peace-maker on the set of Gloves Come Off. He said, “Nothing like this happened!”

“Rubber King” Instead of “Boxing King”

Some netizens also blasted Kevin Cheng’s acting skills in Gloves Come Off, claiming they were stiff and “rubber-like.” One netizen commented, “He (Kevin Cheng) always has a chok face. Every expression is about the same. He is completely overated! I do not think how difficult it can be to act as ‘Law Ba’; he is still miles away from Gallen Lo (羅嘉良) and Wayne Lai’s (黎耀祥) acting!”

Source: Sudden Weekly #874 via ihktv.com

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Jayne: Looking at the Weibo photo, Kevin’s arm was truly injured. You can see that part of the scab was falling off. However, I cannot tell if all of the blood is real or it is not. If he did enter the hospital for the injury, I can understand why he would be more careful in preserving his physical efforts.

Lee Ka Ding and Sin Ho Ying are men who are highly charged about their skills in horseback riding and boxing respectly. They likely disapprove of anyone (especially a man) who do not put in their true physical efforts.

Lee Ka Ding is quite blunt as always with his words. TVB actors are coming forward to speak their minds, regardless of possible backlash from TVB senior management for the negative publicity. Is this a sign of disgruntled employees and mass chaos at TVB? The supporting cast training and boxing strenuously, but not receiving the recognition of a “dragon” imposter? Ding Yeh’s statement indicated that Kevin may appear as a “dragon” above the water, but the insiders knew the real story.

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  1. Kevin’s arm looks fake to me…the red looks like make-up bot real blood, the scab looks unrealistic…

      1. Maybe he put that old-fashioned “red medicine water” (mercurochrome) on it.

        If u look at the pic in jayne’s previous ‘ding Yeh b!cthing about KC’ article, u can see the scar on his arm.

      1. lol, after u post that web. those tards above didn’t bother to reply :).

        Such haters

  2. Ok, we get it, Kevin is a snob. Do we have to rehash this topic over and over again? I don’t know whether this is Lee Ka Ding or just reporters. I initially agreed with him that Kevin needs better manners but now it’s kind of annoying.

  3. Finally… As thou Law ba” was nice to watch… Kevin still lack acting stills. A few of my friends, including myself, are all NOT watching Gloves come off b/c of Kevin. I didn’t think he was a good choice of cast for this series.

    1. wong hei shall be the best candidate for this lead role. i couldn’t wonder why this kevin si desperate for this role?

      Is kevin so stupid to accept this role solely for $$$$$ money without considering his qualification for this role that eventually lead to do many unpredictable backlash from colleagues?

      1. I’m still waiting for them to ask WH to comment about this issue ROFL since he had not getting along history with KC

      2. not kevin stupid.. the manager accept this series for kevin..

      3. ewwww sif!!! i’m not saying kevin is any good but wong hei is waaaaay worse!

    2. Why don’t you go dig up some old tvb series which featured Ding and Sin playing bit parts. That should make your day.

  4. i wonder when TVB will be airing Law Ba #2 now that kevin has such bad publicity…

    it can only go downhill….

    1. Sorry, it will no impact. The two old men have little credibility. It is no more than dog bark being picked up by media to sell news.

      1. I agree as well.

        These two guys are so inconsiderate. Do they not realize Kevin has several series on his back and he’s trying to start up his singing career again? Geez. He’s dealt with a bad hand and he’s doing his best. When a person is injured, there’s only so much he can do. He still has to fulfill his other series so he can’t possibly injure himself too much.

        I am all about outspoken ppl but if they can’t think .. they should just shut up!

  5. Must be PR for Gloves Come off.
    Also that’s fake blood on Kevin.

    1. Sorry, the two old men with ugly faces have little credibility.

      1. Why? Because they are old men or they are ugly? If switch the role that KC said Txb spoiled Lee Ka Ding, you will blv?

      2. They have bits parts only in the series, unlike Wu Fong (who played the father in law) or the old guy who played Raymond’s father. These are the real veteran that command respect.

        Those 2 grumpy old men are no more than extras that have little impact, and really play truly insignificant part in filming. If you have watched the series, you will know what I mean. Their recent histories of beating others or scolding a girl seem to suggest the don’t have good standings.

        Also, if they were angry at Kevin, they should have brought it out then and even just after the filming. The fact that they waited for almost a year, when the series is released, just show their vindicative nature in trying to blemish Kevin and TVB. This is just downright unprofessional.

      3. @ Fox : not due to they are old men or ugly, it’s because of no lightning no thunder. (hehehe)

        @Kenny: Thanks for the info. i tot in the middle of filming didn’t knows that it’s already past 1 year.

        Then these 2 little old grumpy not professional enough,if even thou kelvin got high nose.

        @ 2 little grumpy: ( Ding Yeh & Sing Hoi )
        you guys makes me no faceeeeeeeee ( hisk hisk hisk …..)

      4. Dont worry the two grumpy old man will soon be punished for insulting 620 fav

      5. But kenny, old and ugly aren’t reason to make them have little credibility.

      6. Fox:
        OK, they are not ugly and old, but just grumpy old men. I though I have explained it already, but anyway here it goes:

        (1) they played very minor role in the series and thus have limited understanding but seems to talk loudest (2) the recent behaviours of beating another person (Sin) and publicly scolding Shirley and her mother (Ding) do not show their characters in good light (3) the timing of their public criticism of Kevin. They could have done it during filming or just after the filming, and not when the series is being shown on TV almost a year later. I repeat, this is just downright unprofessional.

      7. If you’ve said these above things at first place, I would not question you.

        BTW, for the timing, I blv this one is (1) a public stunt of the series or (2) an inside fights/conflicts that we don’t know. There is no reason for both to say in a moment.

        For the screentimes of Sin and Ding, well, we can’t know how many days they spent in the filming area. Maybe their screentimes are limited but they still stay in the filming area of this series from beginning to the end and they can see all.

        As for their own reputations, they somehow have reasons. Pierre Ngo’s action to Sin last time was kinda annoying and if Sin is a really hot-temped person, it is understandable. For Ding and Shirley, he cared for his son and got mad at Shirley, also understandable. They are both old men, they need “face” more.

        However, overall, I don’t stay in any side in this case. I blv there is something happened inside as well as no fire, no smoke. Just that, both side have something to lose and lost this time.

      8. I used to be a big fan of KC after watching under the canopy of love where he won his 1st award.

        Bt after attending the All Abt Men concert in 2010 in Msia, it all changed. Bosch, Moses, Ron & KC were the 4 performers. U cld really tell that KC was the least engaging with the audience among all. He didn’t speak much and just focused on singing.
        The worst was when he came down to shake hands with us fans, some overzealous fans shook his hands and tugged it. Others also tried touching him on his arm. U cld tell his facial expression changed and went BLACK when the fans pulled his hand. I was right in front then. Even my husband who didn’t bother to go upfront cld see his expression on the wide screen frm our seats. The other guys were very very spontaneous.

        I hv also been to Raymond Lam’s concert in Msia and Spore. His fans wld knw how crazy and chaotic it cld get. Fans wld clamber to grab him, shake his hands and touch him. He is a world of difference frm KC. I remember once someone accidentally scratched his fingers in the midst of chaos. All he did was laugh it off and continued mingling with the crowd.

      9. Fox:

        You don’t think those 2 guys have better things to do other than sticking their noses out when they are not required in the scenes? I really doubt that.

        Sin acted like a thug in attacking someone. There is no excuse for that.


        They demand respect, but their characters don’t seem to show respect for others. Sure, he was mad at Shirley, but did he need to publicly scold Shirley and her mother for days, Is that a respectable old man?

      10. @Fiona,
        Thanks for sharing your stories but honestly,what you said about Kevin just shows that he is being real. Who would like if their hands got tugged and grabbed?? If he just laughed it off, there is a chance that he is being fake. Raymond may laugh it off in front of people, but who really knows how he truly felt behind closed doors?? He could have gotten really mad when he left, so who really knows??There is an image that celebs have to keep up and there are some that really care to keep it that way, while there are others that would rather be more real about it… Maybe Kevin is one those?? Plus, who is nice all the time?? One of my former friends met Kevin and said that he pretty cool, but then that was only a meeting so who really knows how he or anyone truly is??

      11. HeTieShou,

        It’s not accurate to say Kevin is not being fake. Who knows?

      12. @kenny, I’m not saying that he isn’t entitled to be angry. Bt this kind of actions frm fans wld be expected in a concert. He literally turned black faced. The other stars in the same concert also faced with such fans took it in their stride. That this is part and parcel of fame. Why did he choose to come down and mingle with the fans if he didn’t wished to be ‘touched’? He was the last performer of the night and he cld hv observed how the fans also treated the other guys when they too came down frm the stage. To me, it’s just his character. KC himself has admitted that he is an introvert. Stemmed frm the fact that he was sent away frm his parents to America at a young age. He said he spent many hours sitting in front of the tv then and didn’t interact much with others.

        I’m not saying that I dislike him. Bt neither am
        I a big fan of him anymore. I don’t think he has a diva attitude. Just that he isn’t a people person.

      13. @kenny: I don’t know if you’ve read the news about Pierre and Sin’s accident or not, but Sin dun attack Pierre for no reason. He was annoyed with Pierre’s action and threw the glass as a response for his anger. In fact, if Pierre didn’t have any fault, he wasn’t frozen by Txb after this incident. This incident also showed that Sin puts his “face” very high and requires ppl to work with him to respect his kungfu teaching.

        As for their scenes, they also did other works in the filming area (This series filmed in Txb’s studios) and they also had kungfu/boxing to teach to the artists in this series. That’s why it might cause to their frequent attendance in the filming areas at this moment. Of course, it’s all of my assumption and I can’t tell that they were there for how long. At the same time, you can’t ensure about such thing. Therefore, time shouldn’t be a factor to consider.

        They are old men, and KC is younger to them. In the brain of a lot of old men, younger needs to respect the older. That’s all.

      14. @HTS: I don’t think it’s a matter of real or fake when showing black face to fans. Let’s say, if KC dun show black face to fans in just one meeting, does it mean he is fake at this moment?

        I think that one of the responsibilities of the artists is treating fans well because fans are the one who decide how long can an artist survive in the entertainment industry. The artist can get angry but if he only showed the anger at home, alone or in somewhere nobody can’t see and show a smile face to all others, they are still nice. Just in case they showed black faces to others, it can be considered as fake.

        Can’t base on one meeting to judge? Meh! They are artists and how many times a fan can get close to an artist? Maybe one only. And if this only one meeting is a bad experience, it can be bad forever. Or after one bad experience, the fan doesn’t want to meet this artist again (happened to me as I won’t go to see Bosco anymore after being treated like a fly by him). We are not their relatives or someone close to them, we don’t need to know if they are genuinely nice or not. We only can base on their outside treatments to decide by our own that they are nice, or not.

        I’ll tell a story from my side. I once saw KC in the MHK final night on 2010. There were a group of fans waited for the artists (not only KC) outside HKC, included some KC fans. When KC got out, the fans waved him, called his name. But he went to his car directly, didn’t even look at them or waved goodbye. These KC fans felt sad and one turned to hate him after that. The small action can cause to a bad result. Providing that everyone else at least waved fans, if not going to talk with the fans.

        In my opinion, KC might not know how to adapt with other ppl. He may lack the confident in talking or contacting with others. It’s his personality. Maybe ppl who know him well can understand for him but for ppl who don’t know him well or don’t like this attitude, they might hate him. Since he isn’t a normal person but an artist, this character isn’t good for him.

        Overall, KC should go out of his shell a little to avoid the continuing matters.

      15. P/S: @HTS again: I hope that the artists won’t show black face all the time from now to make ppl think they are real.

      16. @Fox ~It understandable you feel all artists should threats their fans nicely and put a good face in front of fans all the time due to fans are their important assets. But we should not expect all artist should and able to put bright face or fairly threat their fans nicely every time especially for female artists.I f coming with many negative circumstance come together that fall on artist such as (having bad mood for- stress by overload work+ not sleeping for 2 to 4 days + menstruation pain + fans are too noisy for asking taking photography and autographs )would you able be put a nice face in front of troublesome fans ? They are humans not saint. Their bad emotional can be burst up unintentional toward fans. Even they show black face in front of fans or threat strangers fans coldly I feel it can be forgivable .

      17. i need to add can be forgivable under situation basis

      18. I don’t say that they have to smile all the time, a-pop but I respect those who can do it more than others. However it shouldn’t be a black face or an annoyed face. I understand that everyone can have bad time but fans are not the bin for them to throw all of their stresses on. They can just say that “I’m tired, sorry but I can’t satisfy your requirements at this moment” and the fans will understand. If the fans can’t understand, then it’s reasonable for them to be annoyed. Depends on the situation to judge.

        I also don’t find why female artists can be easier to forgive for throwing black face to fans than male ones. Talking about human, both genres are humans. Talking about stress, both have stress and workload. Sometimes the male artists is more overworked than female because the crew/producers will think that they are stronger and can bear longer than the ladies.

        I don’t know if you’ve read a scandal of a K group (JVJ something, I don’t really rmb their name) who scolded and cursed fans, and then they had to apologize publicly on TV.

        Again, in my opinion, I don’t like who even can’t treat his/her own fans well. Fans are the ones who made them famous. But I will use my own experiences to judge because I don’t really blv in what I don’t see by my eyes or through a reliable source.

        Overall, it’s perfect alright if you can forgive your favourites artists for treating you bad. I can’t :). If they don’t welcome me, there is no reason for me to greet them.

      19. What Fox just said echoes my thoughts/feelings. Anyhow, this isn’t the 1st time such comments abt KC has been brought up. There’s no denial abt it.

      20. If KC treat fans black face in concert its irresponsible because people PAY for the concert and it’s his responsibility to make audience feel good since he got PAID for it ROFL. Nobody PAID for a concert to be treated like dangerous enemies!

        KC better learn about this because he might have concerts with EEG soon! LOL

      21. I agree with a-pop and can understand what Fiona and Fox are saying. It all comes down to what we think and our opinion once again. I can say that I am not the biggest fan of Kevin either, BUT even if I was, I am not blind to his faults or anyone’s. I think part of the way he acts the way he does is because he is introverted and that’s his personality. I know a number of introverted people and they do not open up to people easily at all. I heard that Dylan Kuo was another one of those really introverted artists. It is harder for introverted artists to please people in general since they are afraid to open up and are very shy so people will think that they are stuck up and are arrogant. But in a lot of cases, that is not true at all. One of my friends is like that so I can sort of see how that is. No one can be nice all of the time and I do understand that many fans would expect the artists to be when interacting with them. However, sadly that is not always possible.

        I don’t understand why you said that Kevin was being fake when having a dark face with the fans. If he wanted to be fake, then he would have laughed it off and smiled but he didn’t.

      22. @Fox,
        Thanks for sharing your stories. My former friend went to see Vivian Chow and Kevin in SF back in 95 and she said that they were both nice so I guess it does depend on the situation. At least kevin never cursed any fans so far from what I heard. But anyways, everyone can think what they like..

      23. So it means that when HTS’s friend met KC, he was fake, not being himself?

  6. I can’t tell if that is fake blood from the pics but sure as heck don’t believe that he went from set to hospital and not wash off some of the blood all over his arm. Also the color is that of fresh wound.

  7. I think all these news about Kevin’s work ethic and bad personality is totally overrated. In my opinion if he’s careful about his safety when filming, I think he’s being professional and clear minded about his career. Unlike others, he’s the male lead. He need to be in good health mentally and physically to get all the filming to be done. Also, during that time, I believe he was filming another drama too. If he’s badly is badly injured then he can’t continue filming, now that’s being unprofessional. He doesn’t have to give it all his power and soul when boxing just as long it looks real on camera, then its fine. There’s not need to actually “box”, because the not his profession or specialty. He’s an actor, so he should act like he could box. That is all he have to do.
    So all these complaints about Kevin is totally unnecessary and its just a way for others to gain recognition through Kevin. How despicable!

    1. Well said…he is an actor foremost not a boxer and I’m watching that series now and it seem fine to me…and his acting is fine also…the problem is people love to pick on someone who has his personality…they not going to pick on raymond Wong cuz one is his sinfu…I actually feel bad for Kevin cuz they r the one who is unprofessional about this whole issue and who r they to be yapping away like crazy and criticizing him and gregory please till u can act the talk

    2. Yes! I agree with you! Its not like he’s a boxer people!! Its acting! You know some of the people that do Kung Fu don’t even do it right, let alone this is only boxing. So there is no difference.

      1. An actor’s job is to sell the believability that it’s real. So you don’t think people like Hilary Swank, Mickey Rourke, Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, Natalie Portman, etc. should physically train for their roles in Million Dollar’s Baby, The Wrestler, The Fighters, Cinderella’s Man, Black Swan, respectively? These actors worked their asses off to look the part and be able to deliver genuine performances.

        Kevin is lame, enough said.

    3. As a professional actor, when you take on a role, you do your best to get into the role regardless of physical/mental requirements. If you’re not willing to put in the work, then don’t take on the role.
      In the drama, he plays a professional athlete, yet he doesn’t even look fit…

      Look at Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan. She lost like 20 lbs to look physically like a ballerina and practiced for one year to dance like one too. The results of her hard work were apparent in her her performance.

      1. wonder how much Natalie got paid as compared to Kevin? i think losing/gaining weight for a role isn’t as hard. Trying to box and getting beat up by someone is more difficult but then again I’m no “expert”.

      2. I’m sure Natalie got paid lots more. Being a ballerina is not easy job either… in my opinion, much harder than boxing.

        But the point being, if you choose to take on the job, then do it well. Or don’t do it at all.

      3. Get a letter from Doctor and gave it to TVB telling them he is unfit for the GCO role as a boxer. nobody will blame him due to injury . if he truly cares about his health.

      4. Do u think tvb will give u 1 yr to prepare for a role? That is outside of the time restraints of a tv series. Can’t compare vs a Hollywood film.

      5. Like the others have mentioned already you can’t compare Hollywood movies to TVB series. The “Black swan” is a very low budget movie by Hollywood standards, however the quality of TVB series have deteriorated rapidly over the years.

        Im sure Natalie got paid much more besides Hollywood tend to reward personal sacrifices (Oscar) and to some extent for good acting skills.

        TVB doesn’t care whatsoever e.g. Myolie got super-fat for her role and expected to win an award, didn’t happen and she fell into deep depression and become desperate for the best actress award. “Yokatta” she won last year, otherwise Bosco would be playing a psychiatrist 24/7, LOL.

        Agree that Kevin as a professional should always try his best, but he simply had nothing to gain. He looks far from a thai boxer, but TVB didn’t have any other options. It would’ve been even more like “swatting flies” or “a scholar trying to capture butterflies with a lower” if someone like LF, Ron etc got the role.

        TVB should’ve done normal boxing instead as you don’t need to be superfit i.e. low bodyfat % as in muay tai.

        Anyway Kevin’s acting in this is not bad and the best about this series is the female leads. Selena, Natalie and Nancy should replace Medusa, The vase and gwing as the top fadans in TVB.

      6. LMAO~, Kate only appeared a little and someone still have things to say.

        If talking about muscular, replace KC by Kenny Wong, lolz~.

      7. I suppose it’s not fair to compare hollywood to TVB, but that wasn’t really the point either. The bottom line is, in any line of work, if YOU choose to take the job, regardless of money/company/benefits, work ethic is important. He plays a professional boxer, so he should at least try his best to get into the role with whatever means he has… that doesn’t mean that he needs to injure himself to do it, it just means that he should try his best within his limitations. If everything in the article is true, then it just seems like he has a really bad attitude and didn’t put in as much effort as his other colleagues who are all probably earning much less than him.

        But this is just one side of the story. Knowing Sin Ho Ying’s rep, I take everything he says with a grain of salt.

        Either way, still not impressed with his acting. Besides his good lucks, find him kinda bland.

    4. I 100% agree with you.. whats up with that Ding guy and that Sing Ho guy criticizing Kevin’s boxing skills? He’s and actor not a boxer. Maybe Kevin has a chok look bc thats the expression he needs to have. For god’s sake the story line is about Kevin being in jail for 7 yrs. Do they expect him to be joyful throughout the whole series? I haven’t watched to the part where Kevin is fighting yet so I can’t judge that far. But those old guys need to chill. If Din guy is so snooty about his skills, why does hi son Gregory still not a main actor?

      1. Well said. The trouble with these old farts ?? Picking on Kevin cause they know Kevin usually ignore all these gossips. Raymond Wong does good because he’s into martial arts and as well, he can’t let his sifu down. Is that Ding chap a consultant as well on GCO? If he’s not, could someone tell him to shut up and mind his own business cause no one ask for his opinion on anything. If he’s so clever, go help his son Gregory to achieve something …..how long has he been hanging around tvb???

        Sin and Ding thinks tvb spoils Kevin, it’s none of their business either. Plain jealousy. I don’t think any tvb actor/actress can can grab whatever series they want to film, it’s decided by management.

        One simple solution: Not happy with your employers?? Change job, er..I mean tv station **

    5. Seriously, I didn’t want to comment but you guys are nuts. Obviously, Kevin is not a boxer but he’s actor a lead to exact, and the character he plays in the movie is a boxing champ…in order for him to bring the character to life and make it believable HE then would have to learn how to box and box well…it’s the main part of his character! To say that he’s not a professional fighter that’s fine, then at least pretend to be one (that’s real acting). Look at Hilary Swank when she did “million dollar baby”, did she know how to box? No, but she took advices, study and prepare herself for the role, she didn’t make any silly excuses, and if you guys are truly Kevin’s fans you should not make excuses for him as well or else he will never improve.

      1. Well said. I totally agree with Lol. The article might be exagerated a little but I do believe there are truth in the article. Hopefully Kevin would learn to be a better actor. Otherwise, he’ll go down quickly.

      2. U can not compare a Hollywood film to tvb series…Hollywood is a big business millions spent on just one film not to mention millions on the lead actor actress…whereas tvb it’s go in shoot for long period of days then done shoot another with not even close to half the pay of Hollywood

      3. Hailee, of course you can’t compare tvb with Hollywood but at the end of the day if someone is serious actor who takes pride in his craft they would do their best with any given role.

      4. Agree. We cannot compare TVB with Hollywood. TVB would film their drama series from 6 a.m. to 4 a.m. the next day with very little rest for the artistes. I believe Hollywood would allow their artistes enough rest in between filming. Besides, their pay is so much better. It is not fair to compare Kevin Cheng with a Hollywood Star who may just film one or two movies per year.

        I think it is already very hard for Kevin to learn Thai boxing with his busy schedules and recent back injury. We should not be that mean to him. He acts well in “Gloves Come Off” as an actor. I have not seen a lot of Thai Boxing scenes from Kevin up to Ep. # 10. He has retired some 10 years ago as Thai Boxing King.

    6. Agreed. I don’t see anything wrong with his acting… and plus, like you said, he has other dramas to film too. He can’t lose out on anything because this is like the height of his career. In my opinion, the people calling him a snob is just as snobby. I always thought that there was always like an “inside pact” of which artistes should not be spreading rumors to the reporters- but according to Lee Ka Ding and Sin Ho Ying, that is not the case. Stop spreading stuff about your co-stars.

    7. Isn’t all of the matter stirred from the core theme “KC’s boxing acting looks real or not”? His work in this series is to make the way he plays boxing look real and convincing. Therefore can’t say that he only needs to do just that and don’t have the responsibility to make it look real because he has another series to film.

      The core of all the blasts is “real or not”. According to Sin and Ding, KC didn’t put enough efforts to make his “boxing” looks real on screen. Don’t talk about the purpose or the inside intention of these complaints, the complaints themselves aren’t too out of focus. They are still on the path.

      1. Basically, they are complaining about his boxing skills and not really his personality/character or his actual acting skills right?? Well, I am sure that Kevin is trying but he is not an actual boxer so I don’t think or feel it is fair to criticize him for that.

      2. Again, it’s his responsibility to make his boxing skill look real because his character is a professional boxer. He can be an actual boxer, or not, but if he can’t make his chac looks convincing, he will be criticized for the acting.

        I blv, Sin and Ding want to point out that because KC didn’t follow the instructors, his boxing skill doesn’t look real on screen.

        Disclaimer: Each person can have own decision on KC’s boxing skill in this series. I haven’t watched it, I won’t judge. I only pointed out the opinions stated by Sin and Ding.

  8. Ding! Ding! Ding! Part II!

    Kevin, love that picture, I know how you feel!

    All I can say is at this point do what hollywood stars do; “either sue or just go yeah I AM famous, SO WHAT?!”

    And interesting people complain about his poor boxing skills. Considering he is not a trained boxer, no one seems to hit the nail directly to say his acting is the problem. But again kevin, “So what?! I am gorgeous!”

    ” I do not think how difficult it can be to act as ‘Law Ba’; he is still miles away from Gallen Lo (羅嘉良) and Wayne Lai’s (黎耀祥) acting!””

    True! And sounds like what I did or would have said in my Episodic Thoughts.

    But really, SO WHAT?! He has fans! He is famous! He is in demand! He can act diva if he wants!

    I am on Team Kevin here. Everyone else just shut up and bow to his utter greatness. Fame is worth all the bad mouthing.

    1. “But really, SO WHAT?! He has fans! He is famous! He is in demand! He can act diva if he wants!”

      omg, wat kind of support is this?

      1. A reality check support. Whoever is famous and in demand gets to do whatever he wants within reasonableness.

      2. too bad. his punching skill is only capable to punch “dao fu” and is worse than “chai min fen”….

      3. @tan leong

        i dont get it! why are people complaining about his boxing skills?????? you guys do realise that this is a TV SHOW. YOU DON’T ACTUALLY PUNCH YOUR OPPONENT TO DEATH. It’s acting. And even if they DO actually punch- it’s not like they gather up all their strength and beat the crap outta their partner. Kevin is doing fine in the show and I really don’t see a difference between real boxing and his boxing… What are people complaining about!??!???!

    2. Funn Lim,

      It’s not that I want to say something about you, but I’ve been reading a lot of comments from you in JayneStars. What I found is that sometimes you are quite biased when it comes to Kevin’s news. Like when there are bad news about him, you will protect him even though it is ridiculous. What Michelle said is an example…After all, entertainment is entertainment. No matter how much we(fans) like a celebrity, one day we will lose an interest in them. And no, when a person is famous doesn’t mean he/she can do anything they want. Rules are rules.

      1. Have u heard of the other golden rule?
        He who holds the gold, makes the rules.

      2. josie,

        “He who holds the gold, makes the rules.”

        I believe that the pronoun ‘he’ in the proverb would not, should not and could not be Kevin.

      3. ROFL regulars here know that Funn is diehard fan of KC. Of couse Funn will defense KC! Whats surprise about that? LOL

      4. Funn Lim, are you truly a diehard KC fan like some have accused you of? Reading yr kc comments, I’d this vibe that you, being your usual facetious self, were totally having fun deliberately riling up both the natives and hitherto non-natives here to righteous indignation with your outrageously gushing kc comments.

        Me, not a KC fan but yeah uneasy lies the head that wears a crow.

      5. oophs! haha, I meant a crown. That typo I assured you was totally unintentional.

      6. TY, this is not bad news. This is ridiculous news. Whatever criticisms they have against him is nothing but pettiness. So called work ethics, none of them is about work ethics. I am not his die hard fan but I do feel if there is a sort of unjustified comment, then I have a right to an opinion about him.

        And claimine, I have no idea what you’re talking about. No I am not a die hard fan but seriously, is it that bad to be his die hard fan? The word “accused” sounds so negative, as if being his die hard fan is.. wrong? But I assure you, I am not.

      7. “uneasy lies the head that wears a crow”

        And I was imagining the crow pecking on his head!!

      8. Funn Lim, I knew you weren’t a diehard fan. My question was supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek rhetoric but I guess it did come across as such. My bad. Anyway, I too think that people are being too harsh and petty towards KC. Sorry but ‘accused’ is exactly the negative vibe I got from all those posts directed at your support for KC.

        In fact, from whatever news I happened to read of him, KC seems like a hard working, low profile and somewhat introverted man, not this diva that recent news is painting him.

      9. claimine,

        “from whatever news I happened to read of him, KC seems like a hard working, low profile and somewhat introverted man, not this diva that recent news is painting him.”

        Unless you know him personally, I don’t believe what you said.

      10. @nameless: Like you said I don’t know KC’s real personality which is why I said he ‘seems like’ as per impression, likewise, neither do I know the real personalities of Sin and Ding, but one thing I do know from all this hoopla is that I don’t have much respect for people who purposefully set out to harm another with malicious words, which in this case is exactly what Sin and Ding did. Their spoken words benefited nobody, not even themselves, so what’s the point of saying them except as sensationalized gossip fodder for a 5-minute fame and self-gratification? I can only conclude they were said out of pure malice and pettiness as they knew all too well how their words would cause trouble for Kevin even to the extent of maybe damaging his reputation.

        I have no problem with their complaints on Kevin’s performances but I draw the line where they attacked his character and his work ethic. On the subject of work ethic, like many have already mentioned, professionals should settle their work differences privately and in a timely manner, and not after a year’s lapse to so crassly sell their stories to rumor mills as gossip fodder. I cannot abide Sin’s and Ding’s vindictive mindsets.

      11. Yes. We don’t know how their exact personalities. Black face Kevin maybe caused by his introvert self or maybe he’s tired from TVB shedules. Kevin is not black face all the time. I feel sorry for fans who met his black face and hate him after that but to be fair to Kevin there are also many experiences from fans who praised that he’s polite and treat fans nice. these artistes are just humans who has limits. Maybe Sin sifu and Ding Yeh also misunderstood his troubles.

    3. Funn,

      Sorry, but are going to thru mid-life? Lolz we all know Kevin is your eye candy but come on to say that he’s famous and he can do whatever he wants? That’s a little too much even for you. He can do whatever he wants except good acting Lolz…the irony is he gets pay to act and he doesn’t even do it well, or in this case attempt to do it well, what does that sat about him as an actor? If I was him I would return the awards he got last year because it is quite obvious he didn’t get it because of his acting.

      1. Don’t worry about awards, u will never be him. 😛

      2. Josie!!

        Very funny!!

        Again why defending him is mid life crisis?! Look at hollywood. Royalty! That is why I said what I said.

        Acting wise, I won’t disagree with Lol.

      3. Josie, are you freaking two? to make such lame comment just because your fan of a celeb? you need to get a life!!!

      4. josie, someone dun understand your great humor sense again.

      5. Funn, I was just teasing you about the mid-life comment, for all we know you could 12 or 20 :).
        Anyways, I don’t even know why we care enough to comment, I know I certainly don’t give blank about these celebs as long as they entertain me…if not I flip the channel. Btw, I read in another article that Nancy Wu can’t picture the sifu guy making those comments about Kevin, so all we know this could be the fine works from the hk tabloids.

    4. I don’t think it is a good thing for Kevin Cheng to have this kind of attitude. It is okay when he is famous and popular, but no one is popular forever. If his dramas or movies do not have good box office or high viewership ratings, he will be in big trouble.

  9. ehh if you’re popular you’re bound to receive some negative comments. i don’t believe that if you’re an actor you have to know how to box. that’s what boxers are for. some actors can easily learn to box and do it well, but some people just can’t. i don’t think it necessarily means they don’t put in effort, it just means that person isn’t a fighter kind of person. it’s like how some people try to play an instrument and no matter how hard they try they just can’t learn to play it. what i really hate is these “veterans” opening their mouths to criticize people, no one asked them in the first place and if there’s something to be said it should be directed to that person in private instead of lashing out to the press.

    1. That’s fine that he can’t box or in this case refused to even learn, then he should not accept the role and give someone else who can do it…just saying.

    2. Exactly. And they only have so little time to train… So called “sifu” probably spent his entire lifetime training. He’s telling other people that he’s not being respectful and he thinks HE’S being respectful by spreading * like that? Okay, yeah, Kevin might be over-protective but who can blame him!?!?!?!? He has probably never done this before and he has so much in his hands he can’t lose anything.

  10. i agree that kevin is miles away from gallen lo but miles away from wayne lai acting.. thats gotta be a joke wayne doesnt really act all he does is talk,

    1. Interesting, because from my point of view, Kevin IS really miles away from Wayne Lai when it comes to acting.

      1. Seriously???? Wayne Lai can’t act… The only roles he acted well in were the 2 he got the awards for. As for Forensic Heroes- all I saw was a piece of wood.

      2. I agree with what TV sayy, “Kevin IS really miles away from Wayne Lai when it comes to acting.” If you say Wayne can’t act, I don’t know who else can.

      3. I can’t say Wayne Lai is a better actor than Kevin Cheng or vice versa. They both are good in acting certain characters only.

        Wayne was okay when he acted Pro Sir in FH3, but his acting was not fantastic. Kevin might be able to do a better job than Wayne. However, Wayne acted really well in the roles of Chai Gou and Lau Sing, and I don’t think Kevin could do same.

      4. Wayne is a much better actor than a whole lot of people and he is not just miles but galaxies above Kevin.

    2. Whatever it is, Wayne Lai is definitely more likeable than Kevin ….lol….

  11. It looks like he’s too busy and thus exhausted to put all efforts into his character. It makes sense. He had to time to study and immerse into his character. I want to like Kevin b/c he’s so good looking but darn, his acting is mediocre and over-rated.

    1. Again, how many time do I have to repeat this? His role is a boxing champ…hmmm, it would make sense for him to be able to at least know the basics of boxing.

      1. To me, he’s at best just a “dao fu” champion…… 1 small punch on him is enough to knock him down onto the floor if it isn’t enough to break his beautiful nose….

  12. So it’s time for KC to be blasted? Everyone is stepping on him. What’s next of KC? What will he say?

  13. This guy can’t shut up about Kevin. Pretty unprofessional. Kevin’s actually done a good job in this series so far, could really care less about the action.

    1. hey but if what they said was true, then i think Kevin is also unprofessional

      1. If I were to compare the two- the 3 that blasted him are far-out unprofessional…

  14. ““He (Kevin Cheng) is like that. TVB has spoiled him! He never had good relations with other people. “

    Jazz Lam would strongly disagree with this statement.

      1. He played Kevin’s younger brother in ‘A Fistful of Stances’. He has very good opinion of Kevin and defended Kevin in his interview.

    1. The magazine should interview Jazz Lam, Raymond Cho, Myolie, Bosco, and BBJX cast about Kevin and see what they have to say.

      1. Kevin’s friends aren’t going to bad-mouth him lol, especially top stars aren’t going to make enemies with a top dog right now lol

      2. i weckon…. even if he was really like that behind the scenes, they won’t say it directly.

      3. If Kevin had an overall bad personality… he wouldn’t even have friends!! Why would he have 2 girls (charmaine and niki) chasing him before if he didn’t have a good personality. Yeah, you might say that he’s hot as hell- but I doubt Charmain only goes for looks. As for Bosco, Raymond and Jazz, I’m pretty positive they are good friends. Actually, the whole cast of GJ are friends- unlike this cast of GCO, backstabbing eachother like kids. I know Myolie and Kevin are great friends due to their interactions on Weibo.

      4. There is nothing to confirm that Charmaine and Niki chase KC but not opposite :).

    2. Ka Wai Nam, former tvb golden scriptwriter also supported and praised KC.

      1. No, he quit last November but he is the scriptwriter for KC’s new mainland series that is filming right now.

      2. correction: Ka Wai Nam quit TVB sometime around August 2011 not November.

  15. If Kevin had bad work ethics and unprofessional, i don’t see anything wrong with these veterans coming out and talking about it. We never get to see the REAL side of actors….. one thing they’re good looking on screen, but bad ethics behind the scenes. If you refuse to believe it, you’d call those ppl ‘unprofessional’ or ‘lying’.

    Let me give you an example. Chow Yun Fat is well-known to have good work ethics. Why? Did we see it ourselves? No. We HEARD from ppl who’ve worked with him that he is a humble person and takes care of the young. Why do we believe that? Coz everyone who’s worked with him talked about it and we’ve accepted it as the truth. I’ve never heard of one person that said Chow Yun Fat was a big shot. If he was, there would be as least ONE CASE or ONE PERSON that comes out to say it.

    Now in the past few days, these veterans/experts have spoken negatively of Kevin. If not one of the parts were true, then why would this kind of news come out of different ppl’s mouths? ‘Because Kevin is sooooo popular now, everyone wants to target him?” ….. Popular? Well for the record, there are many ppl more popular than him, so if they want to make news, they can make news of someone else. Raymond Lam’s popular, why didn’t they say he was rude to his colleagues as well? or Wayne Lai, or Nicky Wu even Hu Jun?

    Have you ever wondered that Kevin may really be that kind of person behind the scenes?

    Kevin may have bad work ethics, if its not true and then these ppl are making negative comments about him based on their own imagination, then he should consider suing them for defamation. Furthermore, he should self-reflect on his communication and social skills and his attitude because its causing a lot of misunderstanding between him and his colleagues. Why they are saying bad things about him when its not true? There must be something wrong with him to make ppl hate him so much.

    But he may not be like that to everyone. You may be a b*tch to everyone else, but some ppl you can become friends with. He seems to be good with girls (maybe coz his good looking i dunno), and some buddies (raymond cho etc) in the industry. Very interesting, Nancy Wu did mention recently that ‘Kevin used to be cool but he is better with ppl now.” COOL. So she confirms that there’s something wrong with him before. BETTER means there’s some sort of improvement but doesn’t mean he is 100% perfect and may still some substantial COOL in him.

    1. I somewhat agree with you but I think that what you should understand is that being ‘cool’ isn’t a bad thing. Some people are just introverts, they prefer to not socialize, because their goal isn’t to try to get everyone to love them. Just because someone seems to be distant it doesn’t mean that they’re being disrespectful or anything.

      Also, what I don’t understand is how these these veterans are bashing his ‘actor’s’ ethics. What does an actor’s ethics comprise of exactly? I understand that work ethics involves being on time, performing well, being loyal to the company you work for, having a relatively good relationship with those you work with. So, if an actor’s ethics are on the same lines…then I guess Kevin falls short of that last part. But if that was the case, then why didn’t these people express how they felt while filming, why now? Doesn’t this also mean that these people have poor work ethics because they’re not ‘loyal to the company,’ especially criticizing the company for spoiling Kevin?

      I seriously think that Kevin probably isn’t the most likeable guy in the world most likely cause he doesn’t want to be. That’s his choice. People still love him for his relatively good looks and the roles that he has been in, so…why change? Would you change your personality cause your great aunt or uncle doesn’t like the way you interact with them? I think not.

      1. “I seriously think that Kevin probably isn’t the most likeable guy in the world most likely cause he doesn’t want to be.”

        Even if he wanted to be the most likeable guy in the world, it’s impossible because he doesn’t have that ability.

      2. Well, I think what they meant by “actor’s ethics” is when you consider yourself a professional award winning actor then you should take your role seriously, in this case his role is a boxing champ, therefore, It would make sense for him to at least learn and know the basics of boxing.

    2. “COOL. So she confirms that there’s something wrong with him before.”

      What’s wrong with being cool?

      1. this word probably got lost in translation, right? American connotation of the word vs. Cantonese.

  16. I’m sorry if I sound rude but to me Lee Ka Ting’s attitude seems to match his face, ugly and repulsive. Why should Kevin respond to such a person? Silence is golden and in this case it suits Kevin to remain cool and calm till the storm blows over. My support is with Kevin.

  17. Those guys that make those silly allegations are just 小人. This is something that Kevin and supporters should not be too bothered about.

    Infact Kevin will turn out to become even more famous with all these free publicities because all the famous stars, producers and the people who really know him are well behind him.

  18. i can list out loads of people are great friends with kevin…
    – myolie
    – roger kwok
    – ben wong
    – bosco wong
    – raymond cho
    – jazz lam
    etc etc

  19. i think with kevin and every other artist have certain people they get along with and become friends, or your just work colleagues and strangers

  20. Fans are going to defend Kevin; haters are going to kick him down. People indifferent to him, like me, don’t give two craps. Just give me a good series.

  21. In every profession and our daily life, there are bound to be ppl that we dont get along with, but that doesnt mean they are really bad. i am not a fan of kevin’s but from all the comments, i suppose there are some truth in what Ding Yeh and Sin said. However, I also believed there are bit which are exaggerated for publicity and to make the story more believable. Perhaps Kevin is those type of men who say very little, and not good with communications, hence causes misunderstandings. And the older actors like to be greeted and respected by the younger generations. so when Kevin doesnt greet them, they get upset…

    oh well, having this story will keep Kevin grounded, not a bad thing 🙂 he will then improve, and perform better in future roles.

  22. MR Lee ka ding shall care more of his spoiled kelefe son instead of Kevin ,if Kevin have attitude problem ,how can he success to become of of the popular TVB siu sang now ,are you jealous before you kelefe son never get promoted even acting more than 20 years as kelefe ,huh you son have been kelefe since late 80 until 2012 ,ask your son first are he have attitude work problem?

    1. agreed. wait is gregory the one who got shirley pregnant???

      1. No, Shirley “gave” Gregory a ‘green hat’,….i.e. she was pregnant by another man while being G’s girlfriend for so many years.

      2. Ohhh I see, I see. Was this confirmed or just a rumour??

      3. From all the articles and goss news, it appears she thought she was onto a ‘winner’ with this new guy. After realising she was pregnant, she chose to break up and went off with her potential husband. Unfortunately she didn’t do her homework and this new chap turns out to be a free loader and owes many friends money.

        Well, Shirley has already given birth a couple of months ago (the bf didn’t even see the baby), returned to HKG and start anew as a single mum.

  23. Looks like this is another successful publicity stunt.

    1. Maybe it is.. But it is sad that IF it is that they have to sacrifice Kevin reputation for it.

  24. Is it like a curse or sth, it seems like whenever after he won TV King, the following year will be a harsh year.

  25. I actually feel bad for Kevin since he seems to be getting a lot bad publicity lately. Before I did not hear much about him whether it be good or bad news. However, lately after he got popular due to BBJX and Ghetto Justice, he seems to be getting a lot more news. First it is mostly bad news about him being snooby or whatever or that he is dating someone… Honestly, no one really knows the whole story except for those involved so I guess we can only speculate…I have liekd Kevin for many years and did not hear anything bad about his personality before… It was only recently that I am hearing about this so I really do question about how credible this all is…

    1. Actually he had some bad news before BBJX and GH. Something about his singing sifu and him back in 2006.

      1. You mean of Dai Si Chung and KC? It was in 2003-2004 something and back in Dai Si Chung’s funeral where Dai sifu’s daughter didn’t allow KC to come to the funeral.

    2. Kevin is an introvert to those who don’t know him and he’s not obliged to be friendly with Tom, Dick or Harry. Everyone has a personality and if KC is that bad, he would have generated tons of gossips/news, etc within those years at tvb. The vibes on him are about his lovelife. Did he go punch/hit bottles over another person’s head (like Sin), deny having girlfriends when he has regular sleepovers from women (like Lam Fung), or badmouth about other people (like Ding)???? He minds his own business, works hard to get where he is today and of course grateful and loyal to tvb because they know his potential and 620 took him under her wings after his tough cold bench treatment in Taiwan (which is not even his fault). So, he’s very careful about what he say or invite unnecessary trouble. Being selective could be interpreted as being snobbish. My friends think the same of me until they got to know me. So, there you are.

      As I’ve said earlier, those old farts just want publicity and used this poor excuse to stir gossip. If the Director and Producer of this series are happy with the results, who are these coneheads to complain? To gain respect you must first respect. It’s not necessarily automatic just because they’re veterans. So what!!

    3. Actually he had a lot of bad publicity long ago but the “dates” overflooded all. Ppl only can rmb of Charmaine and Niki when it comes to KC.

      1. Really? I personally did not hear much… Even if I did, it wasn’t as bad people made it.

  26. Kevin’s character seems very questionable. He looks so tiny in the series compared to Raymond. Acting wise and singing wise, Kevin’s just not up to par.

    1. I don’t agree though. Kevin acted Tong 11 quite well, a lot of inner emotions. Raymond Wong’s character is more outspoken and easier to draw attention.

  27. It’s only up about halfway of the series and Kevin has really yet to show his boxing skills. Up to here only snippets of his boxing were shown, so, how can we really be so quick to criticize him for isn’t that all what his sarcastic critics are doing? Let me remind them to read what Mr. Ho himself said, that Kevin “can act but his attitude…..”. He also said that when there were questions and doubts raised over certain issues Kevin would rethink and agree to Mr. Ho’s suggestions. With all that in mind Kevin cannot be such a monster as his detractors have paintd him out to be, can he? So far Kevin himself is saying nothing to all this and I think that’s wise of him. For him to say anything at this moment would just stir up more trouble. I’m glad he’s in Xiamen now and I hope he’s enjoying working there.

  28. haha kevin fans went overboard and flooded Gregory’s weibo wall when he didn’t even say anything…. and also dragged him and called him ‘wearing green hat’ (in relation to shirley yeung’s cheating)… wtf.. poor gregory…its got nothing to do with him! kevin fans are just attacking those who say bad things about him.

    1. Poor Gregory, attacked by crazy fans! He hasn’t even said anything, yet those crazy fans just assumed he did bc of his father.

      They can call him a klf or whatever but using “wearing green hat” is just pathetic and Kevin must be ashamed to have fans like that.

      He was forced to wear it and even so he dealt with it really well even offering his help to his cheating ex. If there is any “karma”, she got what she deserved i.e. the guy she made the “green hat” with ran away to the forest and no one has seen him ever again, LOL.

      Wonder if Run Run Shaw gave Ding Jeh the “sword of justice” i.e. he has the power to kick out maniacs that pose a threat to the sinking ship. If so please get rid of 620 ASAP!

      1. Whatever his father did, Greg will get the side effects too in this case it’s KC’s fans wrath ROFL

  29. Poor Kevin bashed consecutively by veterans. Hope it won’t affect his reputation
    I guess he’s not the talkative type like Bosco. Not everyone can get along well with everyone/anyone.
    Give Kevin a break!!!

  30. The matter is Kevin is a human and seems like introvert among people he’s not close to. If even the outgoing ones have faults and moments where they failed to ‘treat fans with affection’ let alone an introvert like Kevin. Face it. You can’t expect these artistes to perfect all the time. Maybe the fans that faced Kevin’s black face is just having the wrong time.

    Having black face or ignoring fans once a while does not mean Kevin is a bad guy. I have also read fan accounts where Kevin treated fans nicely even without press camera. We don’t know what’s inside his head. Niki and Charmaine won’t fell for Kevin if he’s a bad guy and the others such as Jazz, Ben Wong, GJ cast, Myolie, Bosco, Natalie, BBJX cast wont be close to him.

    1. It’s definitely true that this “taufu” is not a bad guy as what many ppl think BUT with his popularity surging, he’s changed lots & he’s has gone from a person with little hope to become totally HOPELESS at all!

      His attitude is just simply disgusting to me. Trying to act like a heavenly king of all celebrities, what does he get at the end??

      I’m sorry kevin. I don’t appreciate what you’re trying to impress us……Your “monkey” show is very lauzy!!….It exposes too much negative sides of yours and makes ppl even hate of you…

  31. Niki won’t fell for Kevin if he’s a bad guy ??
    what comment is this, ?

    you can not tell a person good or bad until you have relation with him, if it possible that niki felt very regret to know KC ? who knew , only niki or kc’s girls friends knew. we do not know.
    do not judge a person from his outward appearance. a handsome guy does not always man he is a decent guy.

    1. sorry, i can’t understand what you are trying to say. All I can tell you is that if he’s as so-good as the image that you are trying to protect, he should have a fruitful & wonderful & romantic relationship with niki or charmaine now.

      Also, since you are not a source close to him, what make you to think that he’s not a bad guy? ….or thinkinh that he’s at least some sort of a believable guy with a believable personality?

    2. sorry, my broken english,
      I do not know if he is good or bad,

      i am trying to say, do not fool by a handsome face,
      handsome face does not count anything

    3. I don’t think Kevin should apologize to those two old men. If Kevin does, it means that Kevin was rude to them at filming, and I believe that Kevin did not think so. If he didn’t do it, why should he apologize to them? If he does, he admits that he was wrong in his acting ethics.

    4. Why should one apologise for apologising sake? I feel if the allegations are untrue or at least not as alleged, Kevin need only issue a press statement. What is his PR doing? Where is 620?! Your one true love is troubled! Rescue him!

  32. Haha, this is just getting really funny, with fans getting overworked over trivial (gossipy) entertainment news matter. I can also see that some are Laughing and Niki fans.

    Perhaps to settle the score, in the next movie that Laughiing and Kevin are supposed to act together, they invite Niki too. They movie can have Niki dumping the ‘bad guy’ Kevin for the nice guy Laughing Gor. Maybe they can bring in Chairmaine into the movie too … haha.

  33. These two old guys were obviously making a big deal about kevin’s cold attitude? So what if Kevin didn’t greet them or being mute during the entire series? If a person doesn’t “like” talking to you, then you can just IGNORE him/her. Do they really think they’re that “senior” until ppl have to greet them “always”? No wonder Shirley didn’t dare to dump Gregory last time becuz of Greg’s loud father!

    1. Wow you really got a point regarding Shirley not daring to dump Greg…. could really be true!!!!

    2. I thought you stayed in G team? Now you jumped to S team because of G’s father? Now I wonder how many G team shipper will jump ship, too.

      1. Maybe you’ve mistaken me for someone? I was never in G’s team..

      2. I see you often mistaken ppl here for someone else like eg. Exoidus, u mistaken him for someone else in the previous..now me? hehe

      3. No no, I thought that because you say a plenty of good word to comfort Mr. G :). I didn’t mistaken Exoidus as he is truly the one who said that he bought more than 1 album of Linda to increase her album sale :P.

      4. Did I say plenty of good words for Mr. G? ARe you sure its me and not someone else? How come I can’t remember saying good things to Mr. G. All I remember is I told ppl that it wasn’t entirely Shirley fault for dumping Gregory and I’d do that if I were her. I think I’ve never been on G’s side at all lol. You still mistaken me for someone la.

      5. I feel for bad for you Veejay as I have also been wrongly accused as well, LOL

        Someone has a very good imagination for sure and I have 1 million copies of Linda’s album somebody want a copy?, ROFL.

      6. All you need to do is to ask my distributor Mr. Google for Linda’s album and he will be more than happy to help you la 😀

      7. Just check the old SG topic, Veejay. Old one,, not the new S with daughter.

        For emany times xoidus, he said he would do many thing for me but all end up with nothing. I believed him 100% but he lied me. So your copy of Linda’s album wont never come to you. AndI have to start to blv that he liedme last time :(.

      8. @Fox,

        can you give me some examples to refresh my memory?

      9. Fengshui rock, cry a river, exoidus. Two recent examples.

      10. @Fox,

        I can’t believe that you are upset about such small matters, LOL. Think I said that I would give you one IF you didn’t have these rocks already.

        So if you don’t have I will ofcourse keep my word as always. Any other promises I made to you? 😛

        Obviously I wouldn’t “cry a river” and I thought I explained that to you already. Funny thing is that you say you believe me , but wouldn’t give me benefit of doubt with regards to those cds 🙁

      11. Because I blved you and you lied me too many times, I lost faith. But I blved that you said the truth about the CDs, then are you saying it’s a lie, too?

      12. Sigh, why would I lie to you? Fact is that I never lied to you whatsoever.

      13. Ok, I’ll keep your words and next time if you lie me again, I’ll refer to this one and hope you won’t deny that you’ve said this.

      14. So do you have these rocks or what? I will be happy to give you a one.

      15. Ok, but give me the Fengshui rock, not any rock. Hope you won’t lie me this time.

      16. You still haven’t answered my question which is essential i.e. if you will qualify for a gift from me, LOL.

        What’s the criteria for a fengshui rock anyway? Will a crystal pendant do?

        Never lied to you before and will not be lying this time around either.

      17. I replied you in other topic. I haven’t checked this one. You can find the answer here.

        I want to remind you that you also need to give Veejay an album of Linda :).

        I’ll keep my word and send you a lot of comfort for your last time crying.

    3. Sometimes when you don’t get along with someone it is not always your fault, but can be the other person’s fault… Just because 2 people don’t get along doesn’t mean that they are bad people,however, they are just not compatible.

      1. I rmb there is a chinese idiom to say that you should blame yourself before blaming others. If you ‘ve read AQ of Lu Sun, you will see that it’s a kind of AQ

      2. @HTS,

        It’s just a matter of perspective and besides one shouldn’t really use too much time thinking about small matters like that.

        If people can’t get along then just stay away from each other unless you have bc of work.

  34. I’m not a fan of Kevin’s but I’ve noticed even from the start of his career, he’s already “more quiet” than the rest.
    It’s almost like he didnt fit in.
    So this so call attitude is probably he being himself. Nothing wrong with that right?

    1. Since he is an actor, I don’t think that staying in own shell too much is good for him. His job somehow requires him to be more open.

      1. It is true that in the industry, you need to be more open. But sadly, some people are just that way and they cannot really change..It it not only Kevin that is like that…

      2. When you know that’s something is not good, you should at least make effort to change it, don’t hang on the ridiculous reason that “not only me is like that” to run away, it’s just sophism. So there’s reason why KC had to wait for so long before he could rise.

      3. Yes and he has and I think he seems a lot more open now than he was in the past, which means that he has worked hard for many years to change…

    2. Wrong if he keep quiet and cold face when he’s PAID to entertain. Someone said above about KC go down to audience in concert but give black face when audience want to reach him. Don’t go down at all if you don’t want fans to be wild LOL. Its also said above that KC don’t converse with audience too LOL. He receives the concert job which pays him money so he should also give those fans their money’s worth ROFL

      1. ROFL so LF, Bosco, Ron, MC don’t mind people scratch their faces? LOL! Maybe you’re right KC need to take care his beauty or maybe he thinks showing his face is enough worth of the fans ticket already ROFL Don’t get me to mention bigger stars in bigger concerts 😛

    3. When the result of it is “almost like he didnt fit it”, it cant be right at all. Just “being yourself” and don’t care about other people is really a typical character of a spoiled brat. A public figure should not carry this image.

  35. Yes, please do give him a break. He’s just beginning to enjoy the long-awaited fruits of his labour and let’s not spoil all that now.

  36. Don’t know who this Kevin guy is but from an action film/MA training or fight choreography stand-point, I can see where those veterans (who came from the peak era of Hong Kong action films) are coming from. This is basically a metaphor of the old generation speaking out their grief and desperation for the young generation lacking proper training and unable to carry on the legacy of action films/TV series that made part of Hong Kong cinema so special back in the days. These days, the industry is lacking talent with that kind of proper and years long training to push fight choreography or action films in general forward.

    However, since they only have small parts in the TV series, they have no authority to say whatever they want about other people involved.

    1. Don’t they have kung fu chereographers/directors that would teach them how to fight and all???

      1. or have all of the great kung fu choreographers leave TVB already?

      2. There’s plenty of fight choreographers on hand but that’s not good enough because most people with no training will easily be hard to work with when they can’t catch up to demands.

        The important thing here is the talents themselves possessing the will to engage in and understand onscreen fighting through dedication and years of training and learning. I’m sure there’s alot of talent out there with that unique training and experiences but the problem is that they don’t get as lucky as the ones that lacks that proper training. Talents were in high demand during the 50s to mid 90s. Since then, things have gone downhill for the most part. That’s why you see veterans like Jackie, Sammo and Donnie still do things themselves as most young actors can’t be relied on.

      3. Never like Donnie and his acting. He comes across as a show off.

      4. Do you read the news of Sin? He is one of the kungfu master who teached it to Gloves ‘s crew. He is a kungfu master in reality.

      5. tan leong, Vivien = No, we can’t forget about Donnie or any of the aging guys. I couldn’t care less about how you two feel about Donnie. That’s beside the point anyway. Thing is, it’s the veterans that have to do EVERYTHING because there no one from the young generation to carry on what the veterans are starting to let go. Thank the industry for prioritizing good looks and conventions instead of real talent.

      6. Haha, if you couldn’t care less about how I “desperately” admire Donnie or the veteran stuntmen then why the hell did you respond? I didn’t even ask for others’ opinions, certainly not ones that are negative and goes way off-topic like yours. Geez…

        You’re a Kevin fan and will do everything to defend him against any accusations or oppressive parties, I get it. Sorry to disappoint you sweetheart but I didn’t comment just to put Kevin down or cause problems for fans. Just read my first post carefully because it’s pretty clear that I didn’t put anyone down more or less.

      7. Tony, please keep your mouth shut. I appreciate that if you stop badmouthing other people.

        If you do it bad to other people, people may do it back to you. Again, repent yourself before it’s too late.

      8. He really didn’t put anyone down at all… Kevin’s fans are overreacting…

    2. Kevin has already mentioned that there is another Thai boxing adviser on the set. He prefers the advice of the Thai master rather than M Sin, as he thinks that the series is about Thai boxing rather than Chinese Kung Fu. If someone is slighted by that, then he is sorry about it, but he will still do it.

  37. KC does not look like a very sociable person and his interviews are normally quite forced. I guess he rubbed some of the veterans up the wrong way. Of course, his colleagues would not critisize him especially when he is no. 1 brother in TVB now. One of them even mentioned that he didnt smile for the whole month while filming a drama, that says a lot about his character!!! His acting is ok, not outstanding and quite stiff at times but he has good looks according to his fans.

    1. Maybe he is overworked and is really really tired?? Since he is popular now, he has way more work than before?? I can say that I am really cheerful and extroverted, but if I was tired and overworked, I would get grumpy too… but then again, I understand that others are tired and all too…However, maybe that is just his personality and you just have to accept it I guess…

      1. There are tons of artists who are more overworked than him. If he doesnt want the job, quit it and enjoy life. Fame doesnt come with nothing. You are paid loads of money, receives loads of jobs because you are famous. If you are not happy with that, quit the fame, dont go around and show grumpy face. I rmb a popular artist said this: “When you start complaining or showing faces, it’s when you start going downhill”. No one wants to work with grumpy grandpa when there are a lot better choices.

      2. The fact that even someone started and infamoused with “cold and rude” badboy like EDC still has to do homework and nice to others in order to survive. In this case, not only artisrs but also the normal workers have to be polite in the social life. How smart you are, if you don’t know how to adapt with others, you will be kick aside. Of course if you can stay all by yourself and lonely in your shell, you won’t feel too bad. If not, you just can get crazy when they kick you aside. Workload isn’t a reason to get mad with ppl. Crying and mouning when you are workload cant change anything, only can make you are mire stressed. Learn to live with it.

        Disclaimer: I’m saying in general.

      3. @Fox,

        Yeah, you could be right depending on the situation i.e. workers have to obey the whims of the CEO who in turn need to follow the guidelines set by the Board of directors etc.

        In this case Kevin is the new king hence the pawns should follow his commands. Obviously a good king would make his pawns feel appreciated to prevent an uproar like the one we got now, LOL.

  38. Initially I thought one of the reasons why he seem aloof & cant fit in ,is because he’s older than the rest (people like Bosco, LF, ron etc….).
    Thought he was more mature & only acting his age.

    1. Kevin gets along well with Bosco and 2R who are younger than him and can fit right in. It’s the older kaylefes such as Sin Sifu and Ding Yeh that has problems with Kevin.

  39. actually i dont think being an introvert or private person can be a excuse to be mute and rude w/others. you can still be a private low profile w/o black face, overly friendly or walk right pass w/o a simple hello. I never like KC’s acting or singing much so it’s neutral w/me on his so called behavior but he does seem to have a lot ppl coming out and says hes hard to deal with. Yes, Lee Ka Ding could be those old ugly and not popular veterans who has nothing to do but make comments but there is a saying ‘ if there is no wind or whatever, how can there NOT be a reason or something like that’ i guess it shows if you are not friendly in a way ppl automatically assumes you have this ‘ATTITUDE’ since you are now a more well known star. But like i said, if more than 1 ppl concur that he’s hard to deal with i am sure there is a bit of truth in it. Perhaps that’s why hes still single??? hahahh LOL

    1. wow! Your comments sound very cruel to KC. Do you believe that bad karma that you’ve created today may strike back to you one day?

  40. I actually didn’t even think this article was THAT bad for so many people to get so riled up. I’m more baffled/amused by the comments than the article itself.

    1)It’s true when people are famous, pretty, and popular they tend to act like a diva. This is reality no doubt about it. But to actually support and approve this reality is just imo messed up.

    2)He was injured, he’s trying to protect his health, he was tired b/c of his busy schedule and that’s why he didn’t do so well? I think that is such a cop out. Unless he broke something or has a serious illness/injury then no excuses. You would think an actor would be able to act that he was perfectly healthy. And FYI this comment is not abt his acting since I haven’t seen it. This comment is more abt ppl making excuses for him. Also No one expects him to be a real boxer, just make it believable. This in itself is purely subjective.

    3)His personality can’t be like this bc he has friends and girls chasing after him. Uh.. seriously? Even Hitler had friends and mistresses. I’m sure even your worse enemy has friends. There is no one in this world that is liked by everyone.

    4)He’s human, he’s just being real. True. No one could act happy all the time. I myself am also an introvert and get criticized by ppl when they catch me with a black face and for being “mute.” That being said, I think those who criticize are human and are just being real too. Just like…well us. Although it is hypocritical how we are criticizing ppl for criticizing ppl. (myself included by the way.

    When ppl criticize TVB and when jessica criticized the filming crew in China, everyone was like “wow refreshing, its so nice hearing ppl being honest and straight forward, it must be true since others agree too.” And then when these two guys starts voicing their opinion, everyone is up in arms.

    It’s crazy! The only one that should even care is Kevin and it seems like he doesn’t. Thank you Kevin!

    1. Yes, he doesn’t seem to be cared with this trivial minor issue…. In fact, he does have alot of other complicated problems to handle particularly related to handling the multiplier effect from this gossip that may go and haunt him in his subsequent production…..

      This Karma of gossip cannot easily be cooled down by keeping himself just quiet and being cool……Other petty people may take opportunity to haunt him for his weak PR management……

  41. Enough said… Laughing Gor- Micheal Tse should have won the TVB award instead.

    1. hahaha i agree but i am not a laughing gor fan but i do like michael tse’s acting better than KC’s. i like micheal tse’s other roles way way way better than his overrated laughing gor role that made him famous to me his other roles are more appealing its just me thou 🙂

  42. Andy Lau is very humble, hard working and friendly person. e
    he is not only friendly to his fans, he is also friendly to many people , he respect the elder s ,
    he went to nursing home , to do the hair cut for the elders. I believe he will survive a long time in this industry for his good attitude and good manner.

    1. on Andy Lau i totally agree. He seems very disciplined, humble and respectful in alot of functions in person. Other than the fault he hides his marriage ahhaha he seems real w/fans and even if thats a fake cover up thats a NICE cover up hahahaa…

  43. seems like some spolit brat has forgotten earth! Never thought Kevin is a good actor. I was EXTREMELY shocked last yr when TVB allows Kevin to sweep clean all awards leaving Laughing Gor nothing! Good for TVB. Now they bear the results of its evil intention and plot!

    1. I never thought KC is a good actor either,
      why KC sweep all awards last year, do you have any insight ?

      1. Who said that awards always indicate how good you are as an actor/actress??

      2. Correct HeTieShou… the awards are more about who TVB would like to win then anything else. Who is hot, and who can they push to sponsors… I think there was a more deserving candidate last year, but unfortunately 620 lost power just at the right time before the awards show.

  44. ROFL now funnier. I see some Laghing Gor fans start to join the topic now 😛

  45. Never liked Kevin Cheng, no offence to his fans!

    But I blame him to ruin the best serie on earth “Bu Bu Jing Xin.” It’ll be awesome without him ! He should stay at TVB and stop ruining my interests in China series.

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