Lee Seung Gi Backed Out of a Nose Job

Plastic surgery has always been common among South Korean celebrities, with many opting to go under the knife in an attempt to achieve perfection. Even popular actor, Lee Seung Gi, was also tempted to alter his nose which he felt would improve his acting.

On SBS talk show Circle House, host Han Ga In invited Lee Seung Gi and a 27- year-old woman who had plastic surgery over 30 times. Both Ga In and Seung Gi, who are known for their good looks, surprisingly expressed discontent with their faces. Han Ga In lamented that she had thought about getting surgery to make her face more plump. Jaw shaving surgery had also crossed her mind.

On the other hand, Seung Gi felt that his nose could use improvement. After being discharged from military service in 2017, he lost a bit of weight. He kept looking in the mirror and felt that his nose looked odd.  He thought that rhinoplasty would not be noticeable, so he booked a consultation at a plastic surgery clinic without telling his agency. After the consultation, he even put down a deposit and was serious about getting the surgery done.

Only when he was lying on the surgery table did he regret his decision. The actor decided to cancel the surgery, after realizing his success so far was due to his talent rather than looks.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. A nose job can improve his acting….did he really say that? I am glad he realised that is not true.

  2. I know I sound terrible for saying this, but he used to look like a dog to me – like a mix between a beagle or spaniel. I didn’t fancy his looks, so my superficiality repelled me from watching his stuff. As much as I want to say acting trumps all (which is true to a large extent), having the right favorable looks are crucial too, for longstanding popularity. LSG never came off as a great actor or looker to me, so his popularity still surprises me. But I give him props for never faltering to pressure to change his appearance (even though he almost did it.) Still, should anyone decide to do it, it’s their face at the end of the day. As long as they can be honest about it, it doesn’t harm anyone.

    1. I’ve never found him good looking either , also surprised with his popularity and when he was dating Yoona….esp in a country where plastic surgery is so prevalent. I think he was class president or something , straight As student (?) , and polite to elders and got a lot of brownie points with the public cause of it.

    2. I haven’t been following much K-drama in the past decade, but LSG wasn’t (and I guess still isn’t?) exactly noted as being a great actor. He really hit it off with audiences through variety shows, most notably the long running 1 Night 2 Days – he came across as rather witty and respectful, and it pretty much cemented his status as the nation’s favourite son / SIL (can’t remember what exactly). His public persona is his USP. His puppy face never did much for me either.

      1. @Mika I read a lot of praises for his portrayal of a very complex character in Mouse. I don’t usually like dark dramas, so I didn’t see for myself. It seems like he might be challenging himself in more recent years? I’ve actually never been able to finish any drama with him in it. Agree with you all, I don’t find him particularly attractive, but that’s okay.

  3. I don’t think ANY new nose would have made much difference honestly.

    It’s more his mouth? jawline that needs work. Also his style of dressing, mannerisms back then. It was total boring dweeb
    Agree with Coralie who said he reminded he of a Spaniel, Beagle or whatever.

    Lee Seung-gi is popular bec of his nice guy, 乖 well behaved-listening dude kind image.

    Same for Suzy Bae – Korea’s little sister – sorry but I find comments-fame attached to her ‘looks’ and acting very over-rated.

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