Netizens Scold Lisa Chong for Complaining About Airline Service

Mat Yeung‘s (楊明) girlfriend Lisa Chong (莊思明) recently took to social media to complain about her in-flight experience with Cathay Pacific. Her friend arranged for her to sit in the airline’s economy class on a flight to Thailand, where she was going to attend a banquet. Midway through the flight, Lisa pressed the service button several times for the crew’s assistance, but she was blatantly ignored. Convinced that a flight attendant deliberately ignored her, the actress wrote out a long post on social media detailing the incident.

Lisa explained she pressed the service button once so she could borrow a pen to fill out the immigration form. However, she still did not receive any help after a long time. She noticed the light that turned on once the service button is pressed was off despite not receiving any help.

It happened two more times, but she deliberately turned around the third time to see if she could find out what was happening. “It turns out the stewardess behind me turned off the light, and she quickly turned around and walked away,” Lisa shared. “She did not serve me before she walked away. I didn’t even have time to get her attention!”

Dissatisfied, she pressed the service button for the fourth time. A flight attendant hurried over and politely attended to Lisa’s needs. After receiving the pen and filling out the form, Lisa thought about what happened. “I felt the need to express it to a senior crew member on the plane because I hope this unpleasant thing would not happen to other people,” she expressed.

After some time, a senior male flight attendant apologized to Lisa. “He kept apologizing to me, and he kept going back and forth to find the unprofessional flight attendant,” Lisa said. “After a few minutes, he came up to me and said he told the manager about the incident, and he also discovered who ignored my service calls. He asked me how I wanted the situation to be handled.”

She emphasized at the end of her post, “If Cathay Pacific’s executives want to find out more details about this incident, I definitely welcome you to contact me!”

Netizens Scold Her

However, netizens felt Lisa probably acted snobbish on the flight to receive such treatment, or the crewmember disagreed with Lisa’s political stance. On this note, Lisa defended herself and said, “I am not in the wrong.”

Later on, Lisa also published a list of the flight attendants on her flight to point out the crewmembers that handled the incident. Yet, it made matters worse; she indirectly revealed the information of some of the workers, and people questioned how she obtained the list. As a result, Lisa received another round of scolding from netizens.

Speaking of complaints, patrons earlier complained about the small size of the abalones sold at Mat’s business. Lisa took the liberty of standing up for her boyfriend and responded, “Thank you for your feedback. When I have time, I’ll help you compare the prices at seafood shops to see if 88 HKD is too pricey! We will then reflect on it, thank you for your comments!”

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  1. Perhaps she came with money and a bit snobbish or why else would they ignored her so many times. Such a princess and typical to complaint on social media over it. She didn’t get any attention on the plane now she wants that attention on social media.

  2. I wonder don’t she carry any pens with her if she’s carrying her personal purse or handbag however you called it. I always carry a pens with me if I have my purse with me for the inconvenience. If she’s really a princess type then I don’t know what Matt see’s in her money maybe?

  3. i actually don’t see a problem here. i have had bad service before some flight attendants are just mean. if can feel her frustration after being ignored 4 times deliberately but i wouldn’t go as far as giving out the names.

  4. It is annoying to be ignored, but it sounded like the manager was trying their best to correct the situation. To whine on social media after is really being a brat.

  5. I support her. Cathay Pacific stewardess are rude. They always behave like they are stress at work or being underpaid and have to take out their anger toward the passengers! I had a flight with cathay where the steward scolded me for having a carry on that i myself cannot afford to lift up to the top compartment. I am 4ft9, any idiots can see that i am not tall enough. I got the help from the other passenger to stow my carry on, but The steward threw it out from the top compartment right on to my face. I was bleeding from nose to lips and my tears flow down like a child. Such an embarrassing scene and the steward was too ego to apologize or too afraid to see me again, he disappeared into the galley. I was only attended by the Supervisor. After that flight, i sent a lawyer letter to Cathay Pacific direct to his name.

    1. @isasmallfish Haven’t been taking Cathay Pacific in recent few years but I recall having no issue with most the stewardesses, infact I like their service and dessert on short distance flight most of their time.
      Your experience was awful and glad you did something about it.

  6. So many keyboard warriors here that condemn her act, i wish the same thing will happen to you. Then you will know how to react. But then again keyboard warrior will not know how she feel because she is a celebrity, you are not!

  7. I saw her sister Jacqueline earlier tonight on live streaming app 17/livit and mentioned Lisa will do a live stream soon. Maybe you can ask Lisa directly about the whole situation. @lisa_chng

  8. Can understand her getting upset for being repeatedly ignored and she can express her unhappiness online.
    However, rather than providing feedback directly to the airline, why is she sharing it with netizens and telling the airline to contact her after reading her online posting? What makes her believe she is so special? And is she trying to get attention from netizens?
    And shouldn’t she give credit to the staff who tries to salvage the unpleasant situation as well, rather than focusing only on the unprofessional staff?
    Lastly, providing staff names on her social media instead of doing so directly with the airlines is uncalled for. Is she trying to name shamed them for not giving her the pen?
    The whole incident started off with the bad service from Cathay but her handling of the situation doesn’t speak well of her either.

  9. Shes not wrong. She did press and the lawyer air stewardess switched the lights off without attending to her needs.thats unprofessional. This is not peanut hate. Revealing names of crew.. that’s she got it and if she could get it then it is public don’t see what’s wrong.cathay Pacific should up its customer service.

  10. Checked 17 app over the last few days and only saw her sisters do live stream. Only Lisa going MIA. Didn’t drop in a line though.

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