Linda Chung Refuses to Dine with Wealthy Businessmen

Linda Chung (鐘嘉欣) is well known for her sweet and good girl image as she does not enjoy partying at all. In 2005, Linda and Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) were reportedly locked up inside a nightclub and forbidden to leave while filming Life in a Circus <人生馬戲團>.  This incident frightened Linda, and after that, she made a rule of not partying nor dining with anyone while filming on location. She would usually return to her hotel room to avoid any potential conflicts.

Adored by Rich businessmen

Linda has been filming in Macau for new TVB drama, Big Wheel <巨輪>. It was reported that quite a few rich businessmen were attracted to her and they had invited her for dinner dates. Staying true to her principles, Linda turned them down and upset other cast members as a few of them had tried to set up dates for her.  They even asked Linda just to show up for a short time to chat with the businessmen without the need to drink any alcohol, but she still refused.

One of the crew members complained, “She is so righteous, and her refusal of the dinner dates upset the sponsors. She made it very difficult for us to handle the situation.”  However, Linda’s costars, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Louis Yuen (阮兆祥), Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) have no problems mingling with these businessmen in order to establish a good relationship with the sponsors.

It was reported Linda was a loner on the filming set of Big Wheel as the cast members have been giving her cold shoulders. The working relationship turned sour since the incident. With their cold treatment, Linda tries not to stay overnight at Macau and she returns to her home to Hong Kong in between filming.


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  1. This whole innocence, purity, and self-principles is very smothering. How innocent and highly-principled can one be if she had in the past participated in pageant contests? Standing up on a stage in a bikini and letting judges, especially men critiquing your body, is a form of selling your flesh.

      1. These are absolutely two difference things.

        It’s not fair to a lady who stands by her principle.

    1. One of the judges was Kelly Chen, who praised her for being sweet during their conference. And, she was young, so she took the chance to go to the pageant which would take her to Hong Kong and help her earn money. Not everyone has that opportunity without joining a pageant. She also helped her mother return to Hong Kong for a visit.

      1. I’m not saying she’s not sweet or filial, I’m pretty sure she is as all her colleagues have mentioned it time and time again. I’m just kind of turned off by the whole innocent, pure, and highly-morale Mother Theresa-image that is being displayed constantly; it feels so manufactured. This is not even Linda’s fault, but the media that continuously write about her wholesome nun-like persona.

    2. Btw, u can’t rule out d fitness factor in a beauty pageant by wearing a gown or something covered up n I doubt these beauty pageants r for d men’s eyes only n satiating male appetite. These pageants r classy n nothing vulgar except for some perverts of coz thinking they hv a right to violate them.

      1. Linda’s particular pageant was alright, but TVB is getting sloppier each year and stopped caring about contestants recently. Christine Kuo’s pageant was the best in terms of available resources.

      2. In Christine’s pageant they were allowed to negotiate what to wear even though the final result might be chosen by the organizers.

      3. If wearing a bikini on a stage was to test for fitness, then why not wear active wear: shorts and sports bra? In the old days, Miss HK pageant contestants wore swimsuits, nowadays bikini. The clothes are getting shorter and shorter. I’m not saying it’s wrong to join in such contestants, but let’s be honest with ourselves, those types of competition is a form of selling some flesh with the addition of talents.

      4. They actually don’t need the swimsuits for fitness. Only measurements and stuff.

      5. It’s solely tradition for the segment, but if the organizers decide not to have it then it goes that way.

  2. As you know Linda is a reserve & homely girl who does not like partying.The incidence in 2005 when she was so young & new to the entertainment industry probably is still haunting her. She is not anti social i think she is a warm & caring person who will display it only to those she knows well, give her time. Her colleagues behaviour toward her could
    bebeanother press exaggeration yboost

    1. I think the news about her colleagues ignoring her was made up.

      Before this news came out (so there shouldn’t be a need for people to try to smooth things out), this was posted by Edwin on his weibo.
      “每次收到好朋友送上的唱片專輯,內心都很為他們高興,今次收到嘉欣BB的小BB,Linda唱功和努力加上Herman挑選的歌曲,好聽程度不容置疑,大家都快點買來聽吧!ps 下次你吃花生糖的時候請不要向著我,謝謝

    2. If it’s an exaggeration I suppose d best solution is a confirmation from Jaynestar.

    3. Hmmm… Did she ever reveal more details about that 2005 incident during “life in a circus”? Cuz ya know, Benny chan was her costar in that series. Wonder if he took the girls to the nightclub.

    4. I agree with you. Linda does not like partying with. She is special girl and like being herself.

  3. Going out dinner with bosses is a very Asian thing especially in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea.

    Looks like it’s a norm for the showgirls to dine with movies financiers.

    Showgirls’ Managers always encouraged them to accompany bosses to dinner.

    1. Big Korean showbiz scandal last year concerning actresses being drugged and raped by managers and businessmen. It’s a degrading business beneath the surface glamour

      1. The opinion that those female superstar like Lin Chiling has slept with bosses are true.

  4. I don’t care what others say about her. She’S not 100% perfect but I still think she’s a good type of girl since she’s not so sosial..

    1. 1. I don’t what the co-worker say about her.
      2. Linda is perfect girl, her acting are super excellent, she improve a lot.
      3. Linda works very hard and ignore whatever what the press saying about her.

  5. Missing You a bit boring at first but quite interesting in 2nd episodes. But I have to admit FF’s much better than this. So I hope her new series with Ruco can bring her to top 5 best actress 2013. I hope you can win!!!:)

    1. yup. A bit boring. Jason really cant act. They should give his roles at least to Edwin or Vincent. For Linda, she can act but still the same character. How I wish she turn down the offer for this drama. I watch it because of her…

    2. I found her character in Missing You interesting. Ha Ha Ha… Over confident, arrogant, neat, kind-hearted… Jason? Huh… I wish he never exist.

    3. I vote for Tavia for Jaynestars awards..but today I give one of my vote for Linda. 🙂

  6. wow…long time no see Jaynestars… You have lots of fans Linda and i am one of them. Go Go Go Linda

  7. Hoa hậu Hoa Kiều 2004 – Linda Chung

    Flashback watch it on youtube n credits to keobonggonyokin

    Yea, u do hv a point about d bikinis n getting judged by ppl but rules r rules n I doubt these contestants felt comfortable parading in it. Some countries may hv even banned d bikinis round n y not Hongkong? I recalled a sports activity round for fitness was included for Linda’s yr n they did wear d outfits dat u mentioned, I suppose there’s a fairly good reason for putting on d bikinis though not wat u claimed as selling flesh, a tradition perhaps. N yep right on wat lise said abt TVB’s management of these pageants. I’m sure u’ve been to d beaches n swimming pools r those bikini clad ladies n gals selling flesh as well heheheh N to be honest I don’t harbor such thoughts whenever I watched these beauty pageants, on stage I regard them as d supreme beings, so elegant, charming n courageous.

    Wow r we off topic now!

    1. Wearing bikinis to the beach is different than wearing to a contest and let judges critique your body. There’s rewards in a pageant contest unlike going to the beach for fun. Also, I always wonder why do pageants always label somebody’s breasts size? Anyways, my point was
      nobody in the entertainment industry is a “good girl,” highly-principled white lily. But then I could be wrong that there really is a white lily nun in the world of entertainment.

      1. MG! I believe u do detest all d females where their profession is in d entertainment industry? Can u elaborate on d “white lily nun”? Nuns don’t hv to be virgins n pure as well except Mother Mary of coz. I haven’t posted any suggestions dat Linda or other celebrities r pure, btw. It’s always been only urs n d press assumptions but then do u hv total faith for whatever published. My comments were mostly centred on her well-bred personality.
        Well it’s a beauty pageant how sensitive can one be revealing d bra size anyway u do hv an option, see no evil, hear no evil n speak no evil.

  8. I believe Linda is a very reserved person. I read in an interview of hers saying she doesn’t has any true friends in filming industry except for a few… Le Anne, Tavia, Steven & Ha Yu (during the filming onset)… I also came across Tavia & Steven’s comments on Linda about 2-3 yrs ago that Linda is a very pure lady who is often worried a lot.

    1. I think Shirley Yeung is also her good friend. She made friend with Shirley when she was very new, probably in her 2nd or 3rd drama series filmed in China.

      1. As Linda does not like partying, it is harder for her to become close friends with many artistes. Most artistes do partying.

  9. Oh no. Missing You getting bored… I hate Jason. why he’s in there…why the script so %&&#$@?? FF more interesting. I love Micheal. How I wish Linda was her pair for FF.

    1. Not really. Dis new character with her ocd is refreshing n there’s lots of guest starring as well.

  10. Poor Linda. She got to pair up with the less popular actors, such as Jason Chan in “Missing You” and Ruco Chan in “Big Wheel”. TVB used her to promote the new actors.

    1. Yes.. compare to Fala who pair with Julian, Francis..Tavia with Micheal, Raymond Lam, Kenneth… Myolie with Wayne Lai, Kevin Cheng… pity her

    2. Yea. I agree it looks like Linda is used to promote Jason and Ruco to first line.

      I’m ok with Ruco but I prefer if TVB promote Edwin or Oscar over Jason. Jason need more practice before he can be a lead. He reminds me of Ron, a pretty face with stiff acting and emotionless dialogue.

      1. Agree. Edwin Siu should be promoted before Jason Chan. Edwin acted quite well and he is good looking. As for Oscar Leung, he needs some characters to suit his appearance. He is not a siu sang look, but he acts well.

      2. Right. Vincent Wong should also be promoted before Jason Chan. He is tall and good looking. Vincent did very well as Jimmy Chung in “SSSS”. I think his performance was better than Kenneth Ma’s.

      3. Right on. Vincent is better than Kenneth in SSSS and should be promoted before Jason. Why Jason?

      4. Jason look liks stone in Missing You. How bad he is… hate him… They should give chance to Edwin, Oscar, Vincent or Piere Ngo to lead the series.

  11. It seems like Linda have lots of fans. Unfortunately, most all of her series show the same roles. Please choose your scrpt wisely Linda…

    1. I think Linda Chung is too nice to accept any types of drama series. She needs to have a change to impress people. First, I think that she has to change her hairstyle from time to time to give her different images for different characters. If she wears the same long hair, she will always be the same Linda Chung …… a simple next door girl.

      I think artistes need to change their looks (especially hair styles) to “impress” people that they are acting other characters. All the successful actresses did change their images from time to time in order to fit into the characters that they are acting.

  12. It does look like it. TVB downgrades Linda from pairing with top listers Ray, Bosco, Moses to pairing with stiff host Jason. Jason speaks without emotion from bits and pieces that I saw of this series.

    Anyone know why TVB suddenly promotes Jason to first lead? Why not Edwin or Oscar Leung first?

    1. Jason is from Catherine tsang side, just like raymond wong, ruco and edwin. Edwin is being promoted, second male lead in great wheel and rb3. Oscar is from tommy leung’s side, so is vincent and him. Tsang has fewer young siu sangs so its easier to rise to 1st or 2nd lead. They cant get wayne or moses to play the young guys. However leung has raymond, bosco, kenneth and ron.

      As for the girls, leung also has more 1st list fadans. Myolie, fala and kate are from leung side. Tavia is inbetween and linda seldoms film for leung, which is why linda’s co stars are so much weaker than the other fadans.

      1. Well, I got it. Thanks!

        How did those two biggies select their siu sangs and fadans? Why should Tommy Leung have all the top siu sangs and fadans, while Catherine Tsang only has Linda Chung, 1/2 of Tavia Yeung and some 2nd lead siu sangs?

      2. Tommy leung gives more chances to newbies I think. He promoted s4 from triumph in the skies back then. Now he is promoting the tiger cubs guys. Catherine tsang used to have kevin and charmaine.

        Linda had good roles until tsang’s producers LKH and MSC left.

      3. Unforunately Charmaine Sheh left TVB already for Mainland China, and Kevin Cheng works only part-time for TVB. It looks like that Catherine’s group is weaker now.

        How about those newbies, Mandy Wong, Aimee Chan, Christine Kuo, Eliza Sam and Rebecca Zhu? Which group are they in?

      4. Mandy and eliza films for leung producers while aimee films for tsang producers. Why do you keep grouping aimee with the new actresses? Lol.

      5. Sorry, Aimee isn’t very new now. As a matter of fact, Aimee only started filming a year before Christine Kuo as per Wikipedia. If Christine Kuo is considered a newbie, I would include Aimee easily. Personally I think Aimee’s acting does not belong to a newbie now, but many people here still take Aimee as a newbie. She acted very well in “Master of Play”, “The Last Steep Ascent” and “The Confidant”.

      6. But if we follow your placements, Linda is still pairing with Leung’s boys Ray and Bosco until WI. How come suddenly her job has to be to promote Catherine’s guys?

      7. Why must Aimee grouped with Eliza and.Rebecaa? Aimee is not a newbie.

      8. Linda paired with raymond, bosco, steven and moses in LKH and MSC dramas. After they left linda stopped being in grand productions and stopped pairing with the top siu sangs. Now she is paired with jason, ruco and edwin. I don’t consider great wheel a grand production.

      9. “Great Wheel” was promoted as a grand production, but I doubt it, too, not with a cast of non-top siu sangs and fadans (Linda Chung, Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu, Kristal Tin, Louis Yuen, etc.)

  13. I think she’s right for upholding her values. Thumbs up to her!

  14. Can’t anyone see the exaggerating manner of this article? No doubt Linda might be a good girl but to say that the whole cast alienating her? This is insanity! I want the other cast to say something and defend themselves!

      1. There’s no point for the pther cast to get cold with her, poor my Linda

      2. I don’t think this is true. Linda is a nice girl and she gets along well with her colleagues.

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