Lisa Chong Suspected to Be Hit by Kelly Chen’s Younger Brother, Victor Chen

Come Home Love <愛.回家> actress Lisa Chong (莊思明) and Kelly Chen’s (陳慧琳) younger brother Victor Chen (陳司翰) had a bumpy three-year relationship before splitting up. Victor allegedly had constant interaction with other women while dating Lisa, yet she continued to see him as a lifelong partner. Lisa recently sustained large bruises on her arms, legs, and chest area, and was suspected to be the target of physical abuse of her ex-boyfriend.

Lisa ChongOn August 1, Lisa uploaded a photograph of her bruised leg via Weibo and wrote, “The pain will gradually disappear. I will continue to go on! Lisa, you can do it!” According to tabloids, Lisa’s costars asked what was wrong, and she later cried and told them that she had been hit. However, afraid that the news would leak and involve Victor, she allegedly told everyone to keep it a secret.

When reporters telephoned Lisa about the matter, she continued to protect Victor and expressed, “I use myself to guarantee his character! I don’t want any rumors to affect his reputation!” Lisa’s elder sister Jacquelin Chong (莊思敏) seemed to know the details of the incident but only said, “Of course I know what happened in the family, but I’m not telling!”

On August 9, reporters asked Lisa about the bruises once more. She explained that they were the results of a few accidents. “I get bruises easily, and I accidentally fell when I went out on a yacht trip. Plus, a cameraman bumped into my leg when we were filming an outdoors scene earlier. That’s why the whole area is bruised.”

On August 10, reporters asked Victor to comment on Lisa’s injuries, but he refused to talk about the subject. Throughout the entire time, he only appeared stiff and expressionless.

Lisa Clears Victor’s Name

As rumors that Victor had battered Lisa grew in intensity, Lisa finally issued a public apology to clarify the situation today. “The false reports troubled my family, friends, and colleagues. Let me apologize to Mr. Victor Chen, as he was harassed after the reports were released! Thanks!”

When asked to comment on the situation, Victor’s sister, Kelly Chen, was cautious in replying, “In a relationship, the two people involved are most clear about it. I don’t know what happened and will not comment. I only found out after reading the news.” Kelly does not plan on asking Victor about it, “He is in his thirties and knows how to be responsible.” She also had a good impression of Lisa and believed her explanation of the situation.


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    1. That’s BS.. that looks like aman’s leg, seriously dude

      1. I actually thought that too.. if that really is her leg, man does she need a shave.

  1. She’s the victim and apologizing to the abuser, which gives him permission to abuse again and again.

    1. Nobody knows for sure whether he did hit her. However, the way she posted the photo, “clear” his name and the way her sister responded to the reporters are already causing unnecessary speculations. If he was really abusive to her, then she should go ahead and file a report against him. If he was truly innocent, then for her to do these sort of stuffs is extremely disgusting.

      Don’t forget that whenever a woman cries rape, molest or abuse fallaciously, even if the court later proves the implicated man innocent, in the eyes of public, he is condemned for life. I remembered watching a Japanese program before where this male artiste got molested in a train but he did not dare to speak up because the perpetrator (a woman) can turn the tables against him and claimed that she was molested instead. It is not surprising that some women DO abuse such “privilege” to tarnish the reputation of the men who scorned them.

  2. it’s idiotic to try to be secretive “i-need-my-privacy” whilst uploading a picture like that on social media where the public has access. this is just another attention seeking act

    1. Exactly!! What was her point in uploading such a picture in the first place?!

    2. Maybe the picture on social media was her cry for help in a way. And she might had gotten backlash from Victor. So now she had to contain the fire by denying it and covering for him.

      Domestic abuse victims can be strange, mentally disabled, and emotionally unstable, who act and think differently. They could be scared of the abuser, or even “addicted” to the abuse without realizing/rationalizing it, or too scared/proud to admit being abused.

      Regarldess, if this is real, I hope she’ll be brave enough to get help and leave the DA.


  3. I had no idea her sister was Jacquelin Chong (莊思敏)

    1. Same! She looks way prettier than her. But seriously, she should know better than to upload an ambiguous picture if she doesn’t want this situation to get out of hand….

      Hope it really is a misunderstanding!

  4. I’m not sure whether he really hits her or not. But to everyone out there, don’t ever find any excuses for anyone esp man if they lay their hands on us. They’re supposed to protect the women not beat them up. Once they laid their hands on you, there’s no turning back.

  5. If she wanted to protect him she wouldn’t have posted that pic. Damn cheap self publicity.

  6. She has a bf and still went on the dating show. Her bf is ugly, u got nothing to lose.

    1. on that dating show, she was also the one that mentioned she was in an abusive relationship before right?

  7. is this.the that tried out for a singing career but failed?

  8. Pardon my ignorance in the English language… Is it just me, or does anyone find this heading a bit awkward? ‘… Suspected to be hit by…’

    So it is alleged that he has hit, but heading states… to be hit! Hmmm…

    Or is the article trying to state: ‘… Is Suspected of being Physically Abused by…?’ heh… 🙂

    1. Now you’ve pointed it out, the title does sound strange. “Suspected to be hit by” implies a future tense, while the alleged incident has already happened. As you said, “is suspected to be physically abused by” is more accurate, or even “Victor is suspected in hitting Lisa.”

      Ah, grammar. I have this hate-love relationship with it for years, lol. The tenses are so confusing, and the proper usage of them is hard to grasp, especially to ESL-speaker. I’ve notice the similar struggle on Asian-English website as well. This site by far has better Chinese-English translators/writers.

  9. Since Lisa Chong posted the photo of her injury, she is asking for help. She could have been subconsciously or indirectly asking her beau to stop his physical abuse. Unfortunately, she may not have expected so much publicity as a result. Only Lisa would know what her intentions and expected outcomes were. ALl we can do is speculate.

  10. Lisa Chong is hot. She deserves a better man. Not a wimp that beat s women’s,

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