Leehom Wang to Perform in Hong Kong Coliseum Tonight

It has been ten years since Leehom Wang (王力宏) held a concert at Hong Kong Coliseum. It is no surprise that he is eager to promote his upcoming concert, Music Man II, and perform three nights consecutively for his Hong Kong fans from September 14 to 16.

Leehom’s concert was originally scheduled for two performances. However, due to high demand and to appease his fans, he added an additional performance for three nights total. Leehom also revealed who his guest performers were for each night, including Candy Lo (盧巧音), Li Yundi (李云迪) and Jackie Chan (成龍)!

Leehom invited artists whom he has worked with together before and they all agreed to perform at his concert without hesitation.

Jackie and Leehom worked together back in 2010 on the film Little Big Soldier <大兵小將>. During the concert, they will sing the film’s theme song, Yau Choi Fa <油菜花>.

Acclaimed-pianist, Li Yundi, performed with Leehom in 2012 in which they received rave reviews. Leehom also invited Yundi to perform with him at his concert in Beijing’s Bird’s Nest venue. Their chemistry will definitely generate excitement during the concert.

The concert’s only female guest performer, Candy Lo, is best known for her popular duet with Leehom, Kindly Break Up <好心分手>. Fans will be able to relive the once-extremely popular song at the concert, and experience how Leehom and Candy reinterpret the song after many years.

Leehom admits that he is excited to perform for his Hong Kong fans again after ten years. “My very first concert at the Hong Kong Stadium was in 2002 and I remember being extremely nervous! Because of that, the Hong Kong Stadium always holds a special place in my heart.”

Sources: Sohu.com, On.cc

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  1. Elanne Kong and Candy Lo are the most waifu-like singers/actresses.

    Just saying.

  2. What will Jackie Chan do on stage? Making Kung Fu moves while Lee Hom sing? LOL!!

    Don’t tell me he tries to sing too, like so many HK actors/actresses trying to break into the music scene as if that is the most natural course to take.

    1. He sang in the 80s/90s. But that didn’t work out for him. Which isn’t a bad thing for the audience.

      1. Really???

        I am glad Arnold Schwartzenegger and Sly Stallone did not follow suit.

    2. Jackie Chan sang many times before. He has a famous song – the duet with Kim Hea Sun in a movie I forgot name. This song is called Eternity love.

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