Mat Yeung’s Soup Business is Losing Money Due to the Protest

By on October 26, 2019 in NEWS

Mat Yeung’s Soup Business is Losing Money Due to the Protest

Petrol bombs hurling in the air, tear gas plunging from skyscrapers, crackling sounds of gunfire, and violent protestors trashing select businesses are enough to scare Hong Kong residents into staying home. It’s no secret that the current atmosphere in the city is taking a colossus hit on the Hong Kong economy, especially when the once peaceful weekend marches escalated into violent daily clashes with the police. TVB actor Mat Yeung (楊明), who owns three stewed soup shops, has also been affected by the anti-extradition protests.

“All three stores are losing money, but it’s fine because Hong Kongers are all trying to hold on during this difficult time,” Mat expressed. “I hope the situation will calm down soon and we can all return to our normal lives.”

Due to bad business, shop owners have no choice but to either offer discounts or ask landlords for a rent decrease. As for Mat, he chose the latter route. Fortunately, the landlord at his Lai Chi Kok shop agreed to reduce Mat’s rent by 20%. At the moment, he’s still in discussion with the other two landlords.

Though the actor doesn’t plan to lower the price of his products since they’re already inexpensive, Mat will be keeping an eye on his stock level. It helps that he’s been buying food from his shops since not many restaurants are opened these days.

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