Mat Yeung Returns from Japan

Though the number of coronavirus cases continues to grow, that didn’t stop Mat Yeung (楊明) and his girlfriend Lisa Chong (莊思明) from going to Japan for a quick 10-day vacation. Since they had already planned this trip in December, they didn’t want to cancel. The couple closely followed health and safety procedures, which included wearing a face mask, using sanitizer, and avoid using bathrooms during the flight.

With low supplies in of face masks in all of Asia, Mat had tried to buy them in Japan without luck.  Lisa has asked friends in Malaysia to help her purchase some, but unfortunately they were also sold out. Lisa said, “Many friends even went to less populated places such as South Africa to source masks, because they’re out in Japan and South Korean pharmacies.”

Luckily, Mat had stockpiled some masks from before, which allows him to change his mask frequently. He advises the public the importance of washing hands with soap, and if possible, keeping their masks on for protection.

Local Businesses Suffer

With many Hong Kong food businesses facing sharp losses due to six months of street protest and now the coronavirus outbreak, Hins Cheung  (張敬軒) announced his bakery will be temporarily closed.

When Mat was asked if his three soup shops have been affected, he said, “There are definitely less people on the streets so it is very quiet. Before, there was an impact from the protests and now this virus. So business has been tough. Thank goodness, it is still okay. But whether it is profitable is another matte.  We still have some customer support. At the moment, we are trying to control expenses.” But the 38-yea-old actor has no plans to close his shops despite the challenging market.


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