Linda Chung Was Chased by Men with Knives: “I Thought I Would Die!”

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Linda Chung Was Chased by Men with Knives: “I Thought I Would Die!”

While filming 2006’s The Biter Bitten <人生馬戲團>, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) were separated from the crew for hours, prompting gossip that the actresses were robbed.  Having kept her secret for the past decade, Linda finally opens up and reveals that she had suffered from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after the incident.

The cast and crew had filmed on location in Mainland China for The Biter Bitten. After wrapping up filming one night, the group went to late night karaoke to celebrate Shirley’s birthday. Leaving the karaoke bar at 1 a.m., Linda and Shirley originally wanted to flag down a taxi to go home. Unfortunately, when they stepped onto the curb of the pavement and was about to get in the cab, more than a dozen men came running after the two women with knives and blades.

Spilling the secret after 10 years on the variety talk show, Wanna Bros <娛樂3兄弟>, Linda recalled that scary night, “Everyone left and there were only 10 of us there. I was in a rush and when I opened the door of the taxi – 10 to 20 men came running at us with big machetes. They had their arms raised and yelled, ‘Don’t run!’, in Mandarin. I thought they were coming after us. When we ran into a dead end, I thought I was going to die for sure!”

Luckily, during the chase, Linda and Shirley hid between large garbage disposal bins in an alleyway. The drama’s production assistant finally found them hours later.

After the frightful night, Linda suffered from PTSD and would scream and cry every time she heard a cab door opening and closing. Linda sighed, “Every time I heard taxi sounds, I cried from fear. It only got better after half a year. I’m pretty sure the [gang members] got the wrong people.”

Initially, the public suspected that the cast of The Biter Bitten was simply robbed. The media was unable to find any information on Linda and Shirley’s mysterious disappearance for a few hours and many believed that TVB’s upper management team gave strict orders to prevent them from talking about the incident.

When asked if TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) knew about her revealing the incident, Linda simply replied, “It’s been a long time, and it didn’t happen in Hong Kong. It’s been so long – it doesn’t matter anymore!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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9 comments to Linda Chung Was Chased by Men with Knives: “I Thought I Would Die!”

  1. mi88 says:

    That used to be my top fav drama. I’m glad that incident has been long over. Never wanna experience that. >_<

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  2. looooooooooo says:

    Shirley & linda might had been raped

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  3. hetieshou says:

    Wow, that is very scary. But that can happen anywhere,not just in China. Maybe the one good thing about it is that it may have made the bond with Shirley and Linda so they are still good friends to this day. Glad they are ok though.

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    • replied:

      I do agree that every part of the world there can be bad things happening everywhere. In my trips so far I have two experiences that was a bit creepy and one scary.
      In Bermuda, my sis, mom n myself were walking around as other tourists and came across this alley that also have some stores around it i think i don’t even remember too much now cuz it’s like 10 years ago since our cruise. I see a couple of men creepily eyeing us from behind so I quickly told them to go back to the route which have many many more people. They like be ready to rob from the looks of it and who else but to target tourists. My sis always have a BRAVE wor on her forehead. lol kidding cuz she travels much more that i do but I feel she’s not as observant. lol…haha. but luckily she’s gotten smarter after that I think I hope.
      One time, in Shanghai big city where all the central is, these teen looking men, no more than 20 I think kept on chasing/following us to buy whatever they have on hand. My friend and I walk and walk faster and faster b/c they might act like they are selling something but they look too aggressively scary. It was just weird vibe even thou there are lots of people there. The tour guide downright told us not to give money to the kids who begged on the streets too just like INDIA.
      So I wouldn’t say just china but everywhere you have to cautious cuz bad and crazy people all very the world but b/c china is so big, and lots of such sick news so when people criticize CHINA, they have a lot to relate? haha lol…. but I wont be biased like some ppl esp HK ppl they whey criticize china this and china that b/c everywhere you have such incidents. Come to NY’s Harlem or Bronx, that will open their eyes too? haha LOL…

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  4. mike says:

    One thing for sure is she’s lying about being able to escape 20 men chasing her with knifes. This is not TVB script, in real life you will not be able to lose 20 men by hiding behind a garbage bin. What really happened must have been too unfortunate to talk about it.

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  5. isay says:

    I also find it hard to believe that they escaped by hiding behind garbage bins lol.

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  6. funnlim says:

    Why were they chased? If mere robbery seems a tad overdone. Or they were caught up in some gang fight.

    General rule; never leave any place at 1am if in a foreign country, especially if you’re 2 ladies unaccompanied.

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  7. panda says:

    wow that’s super scary

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  8. Let’s not make any assumptions here and take their word for it. Even if your assumptions are right you’re not doing anything but tear open an old wound and if you’re wrong then you guys are only creating unwanted rumours for the poor girls.

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