“The Journey of Flower” Heats Up Finale with Hinted Bed Scene

By on August 31, 2015 in NEWS, TV Dramas

“The Journey of Flower” Heats Up Finale with Hinted Bed Scene

Ever since it began airing in June, the fantasy-wuxia drama, The Journey of Flower <花千骨>, has enjoyed soaring popularity. With its big finale scheduled for broadcast next week, fans are looking forward to female lead Zhao Liying’s (趙麗穎) portrayal of a beautiful demoness, as well as suggested intimate scenes between her and male lead Wallace Huo (霍建華).

The Journey of Flower tells of how Hua Qiangu (Zhao Liying) becomes the sole disciple of immortal Bai Zihua (Wallace Huo) and gradually falls in love with him. Although romance is strictly forbidden between master and disciple, Qiangu persists in her silent devotion to him, leading to a sadomasochistic relationship. When her master becomes poisoned, Qiangu is willing to risk her own life to rescue him, even feeding him her blood, stealing mythical tools, and going so far as to be expelled from her sect and be banished into the wild.

In The Journey of Flower’s latest preview, Qiangu is transformed into a beautiful demoness, undergoing a dramatic change in both wardrobe and personality. Now dressed entirely in sultry red, Qiangu is seen brazenly embracing Zihua from behind. Other released pictures show her chaining her master to a stone slab and lying on the same bed as him. As expected, fans are excited to see Zhao Liying’s 180-degree turn and are busy discussing whether or not love will prevail for Qiangu and Zihua in the end.

Originally scheduled for a 54-episode run, The Journey of Flower has proven so popular that the drama has been extended for another four episodes. Online traffic for the drama has surpassed 15.2 billion views on the video website Iqiyi, and the highest television rating for a single episode broke 3 percent. The Journey of Flower’s finale will air on September 7, and its broadcast time will be taken over the following week by the highly anticipated Cloud in the Song <大漢情緣之雲中歌>.

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12 comments to “The Journey of Flower” Heats Up Finale with Hinted Bed Scene

  1. nori says:

    The reason I’m watching this series is because of Zhao Li Ying, Ma Ke, and Zhang Dan Feng.

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    • hetieshou replied:

      Honestly,you should never watch a series just for the cast. There is way more to any series rather than the cast.

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      • funnlim replied:

        @hetieshou The reason I am watching is for Wallace Huo. Period.

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      • nori replied:

        @hetieshou I’m watching this series not just only for the cast. I actually like their characters as i’ve read the novel before. I love Zhao Li Ying as Hua Qian Gu, Ma Ke as Sha Qian Mo and Zhang Dan Feng as Dongfang Yuqing.

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  2. funnlim says:

    Correction. This article is wrong.

    54 episodes has always been the uncut version. No one knows the tv version is how long. Now we know. Tv ver will be 58 episodes and uncut ver is probably between 48 to 50 episodes. Both almost same contents. It is hotly discussed among fans at least 4 EPs worth of contents were censored and fans are pissed the remaining episodes are going on super sonic speed. Since I grew up with tvb I have no problem,with the speed but I do feel the editing is poor again due to sarft rules. I don’t think the tv station is to be blamed.

    This,series is its golden goose. It is not just highest rated single episode but thus far it is highest ever if I am not mistaken and it beats its own record every week even for repeats and considering it is shown on sat sun and then sun Mon at 10pm onwards the numbers are staggering. It has surpassed last years best rated and the current numbers are double the closest competitor. I doubt the next series will achieve that number and certainly not the dastardly Yu Zheng and his rubbish.

    As for the picture above, there is a hot searing jealous kiss either before or after but I think that will be censored, as for the so called bed sce e, let me clarify.

    He literally sleeps with her, literally on a bed. Nothing else.,the scene above if you look closely bai zihua is crying hard. It is not her stripping him and bedding him. This is pivotal scene where she finds out how much he sacrificed for her and therefore how much he loves her. Hopefully won’t be censored.

    And yes it is highly,anticipated but the way it goes it will only be in last 2 episodes.

    So seriously, extension by 4 EPs is a blatant incorrect new report. Not the fault of the wonderful translator but official news. Extension my foot, for a series with so much contents it can do with 4 episodes more.

    However if you have never read the book like I, it wont be that affected but since,due to sarft rules, editing and script writers you will ask a lot,of questions. A quick visit to p2e-hqg.blogspot.com or reading my recaps here will help to answer some questions.

    Despite the criticisms, this is one of the,most exciting and beautiful production this year which is year of Wallace Huo. Tvb is bulldozed by this. Nirvana on fire might just bury tvb for me.

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    • hetieshou replied:

      Have you been watching Funn? I had to stop watching at around ep 22 due to the passing of my aunt. I also got sick of waiting for it each week so just want to see it after it all comes out. I thought it would end this week but it is good that there are 4 more eps. I just hope the DVD version will be complete but let’s see. I wonder which ending they will use?

      Well, every series will get criticism not just this one. But if it is well liked by most people then the series is a success.

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      • funnlim replied:

        @hetieshou Yes am watching and recapping but slower than most. Am aware of what is happening. It is not 4 more episodes. It was already decided it is that much. IN fact it is cut 4 episodes to be more accurate. Fans are pissed. The ending will be a happy one, can’t think of any other way, plenty of rumours that deviates from the book. But will probably makes lesser suffering and more sense than the book.

        This series is a smash hit but I get the anger. It is not well edited and a tad hypocritical to delete so many pivotal scenes and had some censored as well.

        As for DVD version, rumour has it there may be one, much much much later. We shall see indeed.

        I am sorry about your aunt. My condolences.

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      • hetieshou replied:

        Thanks for your info. But I am a bit confused so are 4 eps cut? I noticed the editing is a bit bad due to the censoring and all. I heard of various endings so was not sure which one they will use. I often watch series online first and then get the DVD if I like it. However, there are times the DVDs are cut depending on the version. I hope the DVD does not take too long to release but yes,let’s see.

        Thanks for your kindness towards my aunt. Really appreciate it!

        By the way,are you watching the Eng subbed version? I did not but I noticed a lot of foreigners watching this series which shows how popular it is. However,I wonder if it will become a classic that will still be loved years and years later?

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      • funnlim replied:

        @hetieshou If the uncut is released, yes it is a classic,. It is a classic now. It is a quality production even if the effect sucks, For someone who doesn’t read the book I find the editing ok except it suffers from usual series problem like characters not flashed out etc. It is very fast paced. Not sure how many episodes but likelihood is probably a few episodes worth is cut.

        I am watching the Tv ver without subs (basically just run through it) and Uncut ver (with fansub) but slower pace.

        The chinese is not deep or hard so it is easier to understand. The china DVD will probably be out soon but since this series will be broadcast elsewhere fans are hoping for international uncut version whether DVD or online and that may be 1 year. Don’t know. This article is spinning it in positive way. So far Ciwen has yet to say anything.

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  3. funnlim says:

    As for the repeated questions about the full uncut uncensored version, fans are hoping for the dvd version. Rumour has it there might be just one for international release but it in the end,also depend on your local censoreship. So if there is one, be very careful which one you buy. China doesn’t have dir cut version concept but I read some streaming sites did acquire full uncut uncensored version so my guess is hopefully there will be one too. Who knows, this might be in bluray.

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  4. elizabeth says:

    I think TJOF is not perfect and the censoring and editing make it worse than what it is. But it has many good reasons for the audience to keep watching despite the criticisms and why its ratings have everything else that has been screened so far in 2015.

    The casting is fresh and they do have a lot of chemistry. The costumes are lovely and the songs are nice. Most of the cast are very beautiful people and the acting is pretty good as well. The pacing is not bad until you get to the last 10 eps where it gets a bit patchy but nothing too bad that would make me smash my TV.

    I have read the book two times. There are bits where i think the series handles it better and other times, I prefer what happens in the novel. There will be lovers and haters but give it a go. The artistes did work hard in 35 degree heat under 5 layers of clothing to film it.

    TJOF won’t get award for CGI effects, but I predict that it will scoop up a lot of awards when the time comes. I have really enjoyed Wallace and ZLY’s performance and Zhang Dan Feng and Ma Ke have been pretty outstanding as well. Jiang XIn is fantastic too. I hope one of them gets an award.

    As for the article, as Funn said, the uncut (but not uncensored) version has always been 54 since June. Mango has not extended its series, but rather cut it into shorter segments, then replaying one third of the previous episode to make it look like it is more content when in fact it is not.

    I think Mango has added some effects of their own in their cut version and cut some scene of BZH looking around his room, but otherwise, both version have pretty much the same amount of content. So any DVD that you see of TJOF for the next few months would most likely be censored and edited as well so not worth buying.

    Ciwen will make an announcement when they do released the official untouched DVD so I think it is wise to keep your money in your wallet until we get the notification.

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  5. 10mann says:

    Gave up TVB a while ago so finding mainland dramas refreshing and much better than the garbage TVB puts together.
    Would be nice if Jaynestars have more news about mainland China than focus on TVB news lol. Most of the news I have to read from weibo nowadays 🙁
    I’m also among the netizens who are pissed with Hunan tv/SARFT messing around with the drama- last episode
    there was only around 5 mins of Wallace and Li Ying and even their scenes were ruined with that ugly disciple of HQG.

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