Linda Chung Back in HK for TV Queen Award?

With the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards slated to air on January 2, nominees were also rounded up during the media conference earlier. As viewers’ votes shall contribute to the final winners for all categories, this year’s awards are perceived as more convincing. Leading the buzz on the ground for Best Actress, Linda Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) portrayal of Dr. Eman Cheung in headline medical drama Kids’ Lives Matter <星空下的仁醫> drew them in with her relatable vibes and touching screen presence.

Quarantining with Son, Jared

As the mother of two promptly returned to her family in Canada after filming wrapped for the series, Linda later absented herself from the show’s publicity events, which many felt would discount her chances of bagging the award. They also speculated that her likely absence from the actual awards night also meant she would likely be passed up, since TVB “tradition” had it that those who did not attend would not receive awards – with the notable exception of Dayo Wong (黃子華), who still snagged Best Actor in 2013, despite his no-show.

Fans were hence delighted when Linda updated several photos of herself with elder son Jared at a Hong Kong hotel on November 26. The actress shared that she was currently undergoing quarantine, and would enjoy some “rest and relax” with her young one.

Some fans also expressed their well wishes for the actress and hopes she would be able to return to Canada eventually with the coveted Best Actress award!

Source: HK01

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    1. I agree Ali should win, but I think since Linda is back in HK, then she might get it..

      Ali might get Favourite character award and Linda Best Actress award..
      as Ali has already won before and Linda never has.

  1. Is it just me or does she look sad/depressed when she’s happy? Her smile is always forced and she doesn’t have that “smile from your eyes” happy face when someone is truly happy.

    1. I have never watched her dramas but was just interested in following her news bec well … she lives in Vancouver. / To me … she doesn’t look sad-depressed at all … she actually looks a lot prettier than the HK ones (Ada Choi for eg I never understood why she was deemed attractive), ditto Eliza? Sam. / Linda Chung doesn’t hail from a wealthy family – if she went to school in Templeton. She was also born in Maple Ridge – that’s kinda like hicksville.

    1. Yup, otherwise no point going back to HK.

      It’s a 2 horse race really, Ali or Linda and Ali has won before so looks like Linda’s year.. her performance wasn’t great but nor bad either, her best scene was when she lost her baby, this will probably get over over.

  2. This is a pretty bad picture of Linda – she looks masculine.

    I don’t get impression that Linda would leave her husband and daugther at home and quarantine for 21 days for an award. I’d say she’s back in Hong Kong to make money/attend Christmas and New Year events – brands seem to love having her. And if she wins the best actress award, it’s just a bonus.

  3. Exactly!! I don’t understand what is the big fuss about her. I am not a big fan of Ali but I think her recent performance deserves the Best Actress award!! Whenever Linda speaks… listening to her squeaky voice just turn me off every time not saying her sub standard performance. One great crying scene makes her a best actress is such a joke to me!!

  4. Linda should get most popular cos that’s the character at work. Ali gave an outstanding performance but we all know TVB will give it to anyone but her for best actress

    1. its pretty funny. When she was active, she was heavily criticised and just cos she MIA from screen since then, she suddenly become best actress now

  5. weren’t readers bashing the show and linda when it started its broadcast??? why would anyone from the show be up for an award?


  6. she going back to Canada with an award for sure if it’s the big one we’ll have to wait and see…

  7. Linda Chung is not a character actress. Just because the script is relatable and convincing does not equate to her good acting skills. There are many actresses who perform better. I will be disappointed if she is this year’s best actress winner. It shows favouritism. Furthermore, she is not based in HK.

    1. If Natalie can be BA, everyone else can be, it’s never about acting skills. when judges are senior managers of TVB, everything else matters more than acting skills

    2. I dont think that if Linda wins BA, it shows favoritism. She has been in TVB since 2004, which is almost 20 years and has never won. If she was favored, then she wouldve won a long time ago. Also, I dont think being based in HK or not has an effect on who gets the award.

  8. I hope Linda wins. I don’t understand all this bashing of Linda’s acting on this post. I think Linda did a fabulous job in Kids Lives Matter. One of her best performances.

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