“Line Walker 3” Trailer Promises Action-Packed Ride

Line Walker 3 <使徒行者 3> is one of the most anticipated dramas of 2020 and marks Raymond Lam’s (林峯) comeback since leaving TVB five years ago. A collaboration with Mainland Chinese streaming platforms, Line Walker 3 has been designated to air in November as one of the three Anniversary dramas.

As the broadcast is only one month away, Mainland Chinese sites released the Mandarin and Cantonese versions of the trailer yesterday. From the action-packed trailer, Bao Seed (Raymond Lam) is in Thailand handling a drug trafficking business. Since his original triad has disbanded, he helps whomever pays the highest price. Ngai Tak Lai (Kenneth Ma 馬國明) shows up as the lead investigator of the Security Bureau and is seen pointing a gun at Bao Seed calling him a snitch. In another scene, Bao Seed and Cheuk Hoi (Michael Miu 苗僑偉) have turned from friends into enemies. Bao Seed is also seen desperately asking where Ah Deng (Charmaine Sheh 佘詩曼) had gone, but later finds out she had been murdered and promises to avenge her death.

Familiar Characters Return

While remaining undercover for the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB), Bao Seed manages Ah Deng’s foot massage parlor. He reports to Madam G (Mandy Wong 黃智雯), a Chief Inspector with the CIB.

Cheuk Hoi has just been released from prison where he spent three years after injuring Chung King Fai’s (鍾景輝) character. After his release, he decides to open a coffee shop with his wife (Elena Kong ‎江美儀) and live a peaceful life. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned and he faces the constant danger of triads in murderous pursuit.

Entangled in the triad leader election, Cheuk Hoi encounters Tam Foon Hei (Benz Hui 許紹雄), who was thought to be murdered by Bao Seed. He discovers Ngai Tak Lai’s real identity as Ngai Tak Shun’s (Moses Chan 陳豪) brother and his plans for revenge. As everyone works together on the investigation, another dark powerful organization is revealed…

The Security Bureau creates a new intelligence department and invites Yu Tin Tong (Benjamin Yuen 袁偉豪) to join. He and Cheng Suk Mui (Priscilla Wong 黃翠如) are no longer undercover and have returned to the police force.

Cassidy (Sisley Choi 蔡思貝) and Lung Ho Yeung (Owen Cheung 張振朗) will also have important roles to play in the drama. It is rumored that Cassidy will be an undercover who has changed allegiance and will have a relationship with Ho Yeung. Although he had previously played the role of Benz’ lackey in the first Line Walker, Owen will portray a new role but additional details about his character have not been revealed yet.

“Line Walker 3” Trailer


Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @joyce i guess so.. no mention of his name. Was looking forward to his scene w ah mui.
      Anyway the main focus is Raymond Lam. All fans must be excited for his comeback

      1. @bennyjr I thought I read an earlier article that they just cut his time on screen but not totally out of the movie. A little disappointed

  1. Looks trash with all the below-average actors.

    Huge fan of Raymond Lam, Michael Miu and Benz, even putting them together can’t tempt me to watch this hot trash.

  2. So excited for this. Sucks that pakho got cut out for a stupid reason but he won’t be missed too much because of the rest of the cast is still quite strong. Plus it looks like the love story with Priscilla is now Ben/Priscilla. I enjoyed Ben’s character in the LW2.

    Also I swear Owen was in LW1??? As a gang member? Not unusual tho that they used him again in the same series, they often do that but just thought I remembered that. With this series, both Sisley and Owen will have two dramas airing at the same time. Happy for the both of them!

    1. Additionally, one of the three anniversary dramas? LM2 is the second what is the third?

      1. @tt23 agree that Pakho role maybe redundant with Raymond & Kenneth as stronger cast.
        Surprised many remember Pakho in LW2

      2. @tt23 The witness is the third anniversary drama. It doesn’t make any sense because the cast is weak and the storyline is meh.

    1. @bennyjr
      I think so! I hope there’s no chok look either, it’s just cringy at that age to pretend to be a young fresh meat

  3. Pakho made comments that’s deemed pro democracy and thus out from this. I like him…too bad Chinese cannot differentiate politics from entertainment.

  4. i dropped LW2 b/c the plot was too cliche and a hot mess b/c they were trying to tell too much in too little time. looks like LW3 will just be on the same boat given such an emsembled cast and too many story lines to tie together in the meer number of episodes.
    Also, 2020 has been the year of nonstop cop show one after another.

    1. @m0m0 Maybe because the cop dramas were supposed to air last year. But, there were protests regarding police brutality. So, TVB didnt want to air them due to the controversy.

  5. So the timeline is LW2, LW1, and then LW3 right? Someone remind me why did Check Hoi go to jail? Did that happen in LW1?
    IIRC this is the only other franchise with at least 3 series other than The Academy that has a somewhat continuous storyline. I hope they keep it going. Hopefully they bring back Pakho in the future.

    1. @bubbles23

      Cheuk Hoi going to jail doesn’t make sense, in LW1 he went undercover and caught the bad guy and got a non disclosed recognition, why he in jail unless that is also undercover.
      And wtf they killed off charmaines character…

      I think Pakho and ShiGa are in LW 3 but they only appear in flashbacks…

      The cast is pretty good..just hope the plot is good…
      This is LF best shot at Best actor as there’s hardly any series to challenge him this year…

      1. @mulder99 I wish they didn’t have to kill off Dang Jeh. Now she’s never gonna return…
        The Pakho arc has so much potential… They should do a new drama with Pakho and Shiga.

      2. @bubbles23

        Anyone know who this new actor is who supposedly killed off Charmaines character?
        he’s young and new…never seen him before but i think this guy has potential

      3. @mulder99 Pahko survived in LW2 and there’s footage online that he filmed scenes with Kenneth and Raymond so I don’t think it will be flashbacks but I think he will die very early in the series.

  6. It’s too bad Charmaine Sheh is not in LW 3, would have liked to see her return as Ah Deng

  7. they already over milked this serie, the movie version killed it, no longer the same chemistry and same feeling as the 1st one, they should have simply made a sequel when all OG cast were available…

    1. @vodka I watched the first movie and by the end of it I was like “that was terrible.”

      No story line, everyone was just trying to be chok the whole time, terrible.

  8. FINALLY! So excited for LW3! Love RL and CS, and their chemistry and comedic banters. Looking forward to the series!! Hopefully we can follow this convoluted plot of all the old and new characters.

    1. @ace818 Charmaine is unfortunately not in this one. She’s no longer with TVB and in the promo she was murdered.

      I don’t think this have much comedy moments, it seems to be more intense and drama driven

      1. @tt23 Totally agree! the trailer showed Raymond will be revenging her death!! I guess they have to write her off somehow!

  9. Nice trailer and cast. This is Raymond’s year. I didn’t finish reading the article after it gave away big spoilers in the first few paragraphs.

    I am not a Ben fan, but really liked him in LW2, and I am looking forward to him and Priscilla together. They had good chemistry.

    Cool to see Kenneth in a different role, hope he can pull it off. The hair is ridiculous though. Looking forward to Owen too.

    Trailer seems to feature Priscilla and Sisley more than Mandy. I think this may be the most interesting year for Best Actress in a while.

    1. @potatochip Priscilla pairs well with pretty much all her co-stars. Am I glad Kenneth got a different role his acting in C9 Agent is awwwwfulllll just like it was in Flying Tiger. The ladies competition is interesting cause there’s no clear front runner. Pris and Mandy both had solid performances in BY and LAD so it definitely comes down to this drama.

      1. @bubbles23 Yeah, she has this easy going charisma that brings out natural rapport with her costars. It’s quite remarkable and makes up for her weaker acting moments. I want to see her with Vincent and Ruco again. With Vincent, she had a good friend vibe that that could be cute to see a love story. Ruco was her first series, they really didn’t develop that relationship.

        Kenneth has never been outstanding. I haven’t watched C9, but I am a bit surprised that he is doing poorly there since lighthearted roles are usually where he is most charming.

      2. @potatochip Totally! Pris had the best friendship arc with Vincent in STL. I was surprised in that drama with Ruco that they didn’t go the relationship route, but that drama is one of my favourites.
        The production for C9 is crap. I find Kenneth all the same in his light hearted roles.

    2. @potatochip I agree that the Best Actress is quite interesting. At first I though it was between Priscilla and Mandy, but then they announced they were airing LM2 and LW3 (which Sisley Choi is in both) , if she performs well in both she has got shot at winning BA since those two dramas are anniversary dramas and highly anticipated dramas by the fans.

      1. @scre I agree, I think Sisley may jump up over Mandy. This trailer has Sisley very prominently shown. If she is Raymond’s love interest, she might win since she is technically the lead actress over Priscilla and Mandy. Her role looks similar to The Defected here, but more gritty. In LM2, she is one of the most interesting and root able characters and has chemistry with both Vincent and Owen.

      2. @potatochip if Sisley wins, that would put her as 6 years experience to BA, without even winning the most improved award (vs. Ali, 2 years from most improved to BA). In that scenario, I’d be pissed if I were Mandy haha. Her trailer makes her role look very similar to The Defected role, maybe the surprise will be in LM2, her character in LM is very well rounded

      3. @bubbles23 I can see TVB giving Sisley favorite character, which she actually deserves for LM2, and either Priscilla (more likely) or Mandy for Best Actress. Priscilla has 7 Princesses next year which they would want to promote. Does Mandy have anything big next year?

      4. @bubbles23 I think Mandy will be next year especially with her role in DID. Its either Priscilla or Sisley this year.

        I don’t mind Sisley, I know a lot of people don’t like her but none of her roles annoy me and I think she does pretty well in most of them.

      5. @tt23 agree. Sisley was bad in her debut, so annoying! ( shouldn’t have been lead) but I see her starting to be like Charmaine who can carry lots of different characters.

      6. @luye BA material or not there will be a new Best Actress winner, and I would hope it’s not Samantha. But I’m afraid there’s a possibility of tvb “appointing” her as tv Queen even though both her lead roles in Onlie and C9 are below average at best.

      7. @luye you are definitely right haha. BA material is hard to find in TVB these days.

        Ali for sure is… that’s all I can think of for now LOL. I feel like winki has that potential, same with Priscilla, Sisley, and Selena?

      8. @tt23 Selena is def BA material. I think she’s underrated despite her having a bunch of lead roles since early 2010s. She’ll be a string contender next year when BOK2 airs

      9. @bubbles23 glad I’m not the only one who thinks that! Love Selena and can’t wait to see her again in BOK2. I wonder if she will return for forensic heroes 5 now that she’s signed with Shaw brothers.

        Yeah but other than those few there is hardly any BA talent left.

      10. @tt23 I heard some news that BOK2 may be her last series, so I don’t think she will be in FH5, maybe as a guest appearance?

      11. @bubbles23 BOK was my favorite drama last year, its was a fresh storyline and all of the cast did really well, so I am definitely excited for the sequel, not sure if she will be a contender next year since she is signed with the Shaw Brothers and I heard some news that this may be her last series.

      12. @tt23 I think this year is Mandy biggest chance of getting BA because next years competition for best actress is looking really strong and also because she has 3 dramas this years and 2 of them have been quite good (TEM and BY). I know she is in DID, but Kara is also in it, so it going to be tough for her to win it next year.

      13. @scre Sisley will also end up with three after the year it’s over. But you are right, next year is tough.

        Honestly, I am not a huge fan of mandy’s acting. I feel like it’s quite monotone and I don’t find it super genuine. I think the only role she was decent in this year was BY. TEM2 overall was disappointing except that one scene between Hubert and Kenneth in the end. That and CKwan and Moon was a highlight for me. I much prefer if Sisley or Priscilla win.

      14. @tt23 Yeah I agree, Mandy is probably my least favorite out of the three. Priscilla and Sisley will end up with three dramas also, but I feel Airport Strikers and Ratman Rescue were below average performances from both of them.

      15. @scre I completely forgot about Ratman haha. It was lighthearted and fun but wasn’t her best so like everyone’s been saying – it will come down to LW3.

      16. @bubbles23 OH yeah! That is one exciting cast with Phillip there too. I think it will be too much star power for Mandy to shine. She’s probably going to be the basic girlfriend role to support the other leads. Hope I am wrong.

      17. @potatochip The thing about Sisley is that she is still a young actress and she is already a first tier main lead actress, I don’t think tvb is going to rush her, because I think that she is winning ba in the next few years.

      18. @scre I don’t know, I had looked at her Wikipedia and didn’t see that mentioned. My memory is foggy.

        Sisley has definitely improved. Really liked her in LM2, but she was still weak in The Defected. But she is trying and I appreciate her low key style.

      19. @scre @potatochip yup Sisley won fav character the same year Vincent won BA. She was so shocked she stood there for a good minute. Don’t see her winning that again, it would be unprecedented

      20. @bubbles23 Mandy’s has never impressed me. I see lots of improvement in Sisley (from day 1 to LM)… it’s sad that one has to find the best among the weak…

      21. @conan2209 I was always meh about Mandy and even though they claimed Mandy was so good in Threesome, I just knew the BA was going to Ali. Mandy lacks charisma. Maybe it’s the way she looks, not pretty enough… (Cruel but it’s entertainment.) Like Nancy I feel like she tries too hard to act, but I did find her ok in Brutally Young where she wasn’t so central. We’ll see how LW3 is! 😀

      22. @bubbles23 I’m not as excited about LW3 as everyone else is. TVB has proven to me, more than once, that the more expectations i have, the worse the show will be.

      23. @bubbles23 I tried to watch threesome the other day and I couldn’t get through it. I tried multiple times. Her acting is so over the top and it feels so forced. I still feel that way about her today. I like has a person but acting? Meh.

        I can’t believe her acting in threesome was up against Ali’s who wants a baby…. the comparison is so far

      24. @conan2209 in seeing threesome? Don’t bother I tried to watch it 3 times lol mandys acting just kills me. Not even close to Ali’s talent.

      25. @tt23 Ali! Such a rare gem, I hope TVB is done sidelining her. She’s the only one (after Tavia) that makes me wanna sit down to finish the whole series.

    1. @tt23

      Surely he can’t go to the dark side and become a triad member? That just doesn’t translate well with his character in LW & LW 2.

      He must be undercover otherwise , TVB just ruined his character…

      1. @mulder99 agree, there’s no way he becomes the villain. I’m more interested in how they write Foo Hei, it’s the most interesting character tvb has written.

      2. @bubbles23 @mulder99 oh I don’t think so, I think he’s being blackmailed and that’s why he’s gone the route.

        And agree about foon hei – we’ve seen both sides of him, good and bad, so I’m interested in seeing how this further develops

  10. Apparently LW3 is airing early in some places such as the TVB anywhere app on October 12

    Can anyone confirm? There’s no LW3 thread recently so here I am lol. There needs to be a LW3 discussion thread!

      1. @bubbles23 ok yeah so I did some digging it is premiering tomorrow!!!! If you have tvb anywhere VIP subscription you get 8 episodes tmr? And then two episodes three days a week? Something like that I saw it on IG. Either way, even if I get one, I am so excited. I have to make sure I don’t binge it I want to really enjoy it instead of watching C9 operation lol

        It’s interesting that they did that, does anyone know why? I guess to encourage people to subscribe to the app?

        maybe if enough people agree @jayne will give us a discussion forum ahaha. 🙂

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