Mat Yeung Gains 20 Pounds After DUI Conviction

While Mat Yeung (楊明) is appealing his DUI case, the 40-year-old has gained 20 pounds as he faces new stress over the legal process.

In November, Mat received his second DUI conviction. The judge stated that he had shown no sign of repentance since his last DUI, and ruled that the actor should receive 30 days in prison, but dropped it to 18 days after Mat’s defense stated that he was the sole breadwinner for his family.

Appearing at a A Love With No Words <十月初五的月光> promotion event, Mat’s girlfriend Lisa Chong (莊思明) commented on his current mood. “His personality is pretty tough, and he’s positive. His way of destressing is by eating, so he has gained about 10 to 20 pounds. Luckily he’s tall, so it doesn’t show as much.”

Although Lisa was seen crying as the ruling was announced, she expressed, “I tried my best to not cry and show too much emotion especially in a situation like this. It was really hard, and a few tears escaped.” Her mood has improved since relatives and friends are very supportive. She has also been looking at a lot of encouraging quotes online. “I’ll try to face the situation with positivity.”

Asked if the couple plans to get married, Lisa said she will think about it after Mat’s legal situation settles down. Eager to have children of her own, Lisa said, “When I visit my friends and see cute babies, I also want to have my own baby…. Our parents do not mind if we have a baby before getting married, but I’m afraid my figure will not be ideal after having a baby and the wedding photos won’t look as good.”

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  1. So as a breadwinner, his jail time is reduced to 18 days but he is spending his money as a sole breadwinner on legal fees to appeal against the reduced 18 days? Besides, by going through his appeal, he doesn’t seem like he has repented and as an actor, wouldn’t that damage his career to be found guilty and unrepentant?

  2. no sympathy towards drunk driving. All the more a recalcitrant one.

    I will be disgusted if he ever get another chance with TVB or anywhere in the industry

  3. It’s such an irony that he acted in so many law enforcement drama while pulling something as stupid as this. Don’t understand why he wouldn’t ask his gf to pick him up or just use a grab car. Dumb, foolish, and plain stupid.

  4. Worst thing is not his first time. Its a shame as he is a relatable actor that has potential however saying that its annoying because he is a celebrity that he should get away with this , if it been any normal citizen on a dui they would have bee thrown in jail already and no one would batter an eyelid over it. He shouldnt be allowed to get away with it. Issue is TVB is weak and have not enough talent hence why they probably did give him a chance after first time otherwise he would have been out.

  5. Guy got off lucky. Imagine the stress he’d be under if he actually killed someone because of his reckless actions. He should take this as lesson learned to never drink again if he can’t act responsibly about it.

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