Li Xian Replaces Kris Wu in “A Story of Hairpin”

Has pressure from fans led to a change in the drama’s leading man?

On November 29, a netizen revealed that the male lead of Chinese drama A Story of Hairpin <青簪行> has been changed from Kris Wu (吳亦凡) to 28-year-old actor Li Xian (李现). The lead actress remains as Andy Yang (also known as Yang Zi 楊紫), who plays Huang Zixia, a famous female detective during the Tang dynasty. In the netizen’s revelatory post, filming for the drama has already started and both leads Li Xian and Andy Yang have been confirmed.

Previously, Kris and Andy had announced their participation in A Story of Hairpin on social media, but fans were unhappy about Kris’ perceived prominence over Andy in the drama’s publicity materials. This even led to official drama announcements omitting the mention of the two leads’ names to prevent dispute.

The current revelation by netizens that Kris Wu stepped out of the project is also believed to be related to the dispute between fans. Official parties have yet to respond to rumors of Li Xian as the new male lead. Kris and Andy’s names remain on the official Weibo of A Story of Hairpin.

Previously, the production unit had looked to Hu Ge (胡哥), who responded enthusiastically when he thought he was to invest in the work but declined when he realized they wanted him as male lead to “salvage ratings”. Another actor they approached, Kenny Lin (林更新), was already busy with other productions.

It was natural for the production team to turn to Li Xian next, as he had wonderful chemistry in this summer’s hit drama, Go Go Squid! <蜜汁燉魷魚>. Fans will be eager to see them in another drama together.

Source: Netease

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  1. If it’s a historic genre I am not sure what to think of it as I am not a fan of that genre. However, LX is probably still a bit of a better fit than the previous. lol haha… I don’t know what it is w KW but he just doesn’t click for me even thou he can be cute.

    1. @wm2017 I think the fan war between Kris and YangZi fans really dont help with the situation.
      I do find Li Xian a good actor and YangZi with him has good chemistry.

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