Linda Chung Makes Day Trip to Hong Kong

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Linda Chung Makes Day Trip to Hong Kong

On Thursday, Linda Chung (鐘嘉欣) made her first appearance in Hong Kong since giving birth to her daughter Kelly in August. The 32-year-old, who was attending an event for Emporio Armani’s Remix collection, was in fantastic spirits when she greeted the press.

“This brand has supported me for many years, so I had to come,” said Linda. “Money isn’t the reason why I’m back.” She added her event appearance was confirmed over a month ago.

As for her new life with baby Kelly, Linda happily said she’s been enjoying her life as a new mother. “No mistakes so far,” shared Linda. “I’m a rather calm mother. The first month of postpartum recovery was tiring. It was hard to get used to that lifestyle, but I’m a lot better at it now.”

Linda did not sleep much in the first month after giving birth to Kelly, who was delivered naturally. Kelly always cried and had to be fed every two hours. But after going through that first month of frantic struggle, Linda began to adapt to her baby’s needs.

“I now know how much she needs to eat and why she’s crying,” said Linda. “Now that she’s older, she’s starting to sleep more too. She’s been sleeping at least eight hours a day!”

Linda shared that she would be leaving Hong Kong the following day. She explained, “I only pumped out about 26 100 ml bottles of milk. I need to go back soon.”

Asking if her figure has changed after breastfeeding, Linda said, “I actually lost weight from breastfeeding! I’ve learned from a baby class that you can lose up to 15 calories from breastfeeding every time.” Linda gained over 35 pounds while carrying Kelly. “I lost most of that now,” she added.

Will Not Star in “Heart of Greed 3”

Linda jokingly said she “cried for hours” when she had to leave Kelly for Hong Kong. She frequently video-chats with her family back in Vancouver.

As for her impending career comeback, Linda admitted that it won’t be in the near future. “I will take up a few events in the meantime. I haven’t completely healed yet. I want to take good care of myself and my daughter first before I start work.”

TVB has already started the casting work for Heart of Greed 3 <溏心風暴3> which starts principal photography next year. Linda, who starred in the previous two installments, confirmed that she will not be returning for the show.

“It’s a pity. Heart of Greed brought me many things, and I really want to take part in it. However, I have a daughter now, and she is number one. I need to take care of her.” Asking if Linda will permanently move back to Vancouver, she said, “I haven’t thought that far yet. My career is in Hong Kong after all, so I really need to plan this well. My husband supports me, and has been supporting me ever since we started dating. He knows I’ll be flying a lot in the future. I don’t mind that.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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Linda Chung Makes Day Trip to Hong Kong

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    1. isay says:

      Goodbye Linda! Don’t hope to see you soon!

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      • janet72 replied:

        @isay give me a 10.
        Good bye Linda. Please stay in Canada. Please don’t come back to act.

        Hope the next one to say good bye to is grace chan.

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        • isay replied:

          @janet72 hi 10! Waiting for grace chan to exit too! Hope she pops out those babies for kevin soon.

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    2. janet72 says:

      so happy to get rid of one cry baby…next would be turbo tongue.

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    3. happybi says:

      She looks good. Got her priority right too. Glad to see she is enjoying motherhood. It’s always rough in the beginning but once things settle, it become easier.

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    4. m0m0 says:

      glad not having to see her on screen. she looks very tired even with the make up on.

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    5. says:

      Agree, Linda’s acting so bad

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    6. anon says:

      She needs to retire from acting.

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    7. abcd says:

      Linda Chung is so sweet! I really miss her acting from older series, like A Journey Called Life and the other one with Steven ma and Raymond Wong. Too bad after a while they started casting her in recycled roles over and over. If she ever comes back I hope she gets the more diverse roles she used to have.

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      • isay replied:

        @abcd How about acting as mum to the actors she used to act sweetheart to? Her sweetie-pie BB days are over, thank god! No need to see her act and talk cutie anymore.

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    8. janet72 says:

      is she worth paying so much for just to show up for an event? can’t act, can’t sing. but very lucky to find a hubby who is doing well in his biz.

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    9. creditor says:

      Wow! Sure lots of dislikes for her here. But the truth is the truth – that she can neither act nor sing. She is sweet, but that’s about all that she is. So it’s best that Linda accepts this and leave the entertainment industry and be a tai-tai instead.

      After all, she has a husband that loves her unconditionally so much so that he was willing to marry her knowing that she was bearing Philip’s child. Linda should know that she is indeed well blessed and should be contented to stay home and be a dutiful wife to Jeremy.

      Login or Register before you can reply to creditor
      • janet72 replied:

        @creditor her daughter is clearly jeremy’s kid…splitting image of her husband. her cutie pie days are over. please don’t return to acting…i really cringe seeing her each time.

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