Mat Yeung Not Interested in Girlfriend, Lisa Chong’s Family Wealth

Dating for two years, Mat Yeung (楊明) and Lisa Chong (莊思明) cherish their relationship and are positive about their future together. The 37-year-old actor is even considering marriage.

Making poor lifestyle choices in his twenties, Mat’s career was “frozen” and became the only actor in history to be asked to retake his TVB acting classes. Grateful that he was still given a second chance, Mat has been devoted to work and began regaining onscreen opportunities.

Mat’s sincerity also managed to change Lisa’s initial impression of him.  Rejecting Mat when he asked her out for the first time, Lisa thought he was playboy who did not take work seriously. When her views gradually changed, Lisa decided to ask him out in 2016.

Praising Mat for being caring and attentive, Lisa said Mat also finds happiness in the simplest things. She expressed, “He doesn’t really seem like someone who has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years.”

Asked why Mat is so well-liked by everyone at TVB, Lisa added, “I think it’s because he’s very simple, and treats people with open honesty. If he were someone who always does the wrong thing and makes mistakes, then he wouldn’t have so many people giving him opportunities over and over again.”

Not Interested in Girlfriend’s Money

When Mat initially dated Lisa, many gossiped that he was only interested in her family wealth. The daughter of Malaysian Datuk and business tycoon, Chong Bo (莊寶), Lisa’s family net worth sits at about $800 million HKD.

Over the years, Mat proved that he was not interested in Lisa’s wealth and worked hard to earn his own money. Besides acting, Mat started looking into different business ventures to diversify his income. This year, Mat opened up his first dessert shop and often put in long hours there.

“I don’t have the cash to flip houses, so I’ve invested in a dessert shop first. From finding the location, design to the renovations, I really enjoy handling everything myself and seeing it go from being nothing to what it is today. I’m especially happy as there are many customers,” Mat said.

Further dispelling any rumors of Mat being after her wealth, Lisa revealed that her family never gave her spending money growing up. She learned to earn her own money from a young age. Despite the family wealth, Lisa once spent months at home because she did not have money to go out with friends. Lisa only applied for her very first credit card when she began working part-time in school. Upon hearing this, Mat added, “Sometimes her spending habits are more economical than mine – she’s very frugal.”

With Mat’s career stabilizing in recent years, he has hinted that he has intentions to marry Lisa and start a family.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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