Andy Yang, Kris Wu Confirmed to Star in “A Story of Hairpin”

True to rumors, it is confirmed that Andy Yang (also known as Yang Zi 楊紫) and Kris Wu (吳亦凡) will be the leads for historical drama A Story of Hairpin <青簪行>, which is adapted from the successful novel. The drama will be directed by Hong Kong director Lam Yuk Fan (林玉芬), renowned for her works such as Scarlet Heart <步步驚心>, Eternal Love <三生三世十里桃花>, Journey of Flower <花千骨> and Love and Destiny <宸汐緣>.

The novel Memoirs of the Golden Hairpin <簪中錄> is written by author Ce Ce Qing Han (側側輕寒), and according to sources, the drama version will be separated into two parts, with the first part called A Story of Hairpin <青簪行> and the second part called Tian He Xing <天河興>. It will tell a story of a talented and clever investigator Huang Zixia being forced to flee after getting wrongly accused of murdering her entire family overnight. Determined to find out who is the real killer, she embarks on a journey where she seeks the help of Prince of Kui, Li Shubai who is in a similar situation where he is suffering a curse that threatens his life. Sharing a love-hate relationship, the two collaborate in investigating the murder that also simultaneously leads them to unravelling the forbidden secrets of the kingdom.

As the novel is highly popular, fans have high expectations for A Story of Hairpin. Discussion forums were filled with heated comments when rumors of Andy and Kris being cast first circulated. Many believe Kris still lacks acting skills and didn’t think he would portray their beloved character well. However, with Andy currently one of the most popular actresses, fans believe she will bring success to A Story of Hairpin and bring out an unexpected side of Kris that can successfully establish him as an actor.

A Story of Hairpin will be Kris’s first historical drama, so there are curiosities if he can perform well. Kris appeared to test fans’ reactions by appearing in a historical costume for the music video of his new song “Eternal Love” <貳叁>, and the overall reception has been positive.

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Kris Wu and Andy Yang in a New Drama?

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  1. Interesting story but I seriously hope that get casting right….Dont pick idol for the sake of it. Acting skills are important too.

  2. Kris Wu? Hum… I haven’t watched much of anything from him except glimpses here and there on that movie w/Crystal Liu. I didn’t care for his acting actually both acting were not that impressive or the movie wasn’t good itself?

  3. Maybe Andy Yang will give him acting tips? He does look good in historic costume ! I will give it a go! You never noe?

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