Mat Yeung’s Political Stance Causes Issues with Restaurant Business

Above: Mat Yeung with his girlfriend Lisa Chong at their restaurant in Wan Chai.

With tensions at an all-time high in Hong Kong due to its political situation, many local businesses have been affected. Many businesses have no choice but to offer discounts due to lack of patrons. TVB actor Mat Yeung’s (楊明) soup restaurant has also been impacted by the political unrest.

Due to his outspoken support for the Hong Kong police, it was alleged that radical protesters had completely trashed Mat’s restaurant earlier this month. Now, protesters are vowing to boycott Mat’s restaurant.

Most recently, Mat’s restaurant came under the spotlight when complaints were filed to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD). It was reported that the business was operating without the proper licenses. According to the report, the restaurant was providing dine-in services to workers within the building itself. For outside customers, the restaurant only provided take-out services. The restaurant, however, apparently did not possess the proper license to operate within this confine.

When reached for comments, Mat expressed that he has not received any notices from the FEHD. “There have been a lot of baseless complaints that popped up over the past few months. We have to be more careful.” On what types of baseless complaints were being filed against his restaurant, Mat named a few off the top of his head, “Oh, there’s been quite a variety, such as food poisoning, violating fire regulations, and smuggling pork. Actually, among the four restaurants I own, the government inspector would come once every few days.”

Mat continued, “If I did break the rules, then of course I should get punished. But I want to stress that I believe every Hong Kong factory building operates under the same licenses that I have. Everyone knows that my restaurants and I have been a politically-charged target. I may not be all innocent on this matter, because perhaps I did something to make people hate me. I am definitely being targeted against! The first month it happened, I was a bit fearful. But they have so many tricks up their sleeves. Now that it has been several months already, I am quite familiar with the types of tricks they pull!”

On whether he regrets making his political stance known, Mat said, “I actually don’t have this type of feeling. I don’t regret it!”

Despite his restaurants being a target, Mat’s political stance has also garnered the support and encouragement from those who empathize with the police.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Huynh for

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  1. The fact is that he did something illegal. Others doing it doesn’t mean it’s okay for him to do it as well. His political stance plus his GF being an entitled asshole has made them a target.

  2. Pity Mat Yeung. Just trying to earn a decent living but have to tend to so many Sour-grapes Hooligans of HK. In life, every one is entitle to their own opinion and beliefs and might not share yours. I believe those bad-hearted protestors will one day receive back their karma either to own self or to their children, who in future want to earn a decent living too. Turning against the Govt is one thing but affecting one person’s livelihood is another.

  3. I’m sick and tired of these radical protesters. They are no longer protesting for the good of HK and its people. They are just doing it to cause problems. Celebrities are people too, and they are allowed to have their own political stance. You can agree to disagree but purposely causing damage and harm to people and property makes you a terrorist.

  4. Horrible that there are some who will have their promising careers severely affected by making harmless comments such as Matt and Ali.

  5. Why are people attacking Ali Lee for her political stance but giving Mat Yeung a pass?
    If you are taking a public political stance, you have to take its consequences, no matter which side you are on.

    1. @afan202
      Not followed exactly what Matt said but I don’t consider supporting the police and not wanting them injured is a political stance. It seems to me that he just wants peace and no violence….

      1. @afan202
        I really do not. The only thing that bothers me is the destruction of assets and injuries of people. I don’t follow politics even in my own country nevermind HK…

    2. @afan202 I was one of the people on here that commented that Ali is responsible for the consequences of her words.

      In Matt’s case, were this the case where people avoided giving him their business because of his opinions on the protest, then I am in total agreement. He made those comments, he should deal with the consequences.

      The difference here, it seems, are protesters smashing his restaurant windows and filing fake complaints to disrupt his business. That, I’m not cool with.

      Put it this way, if Ali had made her comments, and pro China people were threatening her safety and purposely doing mailicous things on line to defame her, then I would be totally on the side of Ali’s side as well.

    1. @afan202
      Yeh. I was also gutted for Ali too. Good upcoming actress and what she said just sounds like she is boosting morale of Hong Kong people. That is all…

  6. I had a brief exchange of words with Lisa this morning. And from the sounds of what Lisa hints, Matt is a no nonsense kinda guy. He doesn’t even like the whole idea of live streaming, lol!

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