Lisa Chong Rages Over Katie Hui’s Harassment Claims

Lisa Chong (莊思明) is known to have a fiery temper, and this time she is provoked by model/ actress Katie Hui (許芯悅). Lisa allegedly got jealous over boyfriend Mat Yeung (楊明) and Katie’s film scenes, and repeatedly harassed Katie through text messages. Breaking down in tears, Katie recounted how the disturbing experience left her shaking in distress.

The two actresses crossed paths on the set of Mat’s new movie The Times <時代>. Since Mat and Katie were an onscreen couple, they had scenes requiring them to hold hands, hook arms, and Katie lean on Mat’s chest. Something must have triggered Lisa’s jealousy, as she was often on the set even when she had no scenes and would hover near the camera when Katie and Mat were filming. At first, it seemed like she was waiting for Mat to finish work, but staff realized that they would leave in separate cars. It was also said that although Lisa only had a supporting role, she was telling leading actress Katie how to act and what to do.

While intimidated by Lisa, Katie denied any wrongdoing as Mat is not her cup of tea. Recalling Lisa’s deadly stares, Katie told the press earlier, “Lisa’s expressions were very fierce–I was scared and experienced headaches and insomnia.” Her comments angered Lisa, who allegedly started personally attacking Katie through multiple text messages.

Katie Felt Intimidated by Lisa

Attending a promotional event today, Katie started crying at the mention of the incident. She immediately lowered her head, and her hands were seen trembling. Katie remained silent for 30 seconds before choking up, “I can’t say too much. After the news yesterday, I received messages scolding me. I don’t want to be the target of personal attacks, humiliation, and curses.”

Reporters inquired if she was being threatened and Katie’s entire body started to tremble more. She continued to cry and said she could not sleep last night. Refusing to outright name her attacker, she did not report the incident to the police as the person was scolding her but did not threaten her. Crying harder, Katie burst out, “Someone told me to stop talking! Why can’t I state the facts? I only answered a few questions!”

The person had sent many long text messages, which Katie shared with her heartbroken family. Believing in mutual respect among human beings, Katie did not want to show such humiliating messages to the press in order to make entertainment headlines. Seemingly revealing some of the content of the text messages, Katie exclaimed, “The headlines are not important. Money is not important. Even if I am short and work as a model, it does not mean that my personality is bad!”

When asked if she would seek Mat’s help in resolving the issue, Katie immediately clarified that she does not have any contact with him.

Lisa Rages Over Katie’s “Lies”

In response to the damaging claims, Lisa denied monitoring Mat and Katie on the filming set. She said, “I was a part of all the scenes. Also, that girl is not the lead in the movie. This is so funny, she shouldn’t make things up!”

Lisa continued to call Katie a liar, “She had previously apologized to me and Mat in our filming group chat, so I’m confused why she is saying that she was humiliated? Is she bipolar? She constantly makes up stories–I’m the real victim here!”

Feeling the need to clarify things further, Lisa later posted on her Instagram story emphasizing that fairness is in one’s heart and she does not want to be unfairly blamed. She wrote, “I expected that those who often lie will not give up easily. If you want to continue making up stories in order to make the news, you can continue. I don’t even know who you are–talking to you is a waste of my breath.”

Lisa’s annoyance was evident in the hashtags that followed the post: “I am the real victim and I haven’t even cried yet”; “God is watching”; “How long do you plan on exploiting me?”; “Is it true that we won’t be on the news if we don’t make up stories?”, “She’s really funny”; “Having a clown around to make me happy is nice”; “You should be careful turning into Pinocchio if you continue to lie.”


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  1. This rich GF has never been a sweet kind and no idea who the other girl is but the way she’s crying was a bit much? lol hahaha oh boy!!

  2. Takes two to tango. The other girl is trying to get attention and probably exaggerated but Lisa has a track record of being a mean girl so LOL now everyone is on the news.

  3. Don’t know who is right or wrong…..but Matt Yeung seems to have a hot potato in his hands with a girl friend like her!!

    1. @applelim I’m with you there. She kind of reminds me of Michelle Ye. Loud, abusive, for someone of her back ground, really lacking in class. Mat better remember not to get on her bad side, or he’s screwed. She sounds nuts!!

      1. @dramafan
        it’s exactly her background that makes her feel privileged. i feel that this lisa chong is a spoiled brat. but at the same time, i think the model girl might be exaggerating it too much. the model should show the text messages to substantiate her claim. no evidence makes it look like she’s just trying to get attention.

  4. I’ve actually known both Lisa and Katie through live streaming app 17. Katie is usually friendly with her viewers only spazzing out on a rare occasion. Lisa has weird vibes. Never really cared enough to gossip over Lisa. Best to keep outta this. They have both stopped streaming on 17 for quite some time now.

  5. Who is katie why is she taking this over social media i think she deliberately leak info to the media so ppl sympathize for her….if you work in the entertainment industry your bound to be bullied if your a noob her crying is overboard im not taking sides Lisa is rich so what that doesnt mean you could terrorize the ppl around her its seems like a he said she said thing dont knw the entire story its just another cat fight off and on screen lol…

  6. Some of Katie’s comments feels over-exaggerative and dramatic. “She looks at me in a mean way!” And then she cries about it. Like, um, can’t she have resting b!tch face? If she’s looking for sympathy and attention to boost her profile, it’s going to backfire if she doesn’t show proof of what she’s talking about. People are only going to think she’s a lying drama queen.

  7. Lisa is extremely privileged and has been known to be outspoken in the past so I don’t doubt that she may have bullied this girl.

    Although Katie’s responses seemed a little overexaggerated, I am more inclined to believe her over Lisa. I also noticed from the videos that her entire neck and part of her chest was covered with what looks like hives. Obviously, I don’t know if she recently had any kind of allergic reaction to trigger that but I personally get hives when I am stressed out or going through high-anxiety situations.

  8. who’s this Katie girl? Seems like an unknown trying like to get free publicity. I don’t buy it, she can just be playing the victim, she is an actress. She also seems so dramatic in the interview

  9. Did someone ask her to begin with or did she bring it up herself???

    Either way… seems a bit over the top

  10. Don’t dismiss her claims just because she cried hard and many feels she is acting OTT with her reaction. No one can measure a person’s tolerance towards bullying by a reasonable man’s test. If what she said is true, she needs help. If what she says is false, then she should be discarded and pushed aside for playing the victim. Since she claims she received abusive text, easiest is to show the world a copy of those text.

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