Linda Chung and Sharon Chan Support Single Mother, Shirley Yeung

The current state of Hong Kong TVB actress, Shirley Yeung’s (楊思琦) love life may have left people scratching their heads regarding the soundness of her recent decisions. At the Hong Kong airport yesterday, the 33-year-old actress was mobbed by the paparazzi, eager to find out whether Shirley had indeed broken up with Andy Ng (吳帥), who was allegedly the father of their daughter. Recent rumors speculated that Andy was engaged to another woman, thus unable to marry Shirley. With Shirley’s current predicament as a single mother raising her newborn daughter, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Steven Ma (馬浚偉), Sharon Chan (陳敏之), and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) stepped forward to express their support and sympathy.

Shirley’s good friend, Linda Chung, kept in touch via WhatsApp while Shirley was in Los Angeles, USA over the last few months. Since the friends have not seen each other for a long time, Linda will seek out an opportunity to meet again. At a promotional event for new TVB drama, Daddy Good Deeds <當旺爸爸>, Linda said, “It is very difficult for a single mother to raise a child on her own.” As Linda was good friends with Shirley, her comment inadvertently revealed that Shirley may have indeed broken up with Andy Ng!  Linda added, “I wish Shirley good health and happiness!”

Linda’s Daddy Good Deeds’ costar, Steven Ma, indicated that he did not know Shirley well on a personal level. However, Steven noted that it required a great deal of courage for a woman to give birth and raise a child on her own, thus expressed his support.

Appearing at an automobile event yesterday, Sharon Chan and Bosco Wong noted their well wishes for Shirley. Although Sharon has not met Shirley in person since her return to Hong Kong, Sharon sent a text message earlier. “I sent my blessings and said that Iwished to see her daughter. Shirley has already responded to my message.”

Bosco stated that he did not have Shirley’s phone number, but will voice his well wishes when seeing her in person. In addition, Bosco was teased at the automobile event whether he will purchase another car for girlfriend, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒). He stated, “I have already purchased one. Family members have an early advantage. However, I did not pay for the entire costs of the car, only the down payment!”

Sources:, Oriental Daily,

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Jayne: While Linda intended to express her support towards Shirley, Linda inadvertently confirmed the rumors regarding Shirley’s current status as a single mother. Since the pair were good friends and Linda has remained in touch over the last few months, Linda’s statement confirms that Shirley had broken up with Andy Ng.


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  1. I still don’t understand why they would “support” a cheater. Honestly I have no sympathy towards Shirley. But I feel for krystal. I cant imagine her life growing up being teased by other children.

    1. ^_^ They do not support anything, they just make them look good as (fake)”supportive” ones.

      1. Just let them ask themselves, what if their future daughter, would they support her to be single mom!?

      2. I thought that I was the only one that felt that way… But then again, that is understandable since they are not close friends with her at all so it would sound strange for them to really support her. The only one is Linda since they are good friends.

    2. Why would she be teased? I think if she is teased it shows more about the poor upbringing of those doing the teasing.

      1. You don’t know how cruel children can be. I remember reading about Tony Sun’s(Taiwanese singer/actor and the leader of 5566) childhood in his biography. HE talked about how he was always teased by other kids for not having a father. Therefore, he always got in to physical fights with other kids and got into trouble all the time, so his mom and grandparents were always being called to the school. His mom was in the same situation as Shirley, but his mom did not cheat and all like Shirley did. But his “father” left his mother so she had to be a single mom. However, she was lucky to have her parents help her take care of him since she was always busy working to make money to raise him. I think Shirley will have to do the same thing now that she is a single mom.

      2. Agree HTS,

        You can’t expect children to act rationally when even adults frequently don’t.

      3. Great statement Exiodus!! That is so true and I was thinking the same. There are many times that even “adults” can act cruel and irrational so children definately will not always think rationally.

      4. I also wanted to add that it is not always how the children are bought up. I was bullied a lot in school but I realized that it was not because of the parents. I remember that I once met the parents of a kid that bullied me and they seemed like decent and really nice people. However, their kids were not civilized at all. That mean girl teased me and her mean little brother teased my little brother. I don’t think it is always the parents fault since there are many times that the kids are just bad and don’t want to listen regardless of what the parents do. I guess that is where you argue about whether it is nature or nurture…

      5. Exactly my thought, sometimes it have nothing to do with the parents upbringing.

        People and especially kids act very different in groups i.e. starting to tease other kids for fun etc.

      6. TOtally agree with you Exiodus and people sadly tend to act different when they are with different people. It is sad that it is for the worse. Like one of my close friends used to be friends with this one girl that was nice to her. However, when her “bully” was around, that “friend” of hers would just leave her and join that bully to make fun of her… It is really sad that people can’t just be themselves at all times but have to fake around certain people at certain times.

      7. My father passed away when I was in 2nd grade but I never heard something from the kids from neighbors or kids from my school. Because of living, I moved to many different schools but there was not a single kid told me anything about not having father.

        When I watched TVB series, it happened so frequency about kids get bullied about not having father. It is a cultural thing in HK?

      8. @LLC,
        Sorry to hear about your father. I know that pain because I have been there. I guess you were lucky to not be teased as you were growing up. I am not sure if it is a cultural thing or not, but I think if you get teased then you just do. It does not occur in HK only. Bullying regardless of reason is universal. It seems to be worse in some countries than others, like Japan for example, bullying became so bad that many children committed suicide because of it. I found that in the US, bullying was ignored a lot until recently some kids committed suicide as well. During my time as a kid, it was heavily ignored so other kids and I had to suffer in silence. I felt that it was sad that many times teachers would just witness and not do a thing. It is good that times have changed and they even considered passing a law against bullying and it is about time that they did before more innocent people suffer in silence.

      9. LLC,

        HTS has already mentioned the luck factor. Im not sure but I think it’s different when a parent passes away and when he/she actually decides to abandon one. Another possible explanation is that you are very likable and therefore noone bothered teasing you 🙂

        Missing a father figure will also affect a child’s mentality!

      10. I agree with Exiodus that it is definately different when a father passes away versus one that just abandons you. But I don’t think it is whether you are likeable or not will determine whether you will get teased or not. I think most of those bullies just tease people that are easy targets like kids with little or no friends. Or they can even do it out of jealousy, like if the kids do well in school for example and those bullies do bad so they get envious. That’s what happened to one of my close friends. I was teased since I did not fit in and did not have many friends. Kids also get teased if they are from a poor family so they don’t dress up or have as much as kids that are from richer families as well. There are just so many different scenarios that I have seen and experienced…

      11. HTS, I agree with your analysis 🙂

        Guess the only way to avoid being teased is either to join the bullies or beat the crap out of them, LOL

      12. Thanks Exiodus and boy your comment just made me crack up… So funny but actually true in a lot of cases…. ha.. ha…

      13. It has nothing to do with the poor upbringing of parents or the lack of. Kids are generally honest by nature. They don’t understand that certain things said can be hurtful on the other end. It’s different from teenagers bullying others for entertainment or trying to be “cool” in front of their peers.

      14. Totally agree. It is every parent’s and educator’s job to teach tolerance and respect. Plus, she shouldn’t raise her kid in HK if parents and schools do not emphasize mutual respects. If she were to raise her kid in the US, then no one would know who Shirley Yeung is.

      15. Just a general observation…

        Most of the people on this forum can be quite judgmental.

        She cheated on her boyfriend. Is it wrong? Yes, by most of the people’s values.

        She may have decided to raise the child on her own. Is it a wise decision? We don’t know. From her perspective, it may be. It is her life and her child’s life. Should we make the decision for her? No. We have our values. Other people have theirs. Let them make their own decisions. Who are we to judge? Many people grow up in single families and have done just fine. Many people grew up in a family with a father and mother. Are they better off than the ones with single parent? Not necessarily.

        Why do kids tease other kids about not having a father or mother? Like many of you said, they are kids, they have better things to play with than thinking about their classmates’ parents. Why would other kids know anything about her mom being a cheater or a single parent anyway? Kids are not nosy–the parents are. They may ask who the daddy or mommy is if they do come visit the house. If her answer is that she doesn’t have one, most of the kid would just let it be.

        Some of you ask would the kid support being a single Mom? Well, she won’t have the chance to ask the question if the Mom aborted her. Or would she rather that the Mom just marry anyone just so that she has a father? Would the person her Mom choose to marry going to love her as a daughter?

        Who are we to decide what’s right or wrong with people’s choices in life? S.Y. is not doing anything that is detrimental to the public, right? If we think her decision puts her child in danger, than call the social services to come take the kid away. But, I don’t think she is putting her child in danger by raising her kid on her own. It is wrong only in some of the people’s opinion.

      16. The children will be cruel if they see the adults do such things. What do you want Shirley to do now? Give Krystal to an orphan in order to avoid her being teased as a non-father kid? Or don’t give birth to Krystal? What she can and should do now is only raise Krystal with all the best and love her, even on behalf of her dad. Bringing back the past that Shirley really cheat or not isn’t important to Krystal because for watever reason, Shirley decided to be a single mother by now. You can’t assume that Tony Sun’s mother didn’t cheat, or did cheat, or did anything wrong, or didn’t. Same, you can’t assume that Shirley can’t be a good single mother. Krystal was born and from now on, Shirley will have the responsibility of being a mother.

        Again, finding on how Shirley cheated, or not, or did anything wrong, is unnecessary to Krystal and won’t help Krystal a bit.

    3. Shirley Yeung was very stupid to make that kind of mistake. She should have broke up first with Gregory Lee and then looked for her “right” man. However, every woman will make mistakes especially in love life. She is now suffering the aftermaths by getting criticisms from her fans and having to raise her daughter on her own.

      If Gregory Lee could forgive her, why can’t we forgive her? She has a tough life ahead of her.

    4. They are not ‘supporting’ her as a cheater. They support her as a single mother, which is different. Just because your friend made a mistake, doesn’t mean you can’t support her in other parts of her life.

      1. Best comment I have read so far….

        I also do not support her cheating, but I think she is brave for being a single mother. She could’ve easily had an abortion but she didn’t. She had baby Krystal and came back to face the media circus and constant criticism.

        Also it’s not in our judgment to say she is right or wrong for her actions, there’s a possibility she really felt strongly attracted, maybe even love the father of her child to the point that she is willing to have a child and gave up the relationship with Gregory. Feelings and attraction can be very strong when you feel you met someone that matches your interests so much and cares for you a lot, that it seems that you found the perfect person.

      2. It’s truly appalling to what level of morals or standards we have in society these days. It’s always easy for the outsiders to say everyone makes mistakes and we should forgive them for it. If you were Krystal, would you be as forgiving? This is a child’s life we are talking about not just a celebrity that simply cheated on her boyfriend. Is this what you want teachers to be teaching in school? Is this the right message you want your kids to be receiving? Can you look into a child’s eye and tell them this is right? I can’t.

  2. “Bosco stated that he did not have Shirley’s phone number, but will voice his well wishes when seeing her in person.”

    Interesting that Bosco does not have Shirley’s number when they have worked together in 3 series. I wonder if Bosco has Kate’s number.

    1. What if he is lying so that the reporters don’t come to him asking more about this situation??

    2. Celebs lie a lot so it is not shock if Bosco is not telling the truth.

    3. I have worked in the same department for 9 years and I see most of the same people day in day out, I don’t have the phone numbers of everyone in my department. So what if they worked in 3 series? It doesn’t mean they are friends off screen.

      1. That is true that just because you work together does not mean that you automatically become friends. On screen and off screen are 2 different worlds.

      2. That’s true. Shirley might just be a colleague at workplace. Or he’s just lying to stop reporters from questioning.

  3. There are things that we do not support or encourage but once they accidentally happened we can provide our insightful helps

  4. Sharon seems to be very friendly with many people at TVB. While I get the impression that Shirley does not have that many friends, with Linda Chung being one of the few people the press frequently turns to for quotes regarding Shirley’s situation.

    During last year’s breakup scandal, not many people stood up for Shirley. Only Ms. Lok and Linda had some positive things to say about Shirley.

    1. Yea, it really doesn’t seem like Shirley has that many friends at TVB. It is hard to have close friends when you are in the same company/field since you are constantly competing with each other. It is good that Shirley at least has Linda.

    2. I believe that Linda Chung became good friends with Shirley Yeung after filming one of Linda’s first drama series 《人生馬戲團》 with Shirley in 2004. Shirley was the 1st lead actress while Linda took a 2nd lead for the first time. Linda was very new in acting, as well as living in Hong Kong, and I believe that Shirley had helped her a lot in that drama series. Moreover, the drama was filmed in “Fat San” (somewhere near Kwong Chau) and they worked and lived together in a small place for a few months. Linda was new in the entertainment industry and did not have many friends. Their few months living in a small place would easily build up good friendship. I believe both parties cherish their friendship as both of them do not have a lot of friends.

    3. Shirley is Linda’s first and best friend after joining industry.

      1. Yes I noticed that Shirley and Linda are really best friends.

      2. I remember watching an older interview of Linda where she mentioned that Shirley was one of her best friends in the biz. So I’m not surprised that she has stuck by her despite the mess that Shirley got into last year. Just glad that Linda didn’t talk much about it to let the media spin the whole thing more out of control than it was. Hopefully as time passes people get less worked up about it and Shirley can raise her daughter well.

  5. Shirley put herself in her present situation by being a *

  6. Hopefully, despite Shirley’s poor decison making process, we, as a society will need to give a supportive and unbiased upbringing to her son just like other single parent families. It is not the child’s fault to be in this unfortunate situation. In a few years, society’s recollection of this incident will fade. If Shirley’s parents have any decency as grandparents, they will need to step up and provide their grandchild the love and support to grow up happy and well adjusted as well as they were alleged to be were part of the problem.

  7. Daddy Good Deeds is boring. The same old expectations with Linda……so not surprised or interested. She’s like the female version of Steven….. she’s a lead actress but she lacks the popularity, challenging roles and spark.

    she’s basically a ‘safe actress’…. and her news and interviews are boring…no wonder no one here really talks about her. because there’s just nothing to talk about. She doesn’t have bad news for the haters to talk about lol. No rumors, no plastic surgery, no great acting, no crap acting, no fans or haters who support or diss her…. poor Linda.

    1. I guess she is interesting enough for you to comment on her :P.

      BTW, I doubt of Linda’s unpopularity. For example, she is paid for an ads more than many other first line Txb actresses, only lower than Myolie (Bernice, Charmaine and other series contracts I don’t mention of anymore, only the management actress). If she is really nothing, the price comes from where?

      1. It only shows that you don’t hate Linda I suppose.

        What im sure of is that Fox-chan never admits being wrong even when it’s obvious, LOL.

      2. Oh in term of admitting for any obvious wrong, I’m sure that I can’t compare with you, lol.

        I don’t hate anyone that don’t do anything wrong to me.

      3. I suppose so since as much as I don’t want to I frequently make mistakes unlike you, LOL.

      4. Uhm, I’ll consider that you are kidding about yourself. 🙂 If not, you can keep thinking like this. It dun have any harm to think that you make less mistakes than others :). On the other hand, it can comfort yourself a lot.

      5. It’s a waste of time thinking too much especially that there are people out there dumber than me, LOL.

        Certainly won’t make me feel any better, hehe.

      6. Uhm, you should start to think less LOL. Look like you are thinking too much.

      7. BTW, I wonder if you are thinking I’m so wrong to defend Linda? Mean I shouldn’t defend her? If it’s an obvious wrong of me, I’m speechless.

      8. No im pleasantly surprised that you defended Linda 🙂

        You said it yourself you are always right, so how can you be wrong, LOL.

      9. You said it yourself you are always right, so how can you be wrong, LOL.

        Where did I say so? Do you have any mistake when reading my post? Or it only appears in your mind without my own word? If you really think that I’m always right, thank you but I think I did have some mistakes, just can’t compare with you.

      10. You said that in another article, however you were prolly joking.

      11. Somehow I don’t trust your memory much. Last time you even forgot wat you said. Watever.

    2. Let the record stand that I like Linda. Sure she can be hit and miss at times… but has their been a actor/actress who wasn’t?

      1. I’m also a Linda fan.

        @Fez – just because fans don’t go on some insane rampage attacking their favourite artists’ “haters” or defend everything their favourite artist does, it doesn’t mean they don’t support them. Everyone supports their artists in different ways.

      2. Jump on others’ comments, especially the disagreements, is the only way of support, Bridget :P.

        I don’t think it’s wrong for a fan to support or to defend or to love every single centimeter of an idol. Actually that. But saying that because many ppl like something, everyone must like such thing, it’s kinda childish.

      3. @Fox, I usually ignore those blind fans. What I have serious problems with is when those blind fans insult fans of other artists to make themselves feel better about their idol or make their idol sound better. Funny enough, it achieves neither.

      4. Oh, you are mentioning of the girls who like to say “A isn’t good enough”, “B isn’t deserved to win”, “C only wins because D is absent (provided tat D is these girls’ fav)? Lol, I always lol when reading them.

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