Linda Chung Returns to Hong Kong to Film New TVB Game Show

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) made a rare appearance in Hong Kong yesterday to film TVB’s new variety show Liza’s Online <娛樂大家> hosted by Liza Wang (汪明荃). The TVB actress, whose last official TVB appearance was for the 2018 TV drama Another Era <再創世紀>, said she agreed to do the show for Liza Wang.

“My last TVB project was over a year ago, doing a dubbing job for Another Era,” said Linda. “But it’s been over three years since I last made a public appearance for a TVB program. I’m really happy today. I get to see Liza again and many other colleagues.”

It was Herman Ho (何哲圖), CEO of Linda’s former record label Voice Entertainment, who asked Linda to return. Linda will be staying in Hong Kong for three weeks.

“I brought my son with me,” shared Linda. “My daughter will also be coming later, with my husband.”

Asking if Linda is also in talks to do another TV drama, she said, “I won’t be doing that in the meantime. My son is still very young, but if I come across a script I like and the times are suitable, I may consider to make a comeback. I still enjoy acting and my husband is very supportive.”

Linda’s on-and-off hiatus in the industry started in 2016 when she welcomed her daughter Kelly in Vancouver. In August 2018, Linda gave birth to her second child, son Jared.

Source: ON.CC

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  1. Why is she still relevant in hk entertainment industry? Stay in Canada and raise your kids Linda. You wont be missed.

    1. @passingby2 Exactly what I thought too. But she is really trying so hard to be relevant – ever so often she will make herself stay in the news with stories of her kids and what she is doing! Not interested really. As far as HK entertainment is concerned, she is out and she should just stop trying to make herself relevant and wanted in HK. Just retire and raise your kids.

      1. @myozzie
        There are a lot of retired actors/actresses in the past few decades who moved to Canada and which we never hear of again. Linda should follow their footsteps and stop greedily going back HK to earn quick money. Get a local job if necessary!!

      2. @jimmyszeto I don’t think she needs the money. She is just an attention seeker and keeps coming back and forth in the hope that people will not forget her.

      3. @myozzie
        It’s easy money though. A random few weight loss pills or shampoo adverts can earn more than her husband in a whole year. If Linda stops totally for a couple of years, no company will want her so she is strategically returning on screens every couple of months to stay relevant. Eliza will be doing the same. These talentless waste of screen space actresses will aren’t here for the acting. Just the easy Hong Kong pay days…

  2. oh my, i am glad i am not the only one to think that she should stay away from the limelight

    1. @m0m0 yep. Tvb did give her lots of opportunities but well if u dont have talent when it comes to acting, u ended up like this fadan generation. I miss Ada and Myolie so much, those who had done their execellent performances at their debut.

      1. @alicesky

        Linda has zero talent in acting and singing.

        The only reasons why she was and still is given so many opportunities is because she entered TVB at a time when they had few “potential” newcomers to groom. She’s also the type that has few negative gossips and is obedient to management.

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